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Michael - August '04

(3 months old, photo courtesy of birth family)

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Matthew and Jennifer Higgins,
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And Our "Higglets":

Emily Grace and Michael Ray
(with ??? due to arrive around Feb 22 '06)
 (Yes, you read that right -- it took us 10 years to have our
first child, but we'll have 3 kids by the end of year 12...)

Welcome to Our Family
Michael Ray!!!
    We are adopting this sweet little
boy. Mike is only 2 months
older than Emily, so they will
pretty much be "twins"...

Emily - September '04
(2 months old)

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Emily - November '04
(4 months old)


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Jen's Booklist
- A list of good books I've read and recommend. (Now moved it to its own webpage.)  Sorted by
  age/reading level as well as Fiction/Non. Particular emphasis on worthwhile books for young adults. (Last update Jan '04 - sorry!)

Our Family, Nov '04
(Michael didn't join us until June '05)

Matt's Art - A few samples of Matt's drawings.  (Finally updated! At least a little... 10/16/05)

Older Stuff:
   Runesword II Project(s)
- Articles for a cool RPG creation program Talia/Jen worked
  on for a while, Runesword II;
including an questionaire/outline for creating new
  countries/cultures for role-playing in general....

Michael - 1 year old

           Emily - 1 year old           Michael & Emily's 1st "twin" picture...
                                                  (actually 13 and 11 mo old)



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