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SONG:  "Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee"
Midi-Player: courtesy of Crescendo -
    Click on the MIDI graphic to download it from Crescendo.

    Click here for a cartoon story that answers the question:
    Did Allah Have a Son?

    Classical Net: Composer Master Index

    GRADE LEVEL: All ages; Secular

    Comments:  Look up a short biography on many different composers.    Sometimes you will be given links to pages where you can even hear their works.

    Classical MIDI Archives

    GRADE LEVEL: All ages; Secular

    Comments:  Click On CLASSICAL ARCHIVES INDEX button and click on the LETTER of a composer's last name.    Scroll down to find the composer's name and there listed will be a bio,  timeline, suggested book to buy or a download link to get a zipped file of their works.    Not all composers have all these features though.    If you have questions,  be sure to click the FAQ or the SITE MAP from the main page.  This is a good way for kids to hear the classics.  

    The Lutheran Hymnal Midi Project's Online Hymnal

    GRADE LEVEL: All ages; Christian

    Comments:  Although I personally am an Independent Baptist, I knew ALOT of the songs at this site!   This is the MAIN SITE page where you can go to the The Lutheran Hymnal in Midi with Lyrics by scrolling down and clicking on that link or select from a list of other options.    Once you get to the Lutheran Hymnal site,  click on any of the letters to biring up a list of hymns.    The really NEAT thing about this site is that you can play the music and at the same time link to the lyrics to sing-along!     A good way for kids to learn the hymns of the faith.   It seems to require the CRESCENDO plug-in but that is free and easy to get on the WEB.

    The Mudcat Cafe: The Digital Tradition Folk Song Database

    GRADE LEVEL: All ages; Secular

    Comments:  Need words to a folk song and don't know where to look?   Enter a phrase or word in the song and hit "Search".   You will get a list of several possible songs.   Scan the list and most likely you will find the words.   Example: I put in: Waltzing...and I got the words to "Waltzing Matilda."   If you have Crescendo, hit "Click Here to Play" and a piano will play the tune so you can sing!   Fun!!!!  Now you have folk-music literate kids!

    Educational Music Software to Download

    GRADE LEVEL:  All ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:  At this site you will find educational music software that you can download for your PC (If you have a MAC, there is a link for you at the bottom of the page). I have gotten SOOOOO much here that I have to let you in on this great shareware/freeware.

    The Classical Guitar Music Page

    GRADE LEVEL:  All ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:  Hear some classical guitar music or get the sheet music for some famous pieces at this site.   There are also plenty of other classical and flamenco guitar links to follow.

    Children's Music Web

    GRADE LEVEL:  All ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:  Find links to children's music products,  children's radio music,  and links to sites on music education. Be sure to take the EDUCATOR'S TOUR and to check out their LINKS page.

    Links to Music Links

    GRADE LEVEL:  All ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:  A page of all kinds of links!   Looking for Civil War Songs?    Folk Songs?   Musicals?   Sailor Songs? TV or Movie Songs?   Hymns?   Scout or Camp Songs?   This is the place to find links to all of them.   Several of the links have the music you can listen to or download and some even have the lyrics.    A fun site to explore.

    The Cyber Hymnal

    GRADE LEVEL:  All ages; Christian

    COMMENTS:  "This site has over 1,600 Christian hymns and Gospel songs from many denominations.   You'll find lyrics,  sound, background information,  photos,  links,  MIDI files and scores you can download.    This worship and teaching resource is provided as a public service."

    K-12 Resources for Music Educators

    GRADE LEVEL:  All ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:  This site contains lots of links to musical instrument pages on the web, children's songs on the web and my favorite nostalgic item,  "Baby Boomer Bus Songs!"  (I'm a baby boomer!)   Also find links to composers--their music and biographies.

    Taylor's Traditional Tunebook

    GRADE LEVEL:  All ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:  Want to teach your children some American Folk Songs like,  "Drill,  Ye Tarriers Drill"  or  "Follow the Drinking Gourd"?   This is the place!   Many of the MIDI's have lyrics available so you can sing right along!   Want to hear some Scottish,  Irish,  English or Welsh folk songs?    They have them here too. This page has been recently reformated...find all the tunes you want by using the drop-down menu at the top of this page.   A fun and educational site.

    The Internet Renaissance Band

    GRADE LEVEL:  All ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:  What did music sound during the Medieval and Renaissance Period?    This site allows you to listen to this period music.   You will hear  "early music"  which is defined as,  "European music prior to the death of Johann Sebastian Bach,  who died in 1750...the music of the European Mediæval period,  or "Middle Ages "  (ca. 300 - ca. 1450),  and the European Renaissance  (ca. 1450 - ca. 1620).   The period from 1620 to 1750 is generally called the Baroque.   Early music is marked by the first use  (in Europe, at least),  development,  and perfection of "polyphony",  music containing multiple,  generally consonant melodic lines."   The music is quite spectacular and refreshing!

    The International Lyrics Server

    GRADE LEVEL:  All ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:  Did you ever wish you had the lyrics to some song?   Well,  try this site.   Search for anything...there are lyrics to 130,000 songs at this site.   Give it a try...maybe you'll find it.   There is also a place where you can submit lyrics to songs they are looking for.

    Music of the War Between the States

    GRADE LEVEL:  All ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:  Sing-along!   Here are the words and MIDI music of the Civil War Period for both the North and the South.   You can also hear and sing the Popular Songs of those days. Let the pages fully load...the music will play in the background.

    Instrumental Music Resource Page

    GRADE LEVEL:  All ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:      If you play any kind of musical instrument,  you may be interested in this page. Information is provided about beginning,  intermediate and advanced techniques for many instruments.    There are links to a Parent and Student Guide,  Teacher's Tools,  Music Education Resources and Commercial Music sites.

    KIDiddles TM Mojo's Musical Mouseum

    GRADE LEVEL: All ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:    Looking for lyrics to a children's song or lullaby?    Check here at this site!  I found the   "Gee,   Ma I Wanna Go Home Song" lyrics....remember that one where the boy pleads he doesn't want any more of Army life?     Nostalgia...ahhh.....Or get the words for the Eensy,   Weensy Spider to teach your little one.

    Sheet Designer

    GRADE LEVEL: All ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:    This is a link to a downloadable site for a free software program which allows you to print your own music paper. Here is what they say about this software, "Sheet Music designer is a utility to print blank music paper on letter size (8.5" x 11") paper. With this program you can print treble and bass staves, along with guitar tablature. You have the ability to adjust left and right margins, line thickness, and closing brackets. Can print several varieties of blank manuscript paper for transcribing music. Choose from three different line thicknesses, single or grand staff style with individual lines or combinations of treble, bass, or guitar 'Tab' clefs. You can also specify line closings and the left and right margins of the output. A handy software tool for composers, musicians and music teachers!"   

    Piano Nanny

    GRADE LEVEL: All ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:    Need some piano music lessons?   Check this link out.   Here is what they say about it:   "This is a free Public Educational Service brought to you by Clinton Clark,  The Art Department, and JTM MultiMedia, Inc. Each lesson takes about 35 minutes to complete.   However, work slowly and at your own pace.   It's important to learn each lesson before moving on to the next.   Beginning with Lesson Number 5,  this course uses audio,  with the Apple QuickTime(TM) plugin, and 4.0 browser enhancements including JavaScript." 

    Kid Songs

    GRADE LEVEL: All ages; Secular

    COMMENTS: Here you will find load of kids songs grouped into the following categories: Children's Fun Songs,  Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes  &  Lullabies,  Patriotic/Folk/Traditional Songs,  Sing-a-long To All The Family Favorite Songs,  Inspirational/Christian~Sunday School Songs,  Holiday Songs For Children, Disney~Muppet~Sesame Street Songs,  Broadway~Show-Tunes including Winnie The Pooh,  Television Theme Songs and Cartoons Theme Songs.   The words will appear for whatever you click and sometimes you will see a cute animation.

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