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Rescued from*
Press release by Shock. Note that this is not one of TISM's funny press releases a la Why Everybody Should Hate Teenagers. As such it offers an interesting insight into why the hell anyone would sign TISM.
The Dilemma of Modern Manhood - this is the funny press release. And it is funny, too.
There's A Lot of Good In This World That Goes Unrecognized,You Know - press release for I Might Be A Cunt, But I'm Not A Fucking Cunt.
Interview with Ron from Music Trader.

Bruce Ruxton's letter in response to the release of I Might Be A Cunt, But I'm Not A Fucking Cunt

Wankers!, an interview with Concrete Press (Newcastle) before the Caveat Emptour.

It's Onan and Done With, Rave magazine, 1998

Who was that masked band? Congratulations to Ralph magazine for being the 32,947th journal to make that joke.

Man, You're Beautiful, Rip It Up, 1996 - no Ron, you don't look fat in that mask.
Who Was That Masked Man?, an interview in backpacker mag TNT prior to the 1996 London shows.

TISM Comic #1 and TISM Comic #2, by the producers of Bug and Stump.

Tristan Collyer's Year 11 Australian Studies Assignment in which he interviewed H. B. Flaubert.

Comments on the Caveat Emptour with Regurgitator, TISM and The Fauves. This is a Regurgitator page, the Caveat Emptour reviews are in the middle somewhere.

A lovely letter from Humphrey to one of the Craplisters, plus a request for assistance. *

An interview with Ron from Duck Fat/Frisbee zines. Thanks to Adam Ford for sending this through.*

We Know What You Did Over Summer - TISM's contribution to a collective question.

The Official TISM Summer Festival Guide

Review of the 1999 Big Day Out, including TISM as the final act (ie the act after the major headliners have all finished, in this case Hole - I would have paid to hear them do Paradise City). (external link)

Balaclava Road Warriors - interview by Jeff Jenkins in Inpress, 08/07/98 *

Are YOU a Yob? (Hint: If you're reading this, yes.) *

TISM for One Nation? Only available as images at the moment - Page 1, 430kb and Page 2, 130kb. Bigmouth zine, Brisbane, 30/06/98.

Is Shane Warne ready to skipper Australia's Test side? Humphrey B. Flaubert goes head to head with Gabby Millward.

TISM's entry in Ralph magazine's 100 Best Bands of All Time

Adam Perrett's interview with Ron for Planet magazine, Deakin Uni *

Adam Perrett struggles to get TISM some much-needed recognition.

Humphrey B. Flaubert Talks Football, Footyzine, 1997 *

A shitcanning from the New Zealand audience (baaaa) at the 1996 Auckland Big Day Out.

This Is Serious, Mum, Herald Sun Hit Supplement, 28/5/98

This Is Seriously Mysterious - The Sun-Herald Timeout Supplement, 5/7/98. The story of one journalist's largely fruitless attempts to uncover TISM's true identities.

Press Release for the Jung Talent Time single.

What is the point of a live album? Press release for Machines Against the Rage. *

The Relative Advantages and Disadvantages of Australian Artists, by Humphrey B. Flaubert

TISM's Occasional Pieces - selected diatribes

Press release for Greg! The Stop Sign!!!

Top Ten TISM: A Tragicomedy In One Act, Rolling Stone, August 1997

What Does Being At The Big Day Out Mean To You? 1996

A harsh but fair review of Jung Talent Time, from Resistant Harmony zine!

Crusaders For Citizen Average, dB magazine, 01/03/95, Will Success Spoil Hitler-Barassi?, dB magazine, 16/08/95, The Hitler Diaries, dB magazine, 05/06/96 - a series of articles by the magnificently named Brett Buttfield, which are interesting to read in order. *

Germaine Greer interviews Machiavelli and the Four Seasons

HM (Hot Metal) interview*

A Personal Grammar Lesson From Rod Agonistes*

Program for Othello, from the Collingwood Town Halls shows in 1995

Review: Collected Recordings 1986 - 1993, Drivel #3 1995?

This poster for TISM's London gig was being advertised on Ebay, so I nicked the picture.

Guitar tabs for a few songs. (external link)


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