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    Art of China Homepage

    GRADE LEVEL: All Ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:This site has LOTS of information about China. You can tour (a tour guide is provided) the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the Imperial Garden and of course, see pandas! Listen to some Chinese music while at this site or see some of Chinese art. Want to make something Chinese for dinner tonight? There are several recipes at this site too.

    Educational Resources for Cartography, Geography, and Related Disciplines

    GRADE LEVEL: Elementary through High School; Secular

    COMMENTS:Complete lesson plans and activities involving maps divided into 3 grade levels:Grades K-4, Grades 5-8 and Grades 7-12. Other map resource links are on this page also.

    "Helping Your Child Learn Geography" (October 1996)

    GRADE LEVEL:Kindergarten through High School; Secular

    COMMENTS:This is a U.S. Department of Education,Office of Educational Research and Improvement's Publication. At this site you will find a list of concepts that should be taught at each grade level. Additionally, all kinds of activities are listed for each concept. There is also a section which lists "Free and Inexpensive Materials" available in this field.

    Geography World

    GRADE LEVEL:All Ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:You will never believe this site! It was designed by a public school teacher from Pennsylvania. There is so much here that I can't begin to summarize! Some Examples: US Geography (State Information, US Maps, US Geography games, US City information), Time (How did ancient cultures keep calendars?), World Geography (maps, games to play for an opportunity to win things), Maps and Globes, Ancient Cultures. Want to learn about some of the cultures in Asia or elsewhere in the World?He has links to them here.If you can't find what you are looking for here, the WWW probably doesn't have it!

    Flags of the World

    GRADE LEVEL:All Ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:See any flag from any country! Learn about the symbolism of that country's flag and its history. Under "United States" you can display any state flag and get its significance and history too.

    Yahoo's list of all 50 States and Links

    GRADE LEVEL:All Ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:Click on any name of a U.S. state and get a list of links...find anything about that state you want. Great help for State History studies.

    The US City Link Project: Visit a City

    GRADE LEVEL:All Ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:Click on any name of a U.S. state and get all kinds of information about particular cities within that state! You can get state visitor guides, relocation information and other State information.

    US State Department's Travel Warnings & Consular Information Sheets

    GRADE LEVEL:Jr. High-Adult; Secular

    COMMENTS:Get current information about countries from the US State Department. Which countries should you be careful traveling in and why? Enlightening and informative but for an older, mature student as some of the information could be too much for young children to know.You might even use this information as a prayer guide for your church's missionaries!

    Encyberpedia's MAPS and Geography

    GRADE LEVEL:Middle School-Adult; Secular

    COMMENTS:Get street maps worldwide at this site! Get information about the capitals of the world! Also included at this site are maps of U.S. states, foreign maps, U.S. regional maps, National Park Maps, U.S. travel guides, World Maps, World City Maps and a host of interactive maps. Great for map reading activities and learning about all kinds of places. If it is a map, it is probably here.

    Rec. Travel Library

    GRADE LEVEL:All Ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:This site gives "travel and tourism information with an emphasis on personal travelogues." As such, you will be taken sometimes to people's personal pages containing pictures and travelogues from their journeys. Be aware of this and visit these sites WITH your child. I visited Cameroon, Africa and got to see many lovely photos and even hear some sound clips of typical music for this country. All kinds of other TRAVEL TIP links are available at this site. A great virtual get-away!

    Your Mining Co. Guide to Geography by Matt Rosenberg

    GRADE LEVEL: All Ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:Just about everything you wanted to know about geography can be found at this site. This site includes, according to Matt, "weekly articles about geography,annotated links to hundreds of the best sites for maps and geographical information, an online world atlas, a glossary, weekly quizzes, a bulletin board and chat room for those interested in geography, and much more...currently there are over 800 pages."

    GRADE LEVEL: All Ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:An incredible site! Keep in mind that National Geographic has an evolutionary and humanistic perspective though. The best way to get around this huge site is by using the site index.

    I found a wonderful Kids section full of fun features, Games,"Now Try This" challenges, craft ideas and an educational Pirate Adventure Game. Kids can also read some of the articles contained in monthly issues of the National Geographic's WORLD for Kids Magazine...I read the one about "Dreams" which was fascinating.

    If you go to INFORMATION CENTRAL you can find encyclopedia-like articles (divided by subject) which appeared in various issues of the National Geographic.(They will tell you which edition if you want to follow-up.) XPEDITION HALL is a place you will want to visit too. Using Quicktime video, you can actually travel to the various expeditions and click on them for activities to do and articles to read.A side map shows where you are at any time in the hall and shows you directions you can go...good for teaching spatial relationships. This Hall is based on the STANDARDS educators have designed to teach geography.You can see what these STANDARDS contain too so that you can give your child a complete geography education. There is also a teacher section full of activities for children divided by grade level.

    Why not let your child try the daily GEO-BEE Challenge on this site?There are prizes to be won and things to learn. All-in-all this is a tremendous site...there is more here than I could ever summarize...I've just hit the highlights.Visit soon.

    GRADE LEVEL: All Ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:Get any information on any U.S. State or territory here!

    Social Studies: Outline Maps

    GRADE LEVEL: All Ages; Secular

    COMMENTS: "These outline maps of major geographic regions are printable for use in classroom activities." Maps are given for the following regions:Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, Mid-Atlantic States, Midwest States, Mountain West States, North America, New England States, Pacific West States, Southeast States, Southwest States, USA and World.

    State Unit Studies by Your Homeschooling Guide

    GRADE LEVEL: Grades 3-8; Secular

    COMMENTS: In most curricula there comes a time when your child should study YOUR state's history/geography. "State Unit Studies created by's Homeschooling Guide helps children learn the geography of the United States and learn factual information about every state. Complete the units and create a United States notebook." Although not all states are available, a new state seems to be added each week.

    If you are not familiar with's wonderful Homeschooling section, you are in for a treat just going to this branches to some really wonderful resources! You can even sign up to subscribe to their Homeschooling Newsletter at the bottom of this page.

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