The Cinematograph

L'avventura (The Adventure) (scr.)
The Age of Consent (trans.)
As You Desire Me (trans.)
La Belle et la B�te (scr.)
Charade (scr.)
Un Chien Andalou (scr.)
A Christmas Carol (scr.)
Dangerous Corner (trans.)
The Devil and Daniel Webster (scr.)
Duck Soup (scr.)
The Great American Screenplay - various
A Hard Day's Night (scr.)
The Hustler (trans.)
I Am Curious (Yellow) (trans.)
I Walked With a Zombie (trans.)
Intertitle-O-Rama - various
It's in the Bag! (trans.)
The King of Comedy (scr.)
The Last Flight (trans.)
M (trans.)
Malcolm X (scr.)
The Manchurian Candidate (trans.)
Maniac (scr.)
Missile (trans.)
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (scr.)
Monkey Business (scr.)
My Brilliant Career (scr.)
Mystery of the Wax Museum (scr.)
Night and Fog (trans.)
The Night of the Hunter (scr.)
Notorious (trans.)
The Old Dark House (trans.)
One Good Turn (trans.)
photoplays - various
Pygmalion (scr.)
The Romance of Digestion (trans.)
Salt of the Earth (scr.)
The Searchers (scr.)
The Seventh Seal (scr.)
Smoke (scr.)
Sounder (scr.)
The Thin Man (scr.)
Three Sappy People (trans.)
To Challenge Fate (scr.)
Triumph of the Will (scr.)
Vampyr (scr.)
Viridiana (scr.)
White Christmas (scr.)
Woman in the Dark (scr.)
Young Soul Rebels (scr.)

The Tube

The Fugitive

The Twilight Zone

Boris Karloff's Thriller

Death on the Street

The Diamond Necklace

Land of Happiness

The Trial of the Catonsville Nine

The Wireless

Quiet, Please! / Lights Out!


The Diamond as Big as the Ritz
The Most Dangerous Game
The Fall of the House of Usher
Leiningen versus the Ants ('48)
Leiningen versus the Ants ('49)
Three Skeleton Key ('49)
Three Skeleton Key ('50)


The Diary of Sophronia Winters ('43)
The Diary of Sophronia Winters ('44)
Sorry, Wrong Number
The Lost Special
Nobody Loves Me
Dark Journey
The House in Cypress Canyon
August Heat
The Dark Tower
The Man Who Thought He Was Edward G. Robinson
Always Room at the Top
On a Country Road ('50)
Plan X
On a Country Road ('59)
The Black Door

Miscellaneous (Trans.)

A Plaque for Mr. Conklin - from "Our Miss Brooks"
The Man Who Was Thursday - from "The Mercury Theater on the Air"
The Case of Dorothy K. Funn - from "Last Man Out"
They Burned the Books
The Billion Dollar Baby - from "Empire Builders"
Saralee, You are Lovely as the Summer Night - from "On Stage"
Call Me a Cab - from "On Stage"
Sometime Every Summertime - from "Studio One"
Tommy -- Whose Mother Couldn't Love Him - from "Doorway of Life"
The Apple Tree - from "Mercury Summer Theatre"
At Midnight on the 31st of March - from "Author's Playhouse"
A Christmas Carol - from "Campbell Playhouse"
The House of Purple Shadows - from "The Hermit's Cave"
Without End - from "The Hermit's Cave"
The Vampire's Desire - from "The Hermit's Cave"
Notorious - from "Lux"
The African Queen - from "Lux"
It's a Wonderful Life - from "Lux"
Casablanca - from "Screen Guild"
The Maltese Falcon - from "Academy Award"
Success Story - from "Campbell's Short Short Story"
Bob "Hollywood Canteen" Hope
Bud and Lou Go Hunting
Songs by Sinatra
Advice to the Little Peyton Girl - from "Royal Gelatin Hour"
A Porch in Gospel Flat - from "The Shell Show"
Times Square - from "Radio Hall of Fame"

Miscellaneous (Scr.)

The Case of the Peddlers of Prejudice - from "Mr. District Attorney"
Ghost Story - from "Plays for Americans"
8 March 1945 episode - from "The March of Time"
Abraham Lincoln in The War Years - from "The Cavalcade of America"
Two Men and a Piece of Wire - and Faith - from "The Bell Telephone Hour"
Silent Night - from "The Songs of Christmas"
Ol' Man Trouble - from "Universal Safety Series"
Fun with a Tractor - from "Hop to It Club"
Booker T. Washington in Atlanta - from "The Pursuit of Happiness"
Sue 'Em!
Brigade Exchange
Roads of Romance (No. 14)
Skyscraper - from "Radio Playbill"
Christmas episode - from "Station KUKU"
Robert Emmet and Sarah Curran - from "Famous Loves"
Untitled episode - from "Harbor Lights"
Close-Ups (No. 01)
Untitled episode - from "National Surety Secret Cases"
Untitled episode - from "Raising Junior"
French Leave - from "Forty Fathom Trawlers"
The Frozen Pirate - from "Forty Fathom Trawlers"
Scottsboro Limited
Cartwheel - from "Columbia Workshop"
Case History - from "Columbia Workshop"
Mr. Sycamore - from "Columbia Workshop"
J. Smith and Wife - from "Columbia Workshop"
The Giant's Stair - from "The Columbia Workshop"
Brazil - from "Good Neighbors"
The Tell-Tale Heart - from "Mystery In The Air"
Nobody Loves Me - from "Mystery in the Air"
The Lodger - from "Mystery In The Air"
The Mask of Medusa - from "Mystery In The Air"
Pinocchio - from "Screen Guild"
Little Women - from "Screen Guild"
One Way Passage - from "Screen Guild"
Death Takes a Holiday - from "Camel Caravan"
Hamlet - from "The Columbia Shakespearian Cycle"
A Green Coup�
In Goblin Land
The Librarian - from "Americans at Work"
Nine short dramatic sketches - from "Your Hollywood Parade"
The Al Pearce Show (No. 48)
Lucky Strike Radio Hour (No. 01)
The Appropriation of Cultures - from "Is Anybody Listening?"
I Shot Down King Kong - from "Is Anybody Listening?"
The Shadowed Star - from "Is Anybody Listening?"
Fish Waif - for "Middlebury Radio Theater"

British Radio Drama (Scr.)

Matrimonial News
The Flowers Are Not for You to Pick
Squirrel's Cage
Ingredient X

Biblical Dramas (Scr.)

Diana of the Ephesians - from "Biblical Dramas"
James of Galilee - from "Biblical Dramas"
The Third Soldier - from "Biblical Dramas"
The Comeback - from "Biblical Dramas"
The Prodigal - from "Biblical Dramas"
Number One on the Docket - from "Biblical Dramas"
On Christmas Night - Christmas special