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    How to Start Homeschooling

    COMMENTS:One of the most comprehensive pages that I have found containing everything one would need to know on how to start homeschooling. There is no way I could ever improve it, so have a look!

    Across the States

    COMMENTS:Look up any state and find out the homeschool law for that state and a list of homeschool organizations you can contact for more information from a local source.

    Homeschool Articles

    COMMENTS:What a great find! The best way to learn about homeschooling is by asking others who are homeschooling successfully and by reading, reading, and MORE reading! Most of the articles on this site are from a popular homeschool best-selling book entitled, What Your Child Needs to Know Whenby Robin Scarlata Sampson.

    Some of the topics of the articles on this page are as follows: How and Why Homeschool, Model of a Bible Education, Determining a Worldview, Articles about Public Education and its history, What about Achievement Testing, What are Learning Styles, Record Keeping, Portfolio Contents, and ALL the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of new homeschoolersincluding the socialization question, are parents qualified, teaching multiple ages, what about grades and college, how to I choose my materials, ETC., ETC., ETC.! This page is part of a larger site so enjoy looking around.

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