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SONG:"The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers"
Midi-Player: courtesy of Crescendo -
    Click on the MIDI graphic to download it from Crescendo.

    Click here to read a cartoon story about "Room 310"

    Kids Domain

    GRADE LEVEL: Ages 2-5; Secular

    COMMENTS:Lots of educational preschool games to download here. Available for PC's or MAC's. The site also contains educational games for other ages. We found some nice things here. Worth a look.

    Barney Online

    GRADE LEVEL: Preschool, Kindergarten; Secular

    COMMENTS:Lots of educational preschool games related to Barney. The games change according to holiday or season but all games require Shockwave to play.

    Billy Bear Alphabet Games

    GRADE LEVEL: Preschool, Kindergarten; Secular

    COMMENTS:Four alphabet games you can let your child play on-line. Will require some parent interaction until you teach them what to do. Drills capital letter recognition, beginning consonant recognition, and gives practice in finding the letters on the keyboard.

    PBS Kids: Backstage

    GRADE LEVEL: Preschool, Kindergarten; Secular

    COMMENTS:At this site there are links to the following homepages for your favorite TV shows: Arthur, Charlie Horse Music Pizza, Kratts Creatures,(evolutionary--so be selective here), Mister Rogers Neighborhood, Sesame Street, Theodore Tugboat, Tots TV, Wimzie's House, and Zoom. Under their "OTHER KIDS SHOWS" link find links to the following: Adventures from the Book of Virtues, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Reading Rainbow, Wishbone and Where in Time is Carmen SanDiego? All these sites contain fun things for kids to do and information to help in Parenting.

    Tots TV--Spanish Game

    GRADE LEVEL: Preschool, Kindergarten; Secular

    COMMENTS:"Join Tilly, Tom and Tiny in their very first sticker storybook. Click and drag objects into one of five scenes, learn how to pronounce and read up to twenty-five words in both English and Spanish, or just read along for fun! In order to play, you will need to have Shockwave installed on your computer."

    Directory to Kino's Storytime

    GRADE LEVEL: Preschool, Kindergarten; Secular

    COMMENTS:There are one or two games here for preschool kids to play but the value of this site is more in the BOOKLISTS. The books that are read on this TV show are listed alphabetically by author. Each book has a synopsis of the book making it a little easier for you to know what the book is about before going to your library for your little one!

    LITTLE EXPLORERS: Picture Dictionary with Links

    GRADE LEVEL: Preschool, Kindergarten;Secular

    COMMENTS:Give your child practice in the alphabet and its initial sounds: browse through the dictionary at this site by clicking on a letter in the alphabet at the top of the window and you'll see a page of words that start with that letter. "There are 1097 illustrated dictionary entries! Each word is used in a meaningful example sentence. Most entries have links to a related web site. Just click on an underlined word (or its accompanying picture), and you'll link to a great web site related to it. LITTLE EXPLORERS makes surfing the Internet very easy."

    Animated Math: FLIX Productions

    GRADE LEVEL: Preschool-First Grade;Secular

    COMMENTS:This is a download site. Download this shareware and let your child practice counting (0-9) and simple addition and subtraction. There are a variety of ways these skills can be practiced so your child won't become bored. After completing ten questions, your child can visit the Game Room as a reward.

    Examples of Creative Lesson Plans

    GRADE LEVEL: Preschool-Kindergarten;Secular

    COMMENTS:Several sample lesson plans for teaching kindergarteners at this site. Also check back at the home page to see a list of skills that should be taught at this level--all developed by a mother who has taught her kindergartener at home.

    Free On-Line Phonics Classes on the Net

    GRADE LEVEL: Preschool-Kindergarten or any Non-Reader;Secular

    COMMENTS:I myself have not gone through this course. However, I have read many of the testimonials about this course and think that it would be worth a try!

    Here is what they say about their course, "The International School of Foundational Phonics is happy to announce that there are hundreds of students enrolled worldwide via the Internet!Cooksey's original curriculum has recently been chosen to be included as part of a 2 semester hour required course for teacher certification in a midwestern college and in a community school for adult professionals in Israel. But you don't have to be a teacher to teach. You just have to care for the student you wish to instruct. If you are serious, it will be important for you to follow all links on this page in order to be completely prepared to partake of the many rewards that may be gained from this Free Online Course."

    Idea Box: Early Childhood Education and Activity Resources

    GRADE LEVEL: Ages 2-5;Secular

    COMMENTS:This site has a section for games, music and songs, craft recipes, crafts, and one for seasonal ideas. Message boards are also on this site. You can also subscribe to their FREE newsletter., interactive educational software for kids

    GRADE LEVEL: Preschool-Grade 6;Secular

    COMMENTS:Fantastic on-line interactive fun activities with educational content--teaches many skills that are too numerous to list.

    "...there are scores of things for them to do, from matching patterns...mastering the ABC' learning how to count. The activities are grouped by grade and skill level and are really quite engaging. The Match-the States games teaches not just geography but some crucial computer navigation skills with a mouse... What's great about this site is its primary purpse is to teach. While all the activities are entertaining, they all educate and sharpen reasoning and coordination skills. There's fun graphics, animation and sounds." --quotes from Mike Wendland who covers the Internet for NBC-TV Newschannel.

    THE SPOT contains fun and games for Grades 3-6. Your system must be capable of running JAVA applications to enjoy this site.

    Kids Domain Shockwave Games for Younger Kids

    GRADE LEVEL: Preschool;Secular

    COMMENTS:Wow! There are 12 downloadable Shockwave games here for Younger Kids. Lots of concepts are taught in these games. Check it out!

    Billy Bear's Print & Play Page

    GRADE LEVEL: Preschool;Secular

    COMMENTS:You can print these pages out for your preschooler. There are coloring and puzzle pages available.

    Free Worksheets for Ages 3-6 from School Express

    GRADE LEVEL: Preschool;Secular

    COMMENTS:Print out pages about shapes, numbers, letters, counting and activity fun. Also explore the other free worksheets at this site under "Phonics" and "Math". Many of the worksheets there would be suitable for a preschooler or grade 1-2 student.

    Nick Jr.'s Progam Index

    GRADE LEVEL: Preschool;Secular

    COMMENTS:This is the internet site for Nick Jr. Here you will have fun with Blues Clues, Franklin, Dora, Little Bill, Maisy & More! There are games, stories, music and art things to do here. Also get detailed ideas on how to extend the learning from the T.V. show. They'll show you how at this site.

    Sesame Street Central

    GRADE LEVEL: Preschool;Secular

    COMMENTS:Everything you wanted to know about Sesame Street can be found at this site! Click on the "ACTIVITIES AT OUR SITE" on the left menu bar and enjoy some fun. Also visit the "PRESCHOOL PLAYGROUND" and find tons of things to do with your child. And, I can't believe it, you can even "Tickle Elmo" and hear him giggle if you have a JAVA-enabled browser and some time.

    The Attic

    GRADE LEVEL: Preschool;Secular

    COMMENTS:Here are 175 printable worksheet pages for your young child to do. (When at this page, follow the link marked: "All the old activity pages can be found here" to see them). There are math activities, coloring activities, cut-and-paste activities, puzzles, information sheets (on a science or social studies subject) and sheets for all the holidays. She also has Jewish religious holiday worksheets here. If you follow the link "BACK" you will get to some more worksheets. Be warned: her downloadable offers are USUALLY only for MacIntosh users...don't be like me and try to download them and wonder why it didn't work! (I have a PC...LOL!)


    GRADE LEVEL: Preschool; Secular

    COMMENTS: Just plain fun a head, a torso and some feet and view your newly created monster. A simple site but one apt to give some enjoyment to a preschooler.

    Preschool Education Main Center

    GRADE LEVEL: Preschool; Secular

    COMMENTS: Some of the topics at this site seem to be directed to Preschool Public School Teachers or Daycare Center Coordinators...BUT....there is SOOOOOO much that is helpful here for ANY preschool educator that it is a great resource for home educators too. You can join a Preschool Education Email Loop or a preschool chat, view a preschool supplies swapboard, find preschool e-pals or post a message to a preschool message board.

    I have only listed here the topics found on this site which can be helpful for homeschool educators. The list is quite extensive: Learning Letters (a page of ideas for EACH letter!), Felt Board Stories, Just Holidays, Just Seasons, Useful Recipes (one for SLIME and FLUBBER too!), Free Stuff for Teachers, Free coloring pages, Safety & Health, Earth Activities, Math, Games, Art, Dramatic Play, Science, Community Helpers, Tying Shoes, Nursery Rhymes and Senses. Plan to spend alot of time here!

    Kayleigh's Playground for Toddlers, Preschoolers and Kids of All Ages

    GRADE LEVEL: Preschool; Secular

    COMMENTS: Java-enabled games and lots of fun can be found here involving ABCs, Animals, Stories, Numbers, Colors and Music.Follow the "ODDS AND ENDS" Link to get to even more toddler/preschool sites through the links and webrings listed.

    HPD's Children's Page

    GRADE LEVEL: Preschool; Secular

    COMMENTS: Created as a part of the Hendersonville, TN Police Department's Page, one of the cutest things at this site is a 16-page printable coloring book entitled, "Police Officers Are My Friends". You can also enjoy other coloring pages and nursery rhymes and music at this site. Other children's links are provided too.

    Room 108

    GRADE LEVEL: Preschool and some for early elementary grades; Secular

    COMMENTS: I will quote what Mr. Rickey says about his site, "Room 108 is an educational activity center for kids.The kids stories make this site unique.The stories have sound and animation. There is lots of fun for children but all with an educational focus. The children's stories have animation and sound. All the games are fun but educationally based."

    The animated stories are cute and load quickly and the sounds would intrigue a little one...they could click on the various places shown and be surprised by the sound! I did not preview more than a few pages of these animated thirteen year old wouldn't sit still!LOL :-) I assume there is nothing objectionable at this site...let me know if you find anything I should be aware of.

    If you follow the ART FUN link, you will come to some more fascinating things for little ones! You will need a Java-enabled browser to let your kids: (1) Color with a real brush and colors, (2) Trade noses and eyes and faces with people, (3) Warp and change pictures...Put muscles on people or make them grow taller!

    There is alot more available at this site (not all just for preschoolers but older kids as well) including games, spelling and phonics fun, math activities, singing fun, and even Real Audio Streaming books read in entirety for your child's listening pleasure.

    KIDiddles TM Mojo's Musical Mouseum

    GRADE LEVEL: All ages; Secular

    COMMENTS: Looking for lyrics to a fun children's song or lullaby? Check here at this site! I found "Bill Grogan's Goat" and "The Cat Came Back" that I remembered from my childhood. Or get the words for the Eensy, Weensy Spider to teach your little one. You would have to already know the melody as no midi files are available.

    The Activity Idea Place: Chicky-ma-ma's page

    GRADE LEVEL: Under 5; Secular

    COMMENTS: This is "Chicky-ma-ma's page, with over 450 activities for children under the age of five. Come in and have fun!!!! There are apple, balloon, flower, Easter, and ant activities, and much more. Including theme based songs, games, science, math and physical activities. Intended for parents and teachers of pre-school aged children." She tries to add new activities each week and will even help you design activities around any theme!

    Beginning Letter Sounds

    GRADE LEVEL: Preschool; Secular

    COMMENTS: This is from the Owl and Mouse Educational Software site. Get FREE educational software! "Letter Sounds helps children make the first, vital connection between the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they represent.Children drag pictures to the letters that make the first sounds of the word that describes the picture. Voice is used to be sure that children know the right word and to reinforce the connection between the first letter and the first sound in the word. Fun, educational hands-on learning. Letter Sounds requires Windows 3.1 or Windows 95/98, a sound card and speakers."

    Kinder Planet

    GRADE LEVEL: Preschool; Secular

    COMMENTS: This is "the Internet playground for families with little kids." Available on this site are arts and crafts activities for children, software downloads, online games and favorite songs you can listen to with your kids.

    Craft Recipes

    GRADE LEVEL: All ages; Secular

    COMMENTS: This site is part of a wonderful recipe site (see the left-side bar for more links to wonderful recipes you can use). This page has many recipes for children's play dough, slime, bubbles, cinnamon Christmas ornaments, glues and pastes, eggshell chalk, etc. etc! You may even order an inexpensive booklet here containing 157 craft recipes for $5.75-6.00. Truly, a site you will want to investigate thoroughly.

    The Perpetual Preschool

    GRADE LEVEL: All ages; Secular

    COMMENTS: Jam-packed with ideas for a preschool setting but tons of ideas can be easily adapted for a homeschool.Art (Paint and Crayon Recipes!), Science, Community Helpers, Language, name it! It's here! And there is even a page for you to search out freebies and a message board to exchange ideas on teaching preschoolers. I think you will spend alot of time here.

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