Yu-Gi-Oh: Characters

Here is a list of Yu-Gi-Oh characters. I have listed them in choronlogical order, from Duelist Kingdom to the Doma. The name in bracket is the charater's Japanese name (Yes, I am fully aware that last name goes before first name in Japan, even though I didn't follow that tradition for some names). Enjoy...

SPOLIER WARNING: This page should generally be spolier free. However, if you have not seen one of the Yu-Gi-Oh seasons below, especially the Doma season, I suggest you do not read the character description as it might give some story plots away. You have been warned...

UPDATE (8/7/06): The characters list for Season Five of Yu-Gi-Oh Ancient Egypt Arc has been added. It not yet complete but will soon be. This list contains many spoliers for the Ancient Egypt Arc (or Dawn of the Duel), so if you haven't seen it and do not want to be spoiled, please do not read it!

MAIN Characters

Yugi Mutou - a 10th grader at Domino High School who has a passion for Duel Monsters. He is binded to an ancient Egyptian spirit through the power of the Millennium Puzzle. (Please click on Yugi's name to learn more about him)

Yami Yugi (or just Yami) - a 5,000 years old spirit in the Puzzle. Later we find out that he is actually an Egyptian Pharaoh whose spirit is locked in the Puzzle and he is destined to save the world from evil.

Joey Wheeler [Jounouchi Katsuya] - Yugi's best friend and fellow duelist. Also a student at Domino High.

Tristan Taylor [Honda Hiroto] - friend of Yugi and Joey.

Tea Gardner [Anzu Mazaki] - a childhood friend of Yugi who has a crush on him. ^^ (Click on Tea's name to learn more about her)

Seto Kaiba - President of gaming corporation Kaiba Corp. Also a rival of Yugi at Duel Monsters. He was the world champion at the game before Yugi beat him.

Mokuba Kaiba - Seto Kaiba's younger brother.

Solomon Mutou [Sugoroku Mutou] - Yugi's grandfather. A very experienced duelist. He also owns the Kame Game Store (Kame means "turtle" in Japanese).

Characters Introduced in Duelist Kingdom

Maximillion Pagasus [Pegasus J. Crawford] - President of Industrial Illusions. Creater of Duel Monsters. Owner of the Millenennium Eye.

Weevil Underwood [Insector Haga] - an insect duelist.

Rex Raptor [Dinosaur Ryuuzaki] - a dinosaur duelist.

Mai Valentine [Kujaku Mai] - a fellow duelist at DK. She is very tricky and experienced duelist. She became a friend of Yugi and company. Joey has a crush on her.

Bakura [Ryou Bakura] - a classmate and a friend of Yugi. He owns the Millennium Ring and has a dark more evil side to him (Yami Bakura).

Serenity Wheeler [Shizuka] - younger sister of Joey.
Note: Eventhough she was introduced in DK, she didn't really appear regularly on the show until the Battle City Tournament

Mako Tsunami - DK duelist

Paradox brother - eliminators

Kimo - one of the suits

Panick - eliminator

Bandit Keith - the past Intercontiental Champion who was defeated by Pegasus.

Cecelia [Cyndia] - Wife of Pegasus who died due to a deadly disease

Shadi - he watches over the Millennium Items deep below the sands of Egypt. He also owns the Millennium Key.

Bonz, Sid, and Zigor - followers of Bandit Keith

Rebecca Hawkins - granddaughter of Professor Arthur Hawkins. An American Champion.

Arthur Hawkins - an archeologist who studies Duel Monster and Egyptian History. An old friend of Solomon Motou.

Duke Devlin [Otogi Ryuji] - Owner of the new game shop at Domino and creater of Dungeon Dice Monsters.

Johnny Steps - a dancer who was beaten by Tea.

Big Five - corporate leaders of Kaiba Corp.

Adina - the princess in the Virtual World who turned into Mystical Elf.

Characters Introduced in Battle City Tournament

Marik Ishtar [Malik] - leader of the Rare Hunters. Owner of the Millennium Rod. He is also a tomb keeper in Egypt.

Ishizu Ishtar [Isis] - Sister of Marik. Owner of Millennium Necklace. Incharge of the Museum Exhibit on ancient Egypt.

Rare Hunters - A group of elite underground duelists who ruthlessly steals rare cards from their owners and sells them on the black market.

Espa Roba - a duelist claiming to use ESP to duel.

Arkana [Pandora] - Was a famous magician until one day a bomb exploded in a magician's box he was in and burned him badly, causing his face to be disfigured. He pushed away his wife-to-be Catharine. Now he is a rare hunter with the goal of winning his love back forever.

Catharine - wife of Arkana.

Lumis and Umbra - Rare hunters.

Odion [Rishid] - stepbrother to Marik and Ishizu. He was also a rare hunter. He was adopted by Ishizu and Marik's mother when he was a baby. He was going to be the next tomb keeper until Marik was born.

Jean-Claude Magnum - a movie star who wants to marry Mai.

Roland [Isono] - works for Kaiba. Announcer at Battle City Tournament.

Marik's father and Mother - father was a tomb keeper. He is very strict and fierce, who needed to be obeyed at all times. Mother is very kind and soft spoken, she loves Odion like a true son. But sadly she wasn't able to continue to protect her children when she died giving birth to Marik.

Characters Introduced in Noah's Virtual World

Noah Kaiba - Spoiled rich son of Gozaboro whose mind in connected to the Cyber World because he died in an accident.

Gozaboro Kaiba - past owner of Kaiba Corp. He commited suicide and then linked his mind to the Virtual World after Seto Kaiba took over the company.

Characters Introduced in Doma (or Waking the Dragons)

Dartz - Ruler of Atlantis and Doma's leader. He has power over the Orichalcos stone. He was also the president of Paradise - a company who takes over other companies around the world. It eventually took over Kaiba Corp.

Raphael - a Doma Warrior. He was the son of a rich family, with a younger sister and brother, until one night he was separated from his family on a cruise accident. He possesses a Guardian Deck.

Valon [Varon] - a Doma Warrior. Was a young delinquent who was later hired by Dartz. He possesses a Armor Deck.

Alister [Ameda] - a Doma Warrior. His brother died in a war. It seems in the begining he possesses a fire deck, but during his second duel with Kaiba, it looks like he possesses a machine deck, hmm...

Chris - She is from Atlantis. Daughter of Dartz.

Ironheart - the past ruler of Atlantis. Grandfather to Chris, father to Dartz.

Sky [sunny]- A white wolf belonging to Chris. She can turn into a more fierce version of herself, which strangely resembles Silver Fang (A duel monster that Yugi possesses in his deck).

Grimo (Gurimo) - An old man with one glass over his right eye. He is Doma warrior who stealed Weevil and Rex's souls first, and then later dueled Yami at the top of the construction building.

Characters Introduced In Kaiba Corp Grand Prix (Grand Championship)

To repair Kaiba Corp's failing reputation, Kaiba decides to host another tournament that is even more grand than the Battle City Tournament. 16 duelist from all over the world were asked to join the newst Kaiba Corp Grandchampionship competition. The winner will gets to duel Yugi Mutou, the current and undefeated Duel Monster's world champion for a shot at the "Grand Champion" title!

NOTE: Unlike my lists for previous seasons of YGO, this list will contain some characters that have already been introduced in the previous seasons'lists. I just wanted to have a list of the Grand Championship competitors' names for those who missed the episode where they were all introduced.

Leon Wilson - A young child dueling prodigy. He was later revealed to be Leon Von Schroeder, the younger brother of Zigfried. He was "brainwashed" by Zigfried into helping him defeat Yugi Motou at all cost so he can help his brother rebuild Schroeder Gaming Company's reputation and ruin Kaiba Corp. But when Zigfried give Leon the Golden Castle of Stromberg to cheat Yugi out of his World Championship Title, he in turn helped Yugi to concentrate on getting rid of the Castle instead, which was deleting all of Kaiba Corp's computer files. Leon later lost to Yugi but admires him even more for his determination and dueling skills. He uses a Fairy Tale deck.

Fortune Salim - a mysterious person garbed in black with a crystal ball in hand. He never got to duel because he got "tied up" by Weevil and Rex in a broom closet while the two dueled and lost to Zigfried dressed up as Salim.

Shane Jordan - an old western cowboy kind of guy. He was beaten in the first round by Det. Paul McGregor.

Sergei Ivanoff - heavy weight champion. He was beathen by Ethan Shark in the first round.

Paul McGregor - a general (Detective) with a lot of strategies when taking on opponents. He beat Shane Jordan in the first round but lost to Balfry Ginger in the second round.

Abe the Monkey Man - a wild man with a monkey. He beat Totani Lalos in the first round but lost to Rebecca in the second round on the Duel Disk Ferris Wheel.

Dr. Richard Goat - a surgeon who duels with precision. He was beaten by Leon Wilson in the first round.

Balfry Ginger - a young magician (and apparently not a very skilled one too ^^;). He beat Jafar Shin in the first round and Det. Paul McGregor in the second round. He later lost to Zigfried Lloyd at the third round of the tournament in the Galaxy Theater.

Totani Lalos - a illusionist (I wasn't sure whether he is blind or not, since he is wearing sunglasses at a indoor environment). He was beaten by Abe the Monkey Man in the first round.

Ethan Shark - from Down Under (Australia). He beat Sergei Ivanoff in the first round but was beaten by Leon Wilson at the Hunted House in the second round.

Jafar Shin - a meditator. Got beaten in the first round by Balfry Ginger.

Vivian Wong - a seemingly delicate girl with a strong personality (and has a strong attraction to smart guys, like Yugi and Kaiba). She was beaten by Rebecca in the first round. She later "bribed" Grandpa Motou into helping her lure Yugi into a Chinese restaurant to duel her. Yugi quickly beat her in a duel and she never showed up to "bother" Yugi again. She uses a Martial Arts/Konfu Deck.

Rebecca Hawkins - the youngest contestant who is a regional champion. She beat Vivian Wong in the first round and Abe the Monkey Man in the second round. But she lost to Leon Wilson in the third round at Smalltown, USA.

Joey Wheeler - an "underdog" (yes, that is how Roland introduced him). He beat Grandpa Motou in the first round but lost to Sigfried in the second round at the Volcano Pit.

Apdnarg Otum - a seemingly mysterious man who appeared from no where who is actually Yugi's grandfather. (A trivia note: "Apdnarg" is Grandpa spelled backward and "Otum" is Muto spelled backward). Grandpa Mutou lost to Joey Wheeler during the first round of the KC Grand Championship tournament.

Zigfried Lloyd - a rich man with a German accent. He is the one who seems to be sabotaging Kaiba's tournament. He later turned out to be Zigfried Von Shroeder, president of a European Gaming Company named Shroeder Corp. He was angrey at and jealous of Kaiba when he was the first one to get Pegasus to sign a contract with him to use his holographic duel monsters projector, which was also developed by Zigfried around the same time. Determined to beat Kaiba and ruin his company once and for all, he "brain washed" his brother into letting him use his dueling skill to help him rebuilding Shroeder's company reputation by beating Yugi in the KC Grand Championship, which would ruin Kaiba's company by having a Shroeder being the new world champion. He cheated by giving his brother Leon the illegal card "Golden Castle of Stromberg" during the final Championship duel of the tournament. His plan failed, but he recounciled with his brother in the end. He uses a powerful Valkyrie Deck in his duel with Joey, whom he beat, and Kaiba, whom he lost to.

Rick - a young boy with a deck full of dragon card. He was forced to duel against a level five dueling computer at the Kaiba Dome until Yugi helped him out by dueling the computer himself. He recieved a valuable magic card from Yugi named "The Heart of the Underdog". He is not in the Grand Championship Tournament.

Characters Introduced In The Ancient Egypt Arc (Dawn of the Duel)

Ahmet – An Egyptian guide who led Grandfather Mutou into the ancient Pharaoh’s (Yami) tomb in search of a valuable treasure.

Mushara – The younger brother to Ahmet. The second Egyptian guide who led Grandfather Mutou into the Pharaoh’s tomb.

Pharaoh Atemu [Atem] – Yami Yugi’s identity in ancient Egypt. He is the one who sacrificed his own soul, sealing it in the Millennium Puzzle in order to lock the darkness of the shadow realm (and Zorc the Dark One) released by the creation of the Millennium items away. He is rumored to be the destined pharaoh who can wield the three Egyptian gods. He also has six sacred guardians, each carrying a Millennium item.

Mahad [Mahaado] – One of the Pharaoh’s six scared guardians (priests) who wield the Millennium Ring. He is a great Magician with a vast amount of powers that needed to be locked away in a sacred magician’s shrine in order to protect those around him. He is responsible for guarding the previous Pharaoh’s tombs, especially the current Pharaoh’s father’s. He is very faithful and loyal to the Pharaoh and will do anything to protect him. To make up for his failure at protecting The Pharaoh’s father’s tomb, he dueled Theif Bakura in hopes of destroying the theif and sealing the thief’s ka Diabound into the stone. He was nearly successful when he sacrificed himself and merged his ba with his ka to form the Dark Magician. Dark Magician later became the most faithful servant to the Pharaoh. Ka = Illusion Magician.

Shada – One of the Pharaoh’s six sacred guardians (priests) and the holder of the Millennium Key (Ankh – ancient Egyptian’s symbol for life). His item is capable of going into the mind of another. He sacrificed himself when he protected the Pharaoh from the assault of Zorc by jumping in front of Zorc’s blast. His ka was unknown. But he often uses Zelua and Two-Head Jackal Warrior.

Karim – One of the Pharaoh’s six sacred guardians (priests) and the holder of the Millennium Scales. His item is capable of merging one sprite monster with another. He sacrificed his force and energy to increase Shada’s life force energy and consequently so did the strength of Two Headed Jackal Warrior so the Pharaoh could be protected. In the anime, he and Isis seems to be particularly close, as he reaches for Isis’s hands before he dies.

Isis – One of the Pharaoh’s six sacred guardians (priestess) and the holder of the Millennium Necklace (AKA Torque or Tauk). Her item is used to foresee what the future has to behold for others around her. In the manga, it is stated that the Millennium Necklace’s power actually has a limit, for it cannot foresee the future of those who hold a Millennium Item. That the reason was why she couldn’t predict Bakura’s next moves after he got the Millennium Ring. She also sacrificed herself by distracting Zorc away from pursuing Mana and the Millennium Items. Ka = Spiria

Aknadin – One of the Pharaoh’s six sacred guardians (priest) and the holder of the Millennium Eye. His item look into the mind of another, capable of exploring every secrets and thoughts a person have. It also reveals and extracts shadow beings (ka) that dwells within humans. He is the brother (or twin brother?) of Atemu’s father, Pharaoh Aknamkanon. He is the true creator of the Millennium Items, when Pharaoh Aknamkanon was still in power and ruled over a Egypt that was constantly under the threat of foreign invasions. The Items were created in hope to drive away the foreigners and bring peace. To protect his family, Aknadin cut his relationship with his wife and son, Seto. Aknadin was later brain washed by Zorc into thinking that Seto deserved to be Pharaoh more than Atemu. He sold his soul to Zorc and was transformed into Great Shadow Magus (or Zork Necrophades). When he wasn’t able to persuade Seto to give up his loyalty to the Pharaoh, he took over his son’s mind to duel the Pharaoh. But he failed and was banished. Ka unkown.

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