What is Shadow Skill?

It is a manga series created by Megumu Okada.
It is currently being serialized in the magazine Afternoon Season Special by Kodansha.
There are currently three editions of the manga. Volumes 1-4 from Bamboo Comics.
A reedition of the same four volumes by Kadokawa Shoten.
And currently three volumes have been released from Kodansha.
Kodansha volumes 1-2 are the four past volumes. The third book is actually the fifth in the series.
Shadow Skill Anime is divided into three sets.
The First Series consists of an hour-long OVA.
The Second Series has three Acts, each about a half-hour long. This second series was continued in drama cds.
The Third Series consists of 26 episodes for television broadcast.

I'll make more complete pages about this later.

February 5, 2001

Shadow Skill TV Series (subtitled) is currently shown on AXN. I'm taping the series. Feeling nostalgic.
If you are interested in copies of the series (dub or sub), I do trades.
If you have nothing to trade, we can figure something out.
Since it's recorded from tv broadcast, I rather cram the entire series into just two tapes to save on shipping.
Don't use the form-mail. Please email me directly. Use email: yen1703@yahoo.com

January 23, 2001

I don't reply to any emails about this site anymore, so please don't use the mail forms.
Currently, this site is dormant. I'm not planning to erase it, but I don't think I can update again like I use to.
It was fun, but I'm crazy about other things. I'm sure you understand.
It's my new site. All about Yami no Matsuei. I'm updating it daily. Crazy me.
Maybe someday, I'll be that crazy about Shadow Skill again. I really do like the series.

December 15, 2000

I'm concentrating on character galleries and summaries for now
They're less difficult to construct than merged episode pages. I haven't quite recovered from episode 7
Another fanfic has been uploaded, link is located below

December 13, 2000

Another fanfic has been uploaded, and an analysis of Episode 14 is up. I'm called it Moonlight Shrine since it's all about Soma, a little about Lunaris Umbra, and an observation of the world and history of Ashilana.

Another thing. Okada-sensei's book about Kuruda has been released recently.
You can find out more about it in the MCB site. There's also a note about a "book" about Dias, which I am going nuts looking for information about it. Unfortunately, both books don't seem to have ISBNs. At least, their ISBNs were not mentioned in Okada-sensei's site. If you have any info about these "books," please tell me

That Kuruda book is 3000 yen tax-free. I can get it, but I am definitely not at all willing to pay 3000 pesos for it!

December 10, 2000
Another fanfic has been uploaded. Link is below.
I've been working on my father's site. It's neither anime or manga, business, but you might be interested

December 09, 2000
Cleaned up the index page and changed the background image
Black Howling Gallery is up. All the images there are of Gau during the 12th episode
I 'm working on a series summaries guide. I'm assuming you want to be spoiled if you are looking for information.

Attention: Please check the URL. You should be in http://www.oocities.com/ashilana/index.htm
I had to transfer since my yen1703 site was almost out of space, if you are still in
Please transfer. I'll be updating in ashilana from now on. Later, I will have to clean out my yen1703 site of ss image files

I am praying you are not using Netscape. Netscape doesn't like my sites
Shadow Skill OAV First and Second Series are available from DOC. Each vcd is 300 pesos
They also have subs of the tv anime episode 1-6 currently
Contact me at alex@gsilink.com is you are interested
I can also help you find the manga, but be warned, it's expensive
Previous Updates:
Update 01---Has four featured art from Japanese sites
Yen's note: FI Gallery still in construction, but you can find the links to featured images in respective episode pages
Elle's hip up end image from Episode 9 can be seen in Update 01. Dias' nearly full-length image (Ep 10) is in Dias 02
Gau's thigh up end image from Episode 12 is currently at the entrance page. Link located below





Dias Ragu Shrine

Dias 02
Anime Merchandise
Manga Merchandise
Series Guide
Moonlight Shrine

3 4
5 6

9 10 11
16 17 18
19 20 21
22 23 24
25 26

First Series
Act 16 "Karma"
Second Series
Acts 1 2 3

Kingdom of Kuruda
Kingdom of Kuruda

Mind Control Bomb
Mind Control Bomb







Ep1 Gallery
Character Gallery
Black Howling
Featured Images
Elle and Dias

Note: I have decided to combine scripts and galleries.
, for example has both Quotes & Images as well as Introduced Characters and SS Terms, etc.
Links to previous featured best episode images can be found in respective episode pages
I guess the new images are good enough. At least I don't wince
whenever I see them like I do with the old ones. If you want to borrow them,
you are welcome to them. Be nice too if you use them for your own sites. Give credit and a link back to my site.
Warning though, I put the SS logo on them to discourage borrowerings. (and to make it easier)
Apologies, but I went through a lot of trouble for those images,
and I still think they are not good enough.
Sigh... I'm starting to think like Nyan when it comes to images

Disclaimer: Shadow Skill does not belong to me, and I am not making money out of this. Wasting time money, yes.
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