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    Thomas Legislative Information

    GRADE LEVEL: All Ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:Keep abreast of what is going on in Congress by visiting this site.

    Congress.Org--Your Link to Congress

    GRADE LEVEL: Middle School-Adult; Secular

    COMMENTS:At this information-packed site find the following topics/links: The Capital Directory, Find Your Representatives, Write to Congress, Legislative (Bill Status Search), Scorecard for Representatives and more. Great for parents to use too as a fast way to keep informed or to e-mail your representatives.

    Project Vote Smart

    GRADE LEVEL: Middle School-Adult; Secular

    COMMENTS:Want to know who your representatives are for your district? Need biographical information on candidates? How about information about bills before Congress? This site has it all! Links to all kinds of legislative matters listed by STATE. Even has information on where to go to register to vote. Come and browse and get well-informed.

    State and Local Government on the Net

    GRADE LEVEL:Middle School-Adult; Secular

    COMMENTS:Track state and/or maybe even YOUR local government's legislation from this site.

    Welcome to the White House

    GRADE LEVEL: All Ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:Find presidential press releases, speehes and daily news briefings at this White House Web site. You will also find several other features such as the Interactive Citizens' Handbook--a guide to information about the Federal government; White House History and Tours: Past Presidents and First Families, Art in the President's House and Tour Information; White House Millennium Council; The Virtual Library: including an extensive archive of White House documents and a section on the White House for Kids.

    Focus on the Family--CitizenLink

    GRADE LEVEL: Middle School-Adult; Secular

    COMMENTS:From Focus on the Family, this is the section regarding Family Issues in Policy and Culture. Get up-to-date on issues that affect you, your family and community and learn how you can "change the world from your living room" using internet access.

    Concerned Women For America

    GRADE LEVEL: Middle School-Adult; Secular

    COMMENTS:This is the "nation's largest public policy women's organization" on-line. Learn what is going on in government that may affect you and your family. Learn what you can do to make a difference. Listen to CWA's Y2K radio broadcasts also....scroll down until you see the Y2K link on the left.

    Justice Fellowship

    GRADE LEVEL: Middle School-Adult; Secular

    COMMENTS:This is a branch of the Chuck Colson's Prison Fellowship which works for "biblically based, common-sense reforms of our criminal justice system that heal victims, hold offenders accountable, reconcile victims and offenders, and will restore peace to our communities." This site provides important updates on legislative concerns regarding this and other matters as well as links to write your congressman about current issues. At the bottom of the page you will find links to the parent organization--Prison Fellowship Ministries and the Breakpoint broadcast.

    Links: Legal/Advocacy

    GRADE LEVEL: Middle School-Adult; Secular

    COMMENTS:This is from my husband's site and since he did quite alot of working building it, it seems a shame to re-invent the wheel! He has provided links to organizations such as the following:

    * Home Education Information Resource
    *Homeschool Legal Defense Association
    *American Family Association
    *Phyllis Schafly's Eagle Forum
    *The Rutherford Institute
    *American Center for Law and Justice--
    (Christian Legal Rights)

    FedWorld Information Network Home Page

    GRADE LEVEL: Adult; Secular

    COMMENTS: At this site you can do such things as check out jobs in the Federal Government, search U.S. Government Reports for a keyword, and explore U.S. Government Web Sites.

    Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids

    GRADE LEVEL: Grades K-12; Secular

    COMMENTS: Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids is brought as a educational service of the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO). The nicest thing about this site is that you can select grade level material that would be relevant and suitable for your child to learn.

    The site is divided into 5 levels: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12 and Parents and Teachers. Each level contains civics material written geared towards that age level. Your child can learn things about Historical Documents, Branches of Government, How Laws Are Made, National versus State Government, Election Process, Citizenship, and Symbols of the U.S. Government. They can play games and activities or look words up in the site's glossary. Not enough material here for you? Don't worry there are also links to other U.S. Government Web Sites for Kids here too! website for searching the U.S. Government

    GRADE LEVEL: Adult; Secular

    COMMENTS: One-stop bureaucracy right here, folks. Search for info. on social security benefits, some 1990 census data or whatever your little 'ol heart desires.

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