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CAUTION: Please realize that these links are secular and so you may need to screen them...particularly the magazine links.

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    Cookie Recipe.com

    COMMENTS: Need a new cookie recipe fast? Check out this site! There are also links to Cake Recipe.com, and Pie Recipe.com here too. There is a "Hints" section, a "Recipe Exchange" section and an "International Recipe" Section. Bread Recipe.com is coming to this site soon. Great surfing and good eating.

    Mama's Cookbook

    COMMENTS: Ragu's "Mama" has a cookbook for you! Need to know what to do with that chicken tonight? She can help! Sign up to receive newsletters. At this site you will also find a cooking and pasta glossary.

    The Pie Page

    COMMENTS: This page includes: a pictoral guide on making a pie crust, pie recipes, and tips for successful pie baking. Under "Some Other Food Links" you will find SUGAR FREE recipes too.

    Pearl's Pantry: Food Lover's Glossary

    COMMENTS: What is a "blintz"? How do you "blanch" vegetables or give a custard a "water bath"? Find out the meanings of these terms used in cookbooks...especially gourmet ones!

    Welcome to Home Arts

    COMMENTS: So much here it is hard to summarize. Selected content from well-known secular Women's Magazines like: Redbook, Healthy Living, Good Housekeeping. Articles on child care, home life, gardening, food and family. This is where you would really need to screen but there is a lot of good stuff at this site.

    Textiles Through Time

    COMMENTS: Everything about textiles through the ages and around the world. Also sites for quilters and embroiderers. In addition they have a link just for kids...you will see embroidered handiwork by children here.


    COMMENTS: Everything you want to know about turkeys...from the preparation of a great turkey feast to how to use the leftovers. There is fun stuff at this site too like crazy phone questions they have heard from real people over the years!

    Safe Cooking for the Sensitive Cook

    COMMENTS: Do you want to teach your children about safe cooking and food handling in order to keep from getting all those nasty illnesses? Here is a great place to start. Links come from The National Food Safety Database and contain tips about microwaving, buying, storing, preparing and cooking foods safely. A great resource.

    Crochetin' Fool's Page

    COMMENTS: Do you need some patterns for your next crochet project? Look here and also surf her links. She doesn't have pictures yet, but she is in the process of getting them for the original patterns she has listed.

    RecipeSource--The New Home of SOAR: Searchable Online Archive of Recipes

    COMMENTS: What a jackpot! This archive has it all. Search for a recipe by type or by country. If that is not enough follow their recipe web ring at the bottom of the page. I looked up pizza and you could try dough recipes from now through eternity!O.K. I exaggerated a little...but a great selection is here(67,784 recipes) if you love to experiment.

    Julie's Frugal Tips

    COMMENTS:"...squeeze money out of rocks." At this site, you will get all kinds of frugal ideas and all kinds of links on frugal living to follow.

    The Dollar Stretcher

    COMMENTS: This is an on-line GOLD MINE! And it changes every week, but not to worry--there is also an archive here of back issues, and even an extensive topic listing. There are tons of ideas here on how to save money. There is even a regular feature called "The Car Care Clinic" where you can ask questions about cars and have them answered by a knowledgeable expert. Have a problem? Visit the "Problem Solving Center" at this site for a list of resources for your problem. How did we live without this wonderful resource!
    THREADS On-Line--Sewing and Stitching

    COMMENTS: An excellent on-line magazine that has 3 detailed sections on TECHNIQUES, DESIGN, AND FIT AND FABRIC! In TECHNIQUES you can learn about terms used in sewing (like staystitching) and see an example of the term. In FIT AND FABRIC they even teach you an inexpensive way to make your own dress form as well as other tricks in getting a pattern "individualized" for a better fit. You can even ask questions in their DISCUSSION FORUM and of course, you can subscribe to their magazine or order back issues. There is a wealth of information at this site if you are teaching sewing in your homeschool or if you just need a little help in making your family's clothes.

    The Scrapbooking Idea Network: A Scrapboarding Community

    COMMENTS: Follow their UPDATES page link for a great page to start! Get ideas on how to make your scrapbook a work of art and a fond memory. This is "the most popular informational scrapbooking site on the Internet".

    Kay's Kitchen

    COMMENTS: Kay, a Christian web author on GeoCities, has put together an excellent site. Her main sections are: COOKING TIPS (substitutions, weights and measurements, and baking tips); RECIPE LINKS (Pasta recipes, Crock Pot Recipes, Kids Cooking Club, Once-A-Month Cooking, etc.); DAILY RECIPE (sign up to get a free recipe each day); HOME CANNING (learn about processing times, storage, selecting fruit, and tons more); and COOKIE RECIPES. But wait---there's more---at the bottom of her page follow the link marked HERBS...everything you always wanted to know about herbs including how to grow them and what foods they best enhance.

    Organized Times.com

    COMMENTS: Everything you need to know about organizing your home and time. Links to places where you can buy storage modules, hints for organizing, even a grocery list form you can print out and use!

    FabricLink's Stain Removal Guide

    COMMENTS: Learn how to treat the Top 21 Holiday, Party and Everyday Stains at this site. Also you will find links to FabricLink's Consumer Guide for other Laundry Tips and a link to "Fabric University where you can learn about the production, characteristics and care of textile fabrics".

    The Simple Times Newsletter

    COMMENTS: Simple Times is published by Deborah Taylor-Hough, author of Frozen Assets: How to Cook for a Day and Eat for a Month (Champion Press, Ltd) and is a free twice-a-month e-mail publication you can subscribe to that is dedicated to the pursuit of simple living. In addition, there is an "Archives of Past Newsletters" for even more ideas!

    Regular topics will include Frugality, Simplified housekeeping, Decluttering tips, Enriching (and inexpensive) educational ideas for children, Using leftovers, Freezer meals (recipes, tips, questions and answers), Inexpensive, creative and simple recipes, Food prep and storage, Shopping tips, Debt reduction, Questions and answers, Craft projects (for kids and adults), Letters from readers, Interviews, Recommended resources and Book reviews.

    Gifts in A Jar

    COMMENTS: Need a unique gift idea? Use a 1 quart canning jar and mix up one of these 45 recipes and you'll have a lovely gift to give!

    An Organized Home

    COMMENTS: At this site you will find tips and tools to help you get organized at home. There is also a special section on how to get organized if you are a homeschooling family too.

    SOAR's Crock Pot Recipes

    GRADE LEVEL: All ages; Secular

    COMMENTS: Like using your crockpot to cook your night time meal while you are homeschooling? Check out this page for some yummy recipes.

    Recipe Cards and Shoppings Lists To Print Out Free

    GRADE LEVEL: All ages; Secular

    COMMENTS: The title says it all! Print out these beautiful recipe cards on card stock and you can then hand-print a recipe for a gift! There are also free shopping lists and gift tags (including ones for Christmas) here too.

    At Home Mothers

    GRADE LEVEL: High School-Adult; Secular

    COMMENTS:This site "provides complete support for the at-home motherhood lifestyle, including free Info Guides, articles, tips, and newsletters online; plus At-Home Mother magazine and the National Association of At-Home Mothers."

    Sew Young, Sew Fun!

    GRADE LEVEL: Middle School-Adult; Secular

    COMMENTS:This is part of Husqvarna Viking's sewing site geared towards teenagers learning to use a sewing machine. Some of the projects could even be done by hand sewing too for younger students. This particular link goes directly to a page of projects you can make like a CD Carrier, Creativity Kit, Fast Fleece Pillow and an Overnight Bag. If you can't find these patterns and directions when you click, try going following the ARCHIVE link. Right now the archived projects are Conversation Heart Swag, Locker Organizer, Warm Fleece Mitts and Hip Handbag.

    The Culinary Collection Recipe Library

    GRADE LEVEL: Middle School-Adult; Secular

    COMMENTS: Currently there are 73,722 recipes in their database! All the recipes are in categories like bread machine, chocolate, crockpot recipes, ethnic files, light and healthy, etc.Have fun looking around today.

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