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    HomeTown Free Press

    GRADE LEVEL: High School-Adult Secular

    COMMENTS:Want to read a newspaper from Canada? Mexico? Africa? the U.S.? Maybe you will find your town's newspaper link here.

    Maranatha Christian Journal:Christian News & Views

    GRADE LEVEL: High School-Adult Secular

    COMMENTS: Learn about things you don't read about in secular newspapers. Find out what is going on in the U.S. or in the world (even missionary reports of interest or in need of prayer) or read a well-known news story from a Christian viewpoint. There are also links of interest to homeschoolers here, links to devotionals throughout the web and reviews of Christian web sites. You can even enjoy a Christian cartoon,send a e-postcard or do a crossword puzzle.

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    Today in History

    GRADE LEVEL: All Ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:Ever wonder what significant thing happened on this day in history? Wonder no more! Find out at this site. Also find out what important person has their birthday on this day. Great for mini-lessons in could do this daily! Your kids would pick up a lot!

    This Day in History--THE HISTORY CHANNEL

    GRADE LEVEL: All Ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:This site not only gives you what happened as far as World History, but what happened this day in Automotive History, in Wall Street History and in Civil War History.There are video clips to see and even a section where you can enter a date to see what happened on your birthday!Since this is " The History Channel's site, there are other links to takes you to a section of FUN AND GAMES.

    In the ON THE AIR section you will not only find a Program Schedule for their broadcasts, but also a section called, "The History Channel Classroom". In addition, they provide excellent on-line classroom materials for each broadcast, as well as an archive of these materials from past shows.

    ERIC Clearing House of Social Studies/Social Science Education

    GRADE LEVEL: All Ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:This is the Department of Education's internet clearinghouse site providing teachers with helpful links in the Social Studies curriculum area. Site contains links for Current Events, Economics, History, Geography, Civic Education and Government, Art and Music.

    Home Page: American Memory from the Library of Congress

    GRADE LEVEL: All Ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:At this site you can browse by titles, topics, library divisions, photos & prints, documents, motion pictures, maps or sound recordings. Or, just type in your subject in the Search box and hit GO!

    In the UPPER RIGHT HAND CORNER of this page's site, you will see a long button entitled, "TODAY IN HISTORY". Click on it and you will see an important event that happened on whatever day it is. Want to see another day's entries? After clicking on that button, select the ARCHIVE link in the next frame and select your month and day. A great spot for incidental learning. Use it each day and you'll child's knowledge of history and historical figures will greatly increase.

    The United States Flag Page

    GRADE LEVEL: All Ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:Everything you wanted to know about the US Flag--its history, pictures of past US flags, meaning of the pledge, patriotic song lyrics, flag ettiquette, meaning of the flag's colors, etc. You will also find pictures of all 50 state flags as well.

    African American Inventors

    GRADE LEVEL: All Ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:This is a fascinating page of black inventors and their inventions. I never heard of any of them before. A real education.

    Stamp On Black History

    GRADE LEVEL: All Ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:This is a wonderful black history tour to go on!Through stamps travel through black history and meet famous black men and women.You'll see pictures of these men and women as they appear on U.S. stamps and read short biographies.A well-done site.

    African American Historical Figures

    GRADE LEVEL: All Ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:There are twelve famous black people mentioned on this site and a quiz to see if you know anything about them. Short bios also included.

    OSSHE Historic Atlas Resource Library

    GRADE LEVEL: Middle School-High School; Secular

    COMMENTS:This site is a project by the University of Oregon to help train their students in history and geography. Some of the maps are interactive and layered and require Shockwave.

    *The two sections of this site are as follows: 1)the Europe, Middle East and North Africa region and 2)North America. In the first section you will find a Map Archive showing maps about Viking Routes, the Roman Empire and Classical Greece. This section also has a Cultural Image Atlas where students can see pictures of ancient ruins and other historic landmarks in the region.

    *In the second section you will find maps of historic significance in North American such as: Native American Tribes, Slave States, Territorial Expansion, etc.

    Media History

    GRADE LEVEL: Upper Primary-High School; Secular

    COMMENTS:Learn the history of communications at this site. From pencils to telephones to pixels...all forms of communications and their history are here. There is also an illustrated timeline here. Click on a part that interests you and find out more. You can go as deeply into any communications subject as you want...there are many links to follow. One warning: there is "history?" of what prehistoric man supposedly used that you may want to avoid.

    Educational Social Studies Games to Download

    GRADE LEVEL:All ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:At this site you will find many educational social studies games you can download for your PC (If you have a MAC, there is a link for you at the bottom of the page). I have gotten SOOOOO much here that I have to let you in on these great shareware/freeware math games.

    Archaeological Pieces of the Past

    GRADE LEVEL:Middle School-High School; Secular

    COMMENTS:At this site you can actually learn what an archaeologist does. You get to sift through bags of dirt by layer and see if YOU can figure out what the artifacts are and what layer they came from. A very exciting interactive site.

    Geobop's State & Provincial Symbols: Home Page

    GRADE LEVEL:All Ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:"This website emphasizes symbols that represent our natural heritage, such as official flowers, birds, soils, and fossils, etc. For the time being, flags, arms, seals, songs, and other symbols are included only if they somehow represent nature." See these symbols for all 50 states and all the provinces of Canada too.

    NOVA Online

    GRADE LEVEL:Middle School-Adult; Secular

    COMMENTS:This is the On-line site of the PBS Show, "NOVA". At this site you will find many different Science or Social Studies topics explored. These topics change periodically so I can not list them here! There is a teacher's guide for each topic giving tips on how to use the material presented.Even if you never view the T.V. show that goes with this on-line material,there is plenty of benefical information here to use. If you click on the left where it says "Previous Sites", you will have tons of places to visit that are simply fascinating.

    GRADE LEVEL:Middle School-Adult; Secular

    COMMENTS:Search a database of over 20,000 famous people and get a short biography on anyone of your choice!

    The History Of Costume

    GRADE LEVEL:All Ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:Starting with the Ancient Egyptains and ending with the Late Nineteenth Century, you will be able to see pictures of how various people in different time periods and for different stations in life dressed. You can enlarge the gif's to full size and even use them to wallpaper your desktop.Also great if you are teaching Bible...i.e.Persian or Assyrian costumes, priests, etc.

    Whole Pop Magazine Online--Pop Culture, Cultural History, Games and Entertainment

    GRADE LEVEL:All Ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:What a fun site! Want to learn the history of teddy bears, lunchboxes, ant farms, etc.? Come here to learn all kinds of trivia about our cultural history. I learned about the history of the toothbrush...won't win me any academic awards, but very interesting. Sign up for updates so you don't miss a thing!A great site for you and your kids for a break from the normal history lesson one day!

    Federal and State Info. from St. Charles City aka Uncle Sam for Kids

    GRADE LEVEL: All Ages; Secular

    COMMENTS: Links to all kinds of patriotic information for Kids including links to the following: How the Government Works, National Symbols and Celebrations, Essays on familiar national symbols and how they came to be, Presidents and First Ladies of the U.S., How our laws are made, History of the flag, and on and on! There have also provided numerous Geography and Science Links too.

    Heroes of History

    GRADE LEVEL: All Ages; Secular

    COMMENTS: Here is what Sam Wellman says about his site: "Heroes of History is a large educational site about 17 very significant Christians with their essential facts plus numerous anecdotes. A selected reading list, an exhaustive reading list and links are provided for each individual. The seventeen - including George Washington Carver, Mother Teresa and David Livingstone - are diverse and represent many different disciplines but all lived within a Christian worldview. All demonstrated five key values. They were Fearless-Applied-Instructed-Tireless and Humble, in other words they were exemplary Christians."

    State Unit Studies by Your Homeschooling Guide

    GRADE LEVEL: Grades 3-8; Secular

    COMMENTS: In most curricula there comes a time when your child should study YOUR state's history/geography. "State Unit Studies created by's Homeschooling Guide helps children learn the geography of the United States and learn factual information about every state. Complete the units and create a United States notebook." Although not all states are available, a new state seems to be added each week.

    If you are not familiar with's wonderful Homeschooling section, you are in for a treat just going to this branches to some really wonderful resources! You can even sign up to subscribe to their Homeschooling Newsletter at the bottom of this page.

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    Don't forget to visit History Links Page 2!

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