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    Bob Jones University Press
    (Sells homeschool texts books--I personally love and use their HISTORY materials!)

    ABEKA Books
    (Sells homeschool texts books--I personally love and use their SCIENCE, SPELLING and VOCABULARY materials!Available for purchase also is their video and correspondence school systems.)

    Alpha and Omega LIFEPAC Curriculum
    (Sells homeschool worktexts--I personally recommend this or ACE (see next link) for a first year homeschooler! Read myTip #8about this curriculum.)

    ACE's School of Tomorrow PACE Curriculum
    (Sells homeschool worktexts--I personally recommend these for a first year homeschooler! Read myTip #8about this curriculum.)

    The Schaefer Family Home Page--Missionaries to Grenada

    R.O.C.K Solid Inc.: Homeschool Resources of the Christian Kind

    Jon's Homeschool Resource Page

    Home Education Magazine

    Homeschooling Magazines on the Internet
    (also links to Message Boards)

    Homeschooling on a Shoestring

    Homeschool World--The #1 Homeschooling Site on the Web

    Homeschool Computing

    Finding Homeschooling Support on the Internet
    (includes links to Homeschooling Children with Special Needs)

    The Homeschool Zone
    (includes a Yellow Pages for homeschoolers all over the world, Internet Educational Resources, Chat Seminars, etc.)

    Homeschooler's Haven
    (more curriculum links)

    Peggie's Place: The Home Room

    Randi's Reruns Homeschool Resources
    (includes a monthly contest for Homeschool kids to enter)

    Homeschooling--Suite by Editor: Yvette Dubel

    HOMESCHOOL--A New Beginning!-a great homeschool resource
    (includes links to homeschool curriculum vendors)

    Homeschool Discount Warehouse by Great Christian Books

    Networking & Discussion Boards, sponsored by Home Education Magazine!

    Sassafrass Grove
    (contains information and further links about ADD & ADHD)

    CHFWeb: Christian Homeschool Fellowship on the Web
    (contains great Message Boards and Helpful articles--a place to meet and chat with other Christian homeschoolers)

    National Home Education Research Institute
    ( Dr. Brian Ray--keeps statistics on homeschoolers--interesting reports!)

    School is Dead: Homeschooling is Growing Worldwide
    (great article and state by state statistics to show homeschooling's growth.)

    Diana's List of Home School Supplier Links
    (Need a catalog? Lost an address? Check this nicely-done list!)

    Janet's Website
    (Janet's main site--select Home 2 Learn Website for homeschooling matters)

    Welcome to Hutt's Hut
    (Lauren has lots of curriculum links at this site too!)

    Sites for National, State, & Local Support
    (Want to find a support group in your state? in Canda? in Australia? This is the place!)

    in your Good Books
    (Want to find some good books? Come and look around here!)

    June's Page
    (Some great links here and lots of information about scrapbooking)

    Faithful Servant's Books
    (Would you believe FREE books or loaners? Care to donate? A great ministry to homeschoolers)

    Miserly Moms
    (How to live in a two income world on one income--great advice and links from a homeschool Mom)

    Wisdom's Gate Home Page
    (Home of Home School Digest Magazine--great online articles)

    Kaleidoscapes:For Kids and Home Education Enthusiasts!
    (A site not from a Christian perspective but contains a Homeschool Calendar of Events, High School and College Tips, Special Needs Kids, Kid Safe Links and much more!

    Homeschool Central
    (a Christian perspective homeschool site containing resources, links for resources for special needs children, testing services, name it!)

    Homeschooling Daily
    (Special Item here: find out things to do daily, weekly and monthly with your kids)

    Perkins Family Homeschool House
    (How to Get Started Homeschooling, Preschool Ideas, Unit Study Ideas, etc.!)

    Homeschool Links
    (This page has alot of links for "Used Supplies and Curriculum" available to homeschoolers)

    Homeschooler's Curriculum Swap
    (More than just a curriculum swap! Lots of homeschooling information and links here.)

    Home Crusaders Online Homeschool Site
    (An online homeschooling support group with a free newsletter you can sign up for! Also an excellent page on LEARNING STYLES as well as many other helpful pages and links.)

    (The Embrees have been homeschooling 9 years and have a lot of practical advice, helps and curriculum available at their site.)

    The Home School Internet Resource Center
    (Educational Links arranged similar to my site, a link to a homeschool curriculum for Learning Disabled children, E-pal opportunities, etc.)

    The Heart of Wisdom
    (Christian unit studies for sale, Biblical holiday information, curriculum provider)

    (Homeschool curriculum, discussion group, legislative alerts, homeschool friendly colleges, curriculum reviews, national homeschool associations)

    Tamara's Home
    (Some nice homeschooling links)

    Homeschool Gazette
    (Purpose is to encourage homeschooled youth, in reading and creative writing skills)

    Sisters in Christ--Homeschooling Articles
    (Choose "homeschooling" in the left-most frame...then select a homeschooling article from the menu box at the bottom of the page...helpful and informative reading!)

    Scout School
    (A unique site that shows HOW to use Girl or Boy Scout badge requirements for supplementing home-school curriculum.)

    Free Stuff for Teachers and Kids
    (Links to free stuff that will help in your homeschooling efforts...a wealth of information!)

    Edusoft Family Fun Learning
    (A homeschool family business! Software selected for wholesomeness, educational merit, hard to find popular titles, PC & MAC Versions!)

    Home Schoolers Bargain Ring List of Sites
    (This is a list of all the sites in the ring providing used Curriculum and Educational Material for Homeschoolers)

    Hallelujah Campgrounds
    (Meet a homeschooling family with 8 kids! An inspirational site you are sure to enjoy.)

    Starlight Christian Academy: Our Homeschooling Adventures
    (Unique page--read a diary of three of her homeschool days! Also great links. A refreshing change.)

    CHEAP - Christian Home Educators' Advertising Pages
    (A used curriculum site where individuals can place free classified ads directly at the website and via a daily, free, private email list.)

    Maple Leaf Home Ed Resouces
    (A central location in Canada for individuals to advertise and/or post a request for used home education resources (curriculum, books, computer software).

    Used Books/Curriculum Resources
    (Quite an exhaustive list for used books and curriculum!

    SchoolSource on VegSource
    (A vegetarian site that has a wonderful homeschooling section containing curriculum swap areas and discussion boards on a myriad of topics such as special needs children, high schoolers and teaching reading and math!)

    Barbara & Douglas Smith: Third Floor Publishing
    (Read original and poignant homeschool articles by these veteran homeschool authors. They also have excellent articles on how-to-teach writing and literature to homeschoolers.)

    ABECEDARIAN Academy Homepreschool
    (Everything you want to know about teaching your preschooler at home. Great skills checklists for for this age are here too along with links for kids.)

    SLP: Helpful Hints for Homeschooling
    (Essays on spiritual aspects of homeschooling, character and academic development...lots here!)

    The Highly Irregular Diana Waring Newsletter: Archive of Past Newsletters
    (Some newsletters deal with important issues such as learning styles, socialization, etc.)

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