Solving Problems Through Force

The Leadership in Austria-Hungary during WWI


The Field Commanders, A-K

The following officers directed various contingents in the field during WWI. Some went on to desk jobs behind the lines, while one died while on the campaign. Some were dismissed after less than a month under difficult circumstances, while other retained commands for years and years. Most retired after the war to live more or less quiet lives in Vienna, attending the annual soldiers' conventions, or just writing memoires in order to "set the record straight.".

    Abbreviations for Commanders' ranks:

  • FM Feldmarschal
  • GO Generaloberst
  • GdI General der Infanterie
  • GdK General der Kavallerie
  • FZM Feldzeugmeister
  • FML Feldmarschalleutnant
  • GM Generalmajor
  • Obst Oberst
  • Hpt Hauptmann
GdI Artur Arz
Chief of General Staff
FML Carl Bardolff
Inf. Div. No. 60
FZM Siegmund Benigni
Benigni Corps
GM Bela Berzeviczy
70. Honved inf. div.

Svetozar Boroevic
Army Front Boroevic
GdK Adolf Brudermann
Brudermann Corps
GdI Emil Colerus
III. Corps
FM Franz Conrad
Army Front Conrad

GdI Max Csicserics
XXIII. Corps
GM Karl Czapp
Landwehr Inf. Div.
No. 46
FML Klaudius Czibulka
XVIII. Corps
GO Viktor Dankl
Land Defense Tirol

FM Archduke Eugen
Southwestern Front

GdI Heinrich Fath
Fath Korps
FML Johann Fernengel
49. Schuetzen Div.
FML Vincenz Fox
XV. Corps
GdI Liborius Frank
Fifth Army
GdI Artur Giesl
VIII. Corps
Hpt Gojkomir Glogovac
Bosnian Reg. No. 3

FZM Ferdinand Goglia
Belluno Group

GO Leopold Hauer
Hauer Cav. Corps
Adm Anton Haus
Senior Admiral

FML Paul Hegedüs
Honvéd cav. div.
No. 33
GdI Johann Henriquez
Second Isonzo Army
GdI Peter Hofmann
Hofmann Corps
GdK Karl Huyn
XVII. Corps

GO Karl Kirchbach
Fourth Army

FM Hermann Kövess
Supreme Commander
GdK Ignaz Korda
XI. Corps
FML Karl Kratky
Lst. Inf. Div. No. 106

GO Karl Kritek
XI. Corps
FML Karl Kuk
Fortress Krakau
GdI Heinrich Kummer
Group Kummer
GO Hermann Kusmanek
Fortress Przemysl

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