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Articles from 1986 to Beasts of Suburban

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TISM's Guided Tour of Melbourne, by The Woman Who Did The Piece Of String And Megaphone In An Oval Interview.

TISM Guide Books, from Beat in 1987!

Flyer for the TISM "Renounce Consumerism" Sale, ages ago. Please note that all the information is out of date - as far as I know, the only place you can buy TISM merchandise these days is at TISM gigs. Thanks to Owen for this.

The press release (.JPG) that was included with the otherwise unidentified 40 Years Then Death single.

TISM's Reasons To Support American TV , Underworld, Dec 1995

By no demand whatsoever, the Hot Dogma liner notes!

Let's Form A Company - review in Juke magazine, 16/03/91.

Lady Chatterly's Louvre - press release for Hot Dogma (or should I say Ho Dogma). Fucking hilarious. *

The Fine Print to the mailing list form flogging Gentlemen, Start Your Egos and Incontinent in Ten Continents.

Press release for Gentlemen, Start Your Egos.

Who Is Frida Kahlo? *

TISM's Guide to Groupies

TISM's Mailbag (from 1992)

Invitation to a group exhibition, If You're Creative You Can Get Stuffed

Some reviews of TISM's last show at the Palace, from the late 80s/early 90s

Are They Serious? from Lot's Wife, 1988.

Poster for the release of Martin Scorcese

TISM's Rose Period, Beat, 1987

The Truth About Andy Warhol's Death, Beat, 15/04/87

Guide To The Little Aesthetics, Beat, 19/11/86

Interview with Eugene de la Hot-Croix Bun, Beat, 1986

TISM interview by Clinton Porteous in Waves magazine #81, 3PBS-FM publication, 1986.

Review of Great Truckin' Songs Of The Renaissance by Stephen Walker in Beat magazine, 1987.

Live review from 1987 at the Prince of Wales in St Kilda, supported by the Moffs and the Spliffs.

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