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SONG:"King of Kings"
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    Geof Nieboer's "Games Kids Play"

    GRADE LEVEL: All ages; Secular

    COMMENTS: Remember the games you played around your neighborhood when you were a kid like, "Steal the Bacon", "Red Light, Green Light"? Well Geof Nieboer lists 50 games here complete with rules. At the bottom of this page he has a link listing 250 more games and rules! A gold mine!

    ZOOM Games

    GRADE LEVEL:Elementary grades; Secular

    COMMENTS: This is from the PBS Site of the show ZOOM! Kids sent in their favorite games and they are posted here. At the bottom of the page you can click on the link ZOOMto and you will be taken to Games for Younger Kids--for ages 3-6 too. If you click on the link ZOOMparty, you will get ideas for birthday parties --games, food, and cakes!

    Games Index from

    GRADE LEVEL: All ages; Secular

    COMMENTS: Lots of Indoor and Outdoor Games for children at this site.

    American Yo-Yo Association

    GRADE LEVEL: All ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:Want to know the tricks and rules for using your yo-yo properly? How about tips to "tuning" your yo-yo? Want to visit yo-yo museums? Take a look here.

    Welcome to Your Daily Freebies

    GRADE LEVEL: All ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:Want opportunities to stuff your mail box with free stuff? How about food samples, things for kids or pets, health and beauty aids stuff, catalogs, and stuff and stuff and STUFF!!!! Have fun!

    Free Stuff Central

    GRADE LEVEL: All ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:At this site you'll find lots of links to free stuff offered on the internet. I do not necessarily endorse all of the offerings!

    Billy Bear's Fun & Games

    GRADE LEVEL: Elementary-Middle School; Secular

    COMMENTS:Play Online Games such as: Jigsaw Puzzles, Catch the Frog, Feed the Bear, Tic-Tac-Toe, Pick-A-Duck, Ice Blox, UFO Attack, Pipe Dream, and Salt Water Swim. Each game will tell you what browser/plug-in you need.

    One-Page Calendar

    GRADE LEVEL: All ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:Put in any year and this program pulls up a one-page calendar for that year. Print it out and you can plan out which are YOUR school days! Be super-organized and plan for next year too! (HA-HA!!!)

    Time Service Department--U.S. Naval Observatory, Washington, D.C.

    GRADE LEVEL: All ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:Never quibble about what time it is again. Go to this page for your official answer. Moon phases page and other options to choose from too.

    Kids Domain

    GRADE LEVEL: All Ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:Lots of educational games in all subject/age areas to download here. Available for PC's or MAC's. They also have a clipart, computer toolbox, and a grown-ups section. We found some nice things here. Worth a look.

    PBS Kids: Backstage

    GRADE LEVEL: Preschool-Middle School(depending on TV program selected; Secular

    COMMENTS:At this site there are links to the following homepages for your favorite TV shows: Arthur, Charlie Horse Music Pizza, Kratts Creatures,(evolutionary--so be selective here), Mister Rogers Neighborhood, Sesame Street, Theodore Tugboat, Tots TV, Wimzie's House, and Zoom.

    Laugh-A-Lot! Your Clean Jokes Only Website and E-Mail List

    GRADE LEVEL: All ages; Secular

    COMMENTS:At this site you'll find lots of clean jokes and funny lists like "What to say if your boss finds you sleeping at your desk". Also has an archives.

    GRADE LEVEL: High School-Adult

    COMMENTS: What they say about their site: "Shouldn't you have access to the best health information available? Shouldn't you know your rights as a member of an HMO or any health plan? Shouldn't you know about the latest treatments and developments that affect your health? And shouldn't the Internet be the perfect environment for keeping up with what you need to know, doing deep research, finding experts and others who are going through what you are? Shouldn't the technology allow you to make the most of the resources on the Web in a much more personally relevant way? The answer is yes, and we think you're right to expect a lot from an environment as rich in information, as powerful for communication, and as technologically sophisticated as the Internet..."

    This site is very impressive and has alot to offer...look up an ailment and instantly receive information you may need.


    GRADE LEVEL: Adults

    COMMENTS: Get free samples, trial issues, demos, coupons, catalogs or free trial periods at this site., interactive educational software for kids

    GRADE LEVEL: Preschool-Grade 6;Secular

    COMMENTS:Fantastic on-line interactive fun activities with educational content--teaches many skills that are too numerous to list.

    "...there are scores of things for them to do, from matching patterns...mastering the ABC' learning how to count. The activities are grouped by grade and skill level and are really quite engaging. The Match-the States games teaches not just geography but some crucial computer navigation skills with a mouse... What's great about this site is its primary purpse is to teach. While all the activities are entertaining, they all educate and sharpen reasoning and coordination skills. There's fun graphics, animation and sounds." --quotes from Mike Wendland who covers the Internet for NBC-TV Newschannel.

    THE SPOT contains fun and games for Grades 3-6. Your system must be capable of running JAVA applications to enjoy this site.

    Card Games

    GRADE LEVEL: All Ages;Secular

    COMMENTS:A HUGE index of rules to play many card games including the ever-popular SOLATAIRE! Discover a different card game tonight and have fun.

    Don't forget to check out Miscellaneous Links Page 2!

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