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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I'm so hungry right now. Managed to find some food in the kitchen. Met up w Debbie and Shandy today! Had coffee over at coffee club express. Then met Aaren came down to pick me up from town, wanting to watch initial D, but heh. too bad, we couldn't make it in time. Drove around Singapore. Its really boring man. Met up with Chris Ang at bukit timah, played arcade and billard then went to Amara Hotel to have a drink and chat. Then came home.
Finally Chris is contactable! he called me this morning chated for a while, told him our plans for the next few days~ he's like some busy businessman! oh well, Tomorrow is Mambo!! and thursday going Malaysia! I wanna cut my hair soon. and i need a manicure badly. My nails are breaking. =( and i need to lose weight. think i'm going jogging in the morning! hehe. My bro gave me his MP3 player. so now i need not buy! yeah~! next thing is external Harddrive. Movies movies!

Love me ... * 3:01 AM

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

keke. Just got home w chinaman, Isaac, Jean and Nicholas from supper at Geylang~ In the afternoon, we went to have XO fish beehoon at Chinatown~! Adam wad w us then, but left after we went to Bugis. Then They came over to my place so i could pack my Swimming Stuffs. Then nick and Chinaman and I went to Seletar COuntry Club! they went to play billard while i went to Swim. After that we went Jalan Kayu to have our dinner~ so full. Then we dropped by Chris's home, but he wasn't in!! haha. so we left a note. Then we went to look for Isaac at Singapore Casket. haha. i noe it's a liil' disrespect, but. heh. Went to pick him up to watch movie at Cine~
We watched Ghost Train! it was the most horrible horror movie ever. DUN WATCH IT!!!
Whole body's aching now. sigh. and i'm having a lil' flu. i'm falling sick as expected. sigh. gotta sleep now. =) nights peeps. oh Batman was a great movie! hehe.

Love me ... * 4:24 AM

Friday, June 24, 2005

Just got home from filling supper with Fo'en and Teeyu. I ate too much!! Oh saw Boyuan too! we met at Bedok 85! haha. had chicken wing, mince meat noodle, NIce hot milk tea which reminded me of "tea cafe" in Aussie. And had Custard buns too! which also reminded me of aussie! damn. Oh well.. hehe. Tomorrow gonna go Parkway with my mum. Gonna develop some pics and perhaps shop around for clothes!! hehe.
i'm going to ask my brother to give me his MP3 player!! hehe. Singapore is really HOT! I bathe 3 times today. What the hell. Well, i planned my weekend already! Tomorrow night gonna go see pretty cars "race" and sat night gonna have dinner w sec school mates and at night go Fisherman's village for a drink with Difei, who's flying off soon. =( and Sunday, going to swim and sun tan the whole day!! Have so much catching up to do man!! i need to lose weight! damn it.

Love me ... * 2:39 AM

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Singapore is bloody humid! oh man. I dont feel like leaving my room at all! I love the Aircon! I'm gonna get a Kettle and put in my room! And store up on food like i did in Perth! I miss Perth so much. The life is just so great. Bought Snickers already. Brought back some tea bags from AUssie. hehe. And got Wine in my fridge. That's all i need man.
Just got back from Supper with Eugene. He stays like just 7 mins walk away from me!! Well, he went Zouk~ then came to my place and pick me up to some Coffee shop! Man i miss my Coffeeshop days! heh. Ate some food, drank my Ice-milo and chatted.. then he came over my place to see see.. hehe.. He's going to Penang tomorrow! or rather in 1 hours time! im gonna be damn bored. shitz.
Oh boYuan should have just touched down. He stays also like 10 mins walk away from me!! tomorrow some other friends are coming back too~! Damn it. But Chris coming back only on Sunday!! We have a "date"! haha. We're going to Seletar C.C almost everyday for swims and gym! heh. Tomorrow im gona stay home and Suntan~! first step to being Tanned again~ then going to tattoo and have a hair cut and colour! Going for Manicure and pedicure too! then i'll go shopping for new clothes and electronic stuffs! gonna get an external harddrive , Mp3 Player and Erm perhaps a new Hp (last on my wishlist though).
exams are horrid. i hate it. but im glad its over! Last night, went over to trinity to have drinks w friends. Louis was so drunk that its the first time i hear him utter nonsense! he got me so drunk!! and i kissed a girl. haha. as usual lah. I was lying on Christopher's bed trying to rest then suddenly i got up and rushed to the balcony and puked. haha. It was a damn disgusting scene lah. but yeah it was a great celebratioN! hehe. Yeah when i was there, i saw Konggie. he still refuses to talk to me nicely. but after that he Apologised for being rude to me. how sweet yeah. =)) oh well.. I better enjoy myself the next 3 weeks! havent reallie informed anyone that i'm back In SG. have so much meeting up and catching up to do!! =) Next wed mambo, anyone up for it?? i'll be going! so yeah~! hehe.
Food! i miss them all. Ba Zhang!! (Eugene's Msn nick) and erm, Lotsa prata and teh! and ba-chor mee!! and nice traditional china breakfast! kaya toast~! yummY!!! oh man.. ok i think i'm warmmed up! i wanna enjoy now!! going for a jog in 30 mins time. My mum actually said i am FAT now!! fuck.. i think i am. i mUST slim downnN!!!!! arghhH!

Love me ... * 5:35 AM

Monday, June 20, 2005

hehe. Drove a lil' today! just went to buy Supper for the hardworking people. =) oh well.. ate a big mac! super full now.. haiz.. I hate spending Money on fags! i should QuiT! =)) i know ive been saying that. sigh..
Anyway, im kinda pissed off with kong. I don't know what's got into him seriously. He actually threw my stuffs away!! Fuck and when i told him to pay me back for that item, he replied : "Where got so expensive one?" WTF right? But anyway, Chinaman said he's just trying to make me angry, Some say he's just antagonising me. maybe its true. But i Just dont see a need for him to throw Things that don't belong to hiM! Fucking irresponsiblE! My heart is soo painful. He asks me not to contact him anymore! well, its not like i want to contact him, i just want my stuffs back! Its my stuffs!! Who gave him the right to throw them away. Such an idiot actually exists. Since he doesn't want to befriend me, i shan't! such a childish guy.. oh man.. i thought i've seen more childish ppl ard, but i was wrong.
i still can't wait to go back SINGAPORE!! yeah!!!

Love me ... * 3:04 AM

Saturday, June 18, 2005

One more paper to go!! yeah!! i seriously can't wait to go back Singapore. Damn it! oh well.. Downloaded lots of movies to watch, but no time!! watched Conspiracy Theory and The Machinist few nights back. heh.
Last night went Northbridge with Chris to buy supper for the rest. i miss my bubble tea and Chicken Thigh Rice! haiz, im running out of cigs! wanted to buy yesterday but Chris asked me to take from hiM~ argh. He's off to exam. kekez.
On my way to Exam yesterday, i saw Kong. Yeap, we pretended not to know each other. It did feel funny but thinking of how an asshole he has become, i think i'd rather not have a friend like him. I'm really sincere, i wanna develop a real friendship with him but he just wants to be so childish~ i'll let him be. I can't imagine taking the same flight back w him. i shouldn't have! too late to change now though.
Woke up so early thinking there would be hot breakfast but no, not today. Argh~ yesterday brekkie was good too!! sausages, yum yum. like a song by incubus, Drive. its an old song though. bleah bleah, im so bored. Going back to sleep! huggies

Love me ... * 9:54 AM

Friday, June 17, 2005

Oh man, its only 3AM. Slept for a while just now from 10PM-12AM PLus! =) I had bad cramps on my leg when i woke up! till now i can feel strains in my legs. i can't walk properly!! pain pain. =( oh well.. suddenly i feel like watching movies! hehe. Exam preparation is bad. i can't get anything into my head!! so i feel there's no point forcing info down my briain if i cant even concentrate. Shall read 4 chapters and stop! there's like 12 chapters to cover, but i shall do 4. One hour one chap! hehe.
You guys just dont know how excited i am! i miss fooodddd

Love me ... * 2:50 AM

Thursday, June 16, 2005

COld! heh. Woke up about 4 plus today, slept only about 9AM. =( exams tomorrow! gotta study the whole nght for it. NO sleeping!! Went out for dinner with Chris. Had Green curry chicken at Han's Cafe. So damn full right now! Then Walked around French COnnection. They're havng sale. But i've got no mood to go Shopping, Maybe after my exams! hehe. Going for my fave Garlic Prawns restaurant at Subiaco after the exams!! Gonna find more houses tomorrow~! comfirm moving out of Hostel!
Brekkie was great. the Hashbrown was nice!! 8 more days Singapore!! yippie!!

Love me ... * 8:23 PM

8 more days and here i come Sunny Singapore! hmm.. actually kinda reluctant to go back SG. i can't imagine what kinda ppl have those Singaporean turned into. The last time i went back, i hated all of them except my friends. there's something really Wrong with those people but i just Can't figure out what it is. But i definately miss home-cooked food, my family and my most beloved Doggies at home!! and of course my bitching babes and shopaholic partners, Photo-taking honeys!! and most of all, my pretty bedroom! oh, and not forgetting the hot sun who's gonna be there with me when im in SG! Suntanning is a must must!
Went to view a home today, its pretty nice but too bad its too far away from school~ HAd dinner outside the past few days. I spent $8 on fucking laundry! i wonder how. Its so expensive!!! i wanna move out!!! anywya, I watched Chris Rock- bigger and better, damn funny. Equilibrium is a pretty kick ass movie too! downlaoded loads of songs too! oh man, i love Yanni! and specific songs such as brown eyed girl and Gavin degraw's i don't want to be! and many more!! heh. ok. exam's on fri and sat. Mugging!!

Love me ... * 2:30 AM

Monday, June 10, 2005

3 more Papers to go. Just had one today. It sucked. Wanted to stay up the whole night. I was so close to it! Finally slept at 6AM and wopke up at 830 AM. Had many alarms set and ppl called me up, but i still didnt wake up. Well, i made it in time anyway.
Came back from school, went to have lunch. Then watched a lil' part of Mr and Mrs Smith then fell asleep. then went to see a Doctor with Chinaman~ i have been diagnosed with bronchitis. heh. oh well, shall cut down on smoking for a while~ Though it's Exams period, i have watched a couple of movies such as Sin CIty, Madagasca, The pacifier, remember the Titans, Kung Pow, Harrod and Kumar goes to white castle blah blah. Waiting for dinner time now~ hungry hungry. Its getting really cold. Freezing my ass off. and the rain is horrid! It pours and stops and continues again! 10 more days and i'll be back in SG! cant wait!! stil looking for properties.. sigh. cant seem to find the perfect one.
Met Eelin at the pharmacy today~ its been almost a year!! miss her~~

Love me ... * 5:15 PM

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Heh. been few days since i last blogged. keke. Well, it was the weekend and last week of school! Friday night was Eugene's birthday party. So a few of us went to this club/pub to celebrate~ The place was nice however the Music wasn't that good. We left kinda early, though i wanted to take a cab home first. i was pretty tired. So reached college about 12 plus. Came back to my block, surprisingly, it was quiet. Normally everyone would be in chinaman's room~ but no one in sight. Then i went up to my room, all of them were there, watching movies and messed up my room! SO i joined them in the movie till 7am in the morning! haha. As usual slept till the late evening, just in time for dinner. last night the same thing. Watched movie in my room till 8 am in the morning. i just woke up at 5pm~ if my Mum didnt call me i think i would have continued sleeping~!
Anyway, i'm already searching for a house. i wanan move out of Tommy more. hopefully the others will move out as well! came across this super nice Mansion! haha. just like a palace!!!!
Anyway.. i'm sick again. got a bad cough~ sigh.. i knew i was gonna fall ill sooN! sigh going out to eat dinner w the engineers and their GFs. =) goodie food!! heh.

Love me ... * 6:15 PM

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Haiz. I'm feeling stressed out. My Mum was telling me, if i don't wanna continue Studying, i just come back to Singapore and do small jobs. sigh. I duno what's gone into me. I'm reallie afraid to fail this Semester. I dun wanna waste that money. =( But sigh, i duno. I was thinking of changing course. i can't make up my mind! i wanna be w animals!!
Last night was suppose to perhaps start studying, ended up slping early and waking up in the middle of the night! hungry so cooked noodles and watched movie "Office Space" with Chris. heh.
And today went for a short shopping spree in the city. bought a sweater. Went city with Chris to pay his fine. Then we walked around, then met up w Chris Ang for late lunch cum early Dinner. Came back, packed up my whole room. Gonna start studying! hopefully*
Still deciding when to fly back. Gonna change my flight soon. Hopefully do it tomorrow! i reallie miss my puppies! Was thinking of organising a drinking party for my tommy more friends at my home. hehe. Get drunk! coolz!! mahjong and stuffs. fun! we'll seee.... ok.. gtg start now. miss u ppl! i love my bitchy babe, Chao! hehe

Love me ... * 9:15 PM

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