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SONG:"Under the Sea"
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    Click here for a cartoon story that teaches what Shriners really believe

    U.S. Department of Education's Helping Your Child Learn Math

    GRADE LEVEL: Primary-Middle School; Secular

    COMMENTS:Contains about two dozen actual activities and games for teaching children ages 5-13 various math concepts.

    The Cash Register Game

    GRADE LEVEL: Primary-Middle School; Secular

    COMMENTS:A game to test whether or not your child can make change for amounts less than $1.00 or less than $100.00 (two versions)

    Math Baseball Game

    GRADE LEVEL: Primary-Middle School; Secular

    COMMENTS:A game to test all four basic math fact operations. If you give a wrong answer, you get an OUT. The computer decides if you get a single, double or triple. Good way to practice these important skills.

    Conversion of Units

    GRADE LEVEL: Middle School-Adult; Secular

    COMMENTS:At this site you will find a unit converter (ex. from miles to kilometers, from grams to ounces, etc.), a temperature converter and a currency converter (foreign and US monies). Lots of units available I have never even heard of! Good for science class conversions too!

    Educational Math Games to Download

    GRADE LEVEL:All ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:At this site you will find many educational math games you can download for your PC (If you have a MAC, there is a link for you at the bottom of the page). I have gotten SOOOOO much here that I have to let you in on these great shareware/freeware math games.

    The Math Forum: Ask Dr. Math

    GRADE LEVEL:All ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:Have a math question? Ask Dr. Math! Or browse the archives and gain some valuable information into things like the difference between zero and nothing and the order of operations. Information is provided for both K-12 and college level.

    Saxon Publishers' Basic Facts Practice

    GRADE LEVEL:Elementary; Secular

    COMMENTS:Let your child practice their basic math facts here at this site.Select any of the 4 basic operations and let the drill begin!When you want to see how many your child got incorrect, hit on that link and you will see a report of exactly which fact your child has missed. You could time them too to see how many they can get done in a certain period of time.

    Also at this site,(click on the left menu bar "ONLINE ACTIVITIES")you will find a Kindergarten Pattern Game for you to download (if you have an Acrobat Reader), other Enrichment Activities and a Multiple Counter Game--Good for counting by 2s, 3s, etc. This is a Java Enabled Game and is played against the clock!.

    Saxon Publishers also have other information about their math curriculum at this site.

    Animated Clock for Windows by Flix Productions

    GRADE LEVEL:Elementary; Secular

    COMMENTS:This is a FAVORITE of mine! Download this shareware demo--click on the ICON next to ANIMATED CLOCK which is under the ANIMATED LEARNING CD--and give your child practice in reading analog and digital clocks. Your child must convert time from digital to analog or vice-a-versa. Or he must set the clock to show a specific time. When your child does so many problems, the clock becomes animated and does all kinds of cute things. You can also select difficulty levels in increments of hours, half-hours, 15-minutes, 5-minutes or 1-minute. Registration brings more animations.

    I even let my 6th grade daughter practice with this last year. In these days when kids usually see only digital clocks, it is very important that we are sure they can read time in either mode! Continual review never hurts ANY child in ANY grade!

    Animated Money for Windows by Flix Productions

    GRADE LEVEL:Elementary; Secular

    COMMENTS:This is also a download site for another fine program by Flix.Click on the ICON next to ANIMATED MONEY which is under the ANIMATED LEARNING CD. This program teaches coin recognition of U.S. and Canadian coins. Three types of games are provided: match coins to amounts OR coins to coins.

    Math Function Mania

    GRADE LEVEL:Middle School-High School; Secular

    COMMENTS:This is a download site for a couple of games that teach equations, algebraic problem solving, critical thinking, polynomials, factoring, remainders, number bases and prime numbers. By playing these games your child will discover how functions work. There are 20 levels of play which increase in difficulty. A welcome relief from the text book!

    INEW Home Page

    GRADE LEVEL:Kindergarten-6th/7th Grade; Secular

    COMMENTS:Thanks to Jennifer H. on finding this one! This is an interactive educational workbook. You can either print out the worksheets or do them interactively on-line. Great range of activities covering 6-7 grades and a myriad of concepts. Check this one out!

    The Abacus

    GRADE LEVEL: Any grade; Secular

    COMMENTS: Explains the history and use of this ancient includes click and point abacus so you can practice working one yourself.Why not figure out how to build a simple one using beads, string, board or cardboard using their model?Then your child can practice some hands-on math!A fascinating site even for adults.

    Room 108--Math

    GRADE LEVEL:Kindergarten-6th Grade; Secular

    COMMENTS:Click on MATH on the YELLOW CHART. There are interactive math drills (all basic operations) on line--some even talk to you and say NO or RIGHT when you type in the right number! Some of the tests you can do as timed control how many problems your child gets and other variables. You will find many neat math activities like a challenge to try this page in one-minute, put these numbers in order using sliding numbers and problem solving, practice using a real-life calculator, see if you can count to 1000, tell time, and learn to add large numbers and carry, etc. etc. etc!!!! This site might be a welcome change for your child.

    Graph Paper Printer

    GRADE LEVEL: All ages; Secular

    COMMENTS: This is a link to a downloadable site for a free software program which allows you to print any kind of graph paper that you may need. The summary of the program states that, "Graph Paper Printer is a program for printing custom graph paper. It supports Cartesian, Polar, Triangular, and Mercator coordinates, along with custom margins, size, automatic centering, and more. It can also print music paper..." The nicest thing is that it is totally FREEware!

    Math Word Problems for Children

    GRADE LEVEL: Grade 1-8; Secular

    COMMENTS: What parent out there does not need to have their child practice more word problems? I, for one, always am in need of more. There are even word problems based on famous children's stories! This site is a FREE site whose goal is: "The goal of this web site is to help grade school children improve their math problem-solving skills. This site started out as only a few pages, but it has grown to hundreds of pages with over 2,000 math word problems for children to enjoy!

    The pages are sorted by topic and level of difficulty. Try a level. If it is too easy or too difficult, move up or down levels accordingly. Once you have completed a level, move up to the next challenge! Each ready-to-use worksheet has enough room for students to show their work. You can print and use these worksheets free of charge."


    GRADE LEVEL: All ages; Secular

    COMMENTS: This page was created by Marcia Goudie. It contains lesson ideas on teaching early money concepts. It also has several good "money" links, one of which is suitable for older children entitled, "History of Money from Ancient Times to the Present". Good job Marcia!

    Understanding Time Measurement

    GRADE LEVEL: All ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:Everything you wanted to know about time is at this site. For instance, what is GMT, and EDT? Find links to the WORLD CLOCK, the U.S. NAVAL OBSERVATORY CLOCK and links to follow to help you discover how a pendulum clock works or how a digital clock works. In addition, you will find links to some historic timelines that could come in handy as you teach history.

    Surfing the Net with Kids: Fun with Math

    GRADE LEVEL: All ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:This comes from Barbara Feldman's Surfing the Net with Kids site. This particular page gives you additional math links out there on the web that you can use with your child...especially that child who likes math puzzles! There are some links here more conducive to preschool and elementary ages but you will have to surf and look through all the links.

    If you are not familiar with her wonderful site, using this link will help you get acquainted.She does have a newsletter which I find very informative. If you are into UNIT STUDIES, you will especially want to subscribe. Her newsletters generally are around a theme which would be VERY useful to you in your unit studies!

    Various Mathematics Shareware/Freeware for Download

    GRADE LEVELS: Various(see below); Secular

    COMMENTS:Here are several games from that you can download--most of these are demos but the demos have quite alot of content. Naturally, nominal registration fees will bring you more but these "freebies" may be all you need anyway...give them a try. Descriptions below were written by

    * AweSum-- (Grades K-5, Grades 6-8)-- teaches young children basic math skills. Choose from addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or a combination of all four.

    * Math Blaster--(Grades K-5)--an arcade-style game with a math twist--lots of fun!

    * Sea School: Math Waves--(Pre-School and Younger, Grades K-5)--A trip to the beach teaches basic counting, number sequencing, addition, and subtraction skills through a series of five fun activities.

    * Brain Builder Math Edition--(Ages: Kids and Adults)--These challenging math puzzles will sharpen your child's critical thinking skills.

    * Pick of the Week--Gigamath Playground--(Grades K-5, Grades 6-8, High School and College Planning)--This program takes a fun approach to learning math problem-solving skills.

    * Gem of the Week: Money Matters --(Preschool and Younger and Grades K-5)At Papa Pellegrini's general store, your child will learn the value of money. Realistic pictures of dollars and cents.There are three modes of play.

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