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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Amelia Wharton wed 1879 to Otto Edward Muckner/Mickner.
Ann Wharton wed 1900 to Arthur Wm Holt
Caroline Wharton wed 1898 to Francis Wm Russell
Emily Wharton wed 1892 to George James Smith
Emma Wharton came 1854 on the Lincluden Castle with Robert Wharton
Emma Wharton wed 1898 to Samuel Arthur Mayor
Evelyn Annie Wharton wed 1900 to John Joseph Arthur
Henry Wharton wed 1865 to Elizabeth Michael Daniel
Henry Wharton wed 1899 to Elizabeth Boag
John Arthur Wharton wed 1865 to Mary Williams
Jonathan Wharton wed 1878 to Catherine Branley
Joseph Wharton wed 1908 to Charlotte Grieves
Louisa Wharton wed 1897 to Fred Wm Lohse
Mary Ann Wharton came 1853 with James Brain
Rachael Wharton wed 1890 to George Washington Holt
Robert Wharton came 1854 on the Lincluden Castle with Emma Wharton
Robert Wharton wed 1891 to Eliza Sim
Robert Havens Wharton came 1853 on the Alipore with Eliza Bates
William Wharton wed 1864 to Mary Conway
Sarah Whatmough wed 1866 to Joseph Wilson
Mary Whelan/Whealen came c1856 with Robert Perry
Charles Wheatland wed 1853 to Frances Henrietta Langton
Charles Frederick Wheatland wed 1880 to Mary Jane Campbell
Agnes Julia Wheatley wed c1860 to Zaphnath Paaneah Henry Sanders
Harriet Ann Wheatley wed 1843 in Hobart, Tasmania to Peter Apppleyard
Ellen Wheeler came 1853 on the Calliope with William Brown
Mary Ann Maud Wheeler wed 1901 to George Wilson Punshon
William Edwin Wheeler wed 1869 to Ann Proctor
Catherine Whelan wed 1898 to Archilaus Frederick Lloyd Newcombe
Elizabeth Whelan wed 1858 to John Watson
Esther Whelan wed 1841 to Martin Priest
Mary Ann Wherrett wed 1843 at Hobart to Robert Priest
William Ernest Whiffen wed 1895 to Elizth Jane Craig
Ann Whiffin wed 1883 to William Henry Rickard
Charles Simeon Whiffin came 1854 on the Agra with Easter Anne Shore
Charles Simeon Whiffin wed 1895 to Margt Hooton
Emma Whiffin wed 1884 to Joseph Anderson Rickard
James Whiffin wed 1887 to Katrina Quak
Jane Whiffin wed 1894 to Hugh Morriss McCubbery
John Whiffin wed 1898 to Charl Martin
Sarah Elizabeth Whiffin wed 1880 to Samuel Hall
Alfred HenryWhimpey wed 1910 to Hilda Riley
Arthur Edgar Whimpey wed 1923 at Tarnagulla to Ella Alexander
Eliza Whimpey wed 1870 to Frederick Latimer
Elizabeth Whimpey wed 1868 to Joseph Bannister Stow
Isaac Whimpey wed 1884 to Flora McArthur
Jane Elizabeth Whimpey wed 1901 to Frederick William Nicholls
Jonathan Whimpey wed 1869 to Harriett Justin
Joseph Whimpey came c1845 with Margaret Price
Joseph Whimpey wed 1872 to Sarah Jane Sharp
Joseph Whimpey wed 1908 to Margaret Jane Clarke
Ethelina Hannah Whimpy wed 1915 to George Alexander Wilshusen
Alice Whinray wed 1875 to Abel Roberts
Catherine Whinray wed c1862 to William Findlay
Christopher Whinray wed 1886 to Mary Ann Pigdon
Elizabeth Whinray wed 1869 to William Baillie
Elizabeth Whinray wed 1897 to Arthur John Ashman
Jeremiah Whinray wed 1868 to Sarah Twite
John Wheney/ Whinray came 1857 on Arabian with Elizabeth Leech
Mary Whinray wed 1865 to James McCrae
Elizabeth Alice Whitbourn wed 1877 to Samuel Adolphus Perry
Nancy Whitburn came c1855 to Victoria with Henry William Treloar
Edith Williams Whitcomb wed 1903 to Wm Jno Wiffen
Eliza Agnes Whitcombe wed 1859 to Jabez Squire
Mary Whitcombe came 1848 on the Palmira with James Andrews
Ada Lavinia White wed 1888 to Arthur Dodson
Andrew White wed 1863 to Jane Roberts
Ann White came c1860 with Oliver Poole
Ann Newman nee White wed 1843 at Launceston to Amos Cole
Annie White wed 1863 to John Papworth
Annie Mcfarlan White wed c1900 to Joseph Litchfield Arnel
Annie Theresa White wed 1876 to William Corby
Archibald White wed 1891 to Lydia Charlotte Hurford
Carol White wed 1851 to Joseph Simpkin
Cath Elizth White wed 1897 to Hunting Rowe
Edward Henderson White wed 1873 to Sarah Sillett nee Frary
Edward John White wed 1862 to Sarah Susan Catherine Loste
Eliza White wed 1855 to William Missen
Eliza White wed 1885 to Edwin Ralph Bonner
Eliza A White wed 1868 to Alfred Tivey
Eliza Missen nee White wed 1872 to Richard Gainger
Elizabeth White wed 1888 to Frederick Ransom Smith
Elizabeth Jane White wed 1855 to William Davis
Emma Ann White wed 1872 to Shadrack Wall
Fred White wed 1881 to Louisa Thwaites
Henry White wed 1870 to Ann Letts
Isabella White wed 1872 to Julius Augustus Gotthelf Arndt
James White wed 1850 to Elizabeth Dean
Jane White wed 1853 to Hugh Adams
Jane Frances White wed 1875 to John Thomas Harvey Cocks
Janet White wed 1866 to George Young
John White lived in Tasmania from 1820 with Martha Basham
John White wed 1854 to Caroline Uebergang
John White wed 1874 to Mary Tidd
John White wed 1877 to Emily Luxford
Joseph White wed 1878 to Mary Ann Addison
Kate White wed 1870 to George Aldridge
Laura Amelia White wed 1890 to Austen Godfrey Richardson
Mahala Martha Elittice White wed 1877 to James Wagglen
Margaret White wed 1856 to William Lynn
Martha White came 1854 on the America with William March
Mary White wed 1859 to James Curnow
Mary White wed 1875 to James Alex Clissold
Mary Ann White wed 1876 to Frederick Charles Niblett
Matilda White wed 1864 to Reuben Croxford
May Evelyn White wed 1907 to Henry Parish
Melia/Amelia White wed 1874 to Joseph Wragg
Nathaniel White wed 1856 to Margaret Jane Mcquitty
Peter White came c1860 with Winifred Cooke
Sarah Ann White wed 1863 to Colin Williams
Susan White wed 1881 to Peter William Dean
Suzanna Elizabeth White wed 1882 to William Griffiths
Thomas William White wed 1880 to Ann Jane Allcorn
Walter White wed 1884 to Emily Gough nee Williams
William White came c1873 with Jessie Maine
William Henry White wed 1849 to Jane Page
Elizabeth Ellen White wed 1870 to Hezekiah George Palmer

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