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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Heh. woke up late as usual~ wanted to sleep longer but couldn't. =( Had been thinking and talking about the things happening in my life. It's so not dull. it's exciting and fun! haha.
Last night went Supermarket with Tabitha for a while. then went to study with the guys at school~ Then went to look for Kong to have a chat w him. Oh, btw, yeah we broke up already! =) On the way home, Chris Ang got stopped by the police~!! so scary. heh. oh well, came back, ate some maggi mee and watched NAruto with chinaman, Chris and Nic. then smoked w Chris and had an interesting talk till the next morning.
Went Subiaco with Shiwei in the late afternoon~ just walked around, nothing much to see. oh i bought crosswords. won for one ticket but the other nothing. =( in the end, i still lose money. heh. not feeling hungry.. should be going for dinner late again..
This Friday it's Eugene's birthday party at 2 diff pubs. =) guess a few ppl from tommy more are going.. *awaiting for tht day..

Love me ... * 5:29 PM

Monday, May 30, 2005

Hey people! My college international Dinner was one hell of a great night! Performance and everything else were great, except for the FOOD! i didnt reallie touch on the food! There were superb drinks! haha. wine and beer and soft drinks. Got a lil' high just b4 dinner but after that i was so damn fine! Yeah, after that,a group of ard 30 of us Asians headed down to metro for a great night of clubbing, celebrating the success of the dinner! had a great night! saw a couple of friends~ so happie! Drank a couple of shots and long island tea~! music was ok. crowd was great as usual~ after that, we headed down to Northbridge to have supper~ yummy.
Came back, took a shower. had a talk w Yee Fong a.k.a chinaman (my close neighbour who lives just below me!) Then went to look for Chris. slept only about 630AM. and yeah woke up at 5pm. hehe. then watch part of a movie that the guys were watching then headed doen to the dining hall for dinner. food sucks as usual! After that, Went out with Chris to get some stuffs and ended up driving around and had a chat at this erm supposingly quiet pier. There were many fishes there! it was so beautiful as those fishes had like shimmery effects under the pale lightings at that place. =) finally came back around 10pm. Engineers went to do their school work, leaving me alone here.. So i did some Surfing, Studying and catching up w singapore and aussie friends online! Then Shiweicame down for a smoke w me.. then went to City to get supper! heh. Yeah i ate a burger and some fries. yummy!!
Its like 3am and i still cant sleep! oh man, my timing is all wrong!! boring boring. ok now for some pics.

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

sigh. Exams are round the corner. 2 weeks. i feel i need so much more time for studying. Went for dinner at the bubble tea place. i love their Chickenthigh rice! Had bubble tea, Guo tie andYam cake as well. I woke up at 5pm today.. wasted the whole day like this. haiz. Feel like studying now but seeing Dearie sleeping so soundly, i wanan join him heh. Tomorrow he's gonna bring me shopping!! yippie.
Dearie helped me book my flight already! coming back on 24th~ cant wait to go back Sunny Singapore!

Love me ... * 1:54 AM

Sunday, May 22, 2005

im at Dearie's place now. he's cooking noodles. bleah. Was watching occer match just now! Man-u and Arsenal~! obviously arsenal won~ hehe. interesting match. Watched Starwars Episode 3 On friday night with 7 other friends. heh. OK movie.. Then went to have bubble tea.. Saw Jason and Lynette there too~ hehe.
i Bought a desktop today. Shiwei and Chinaman brought me there. isnt a superb com but at least it works well. Oh, past few days i had a terrible eye problem. Something like soreeyes. sigh. Damn painful. At least its recovering now.. but still very sensitive to light.
Have an internaional dinner next sat. gonna have fun! dressing up, drinking! and dancing.. and lotsa fun~! i cant wait man. hehe.
Hopefully i can go do something shopping tomorrow. wanna get earrings and heels~ and i wanna go manicure and pedicure~ and eyebrow shaping. heh. These few days been really fun. Im enjoying myself here at my college. Friends are really funny and lame.. heh.. exam are coming up.. sigh.. and i havent booked my air ticket. =(

Love me ... * 2:48 AM

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Heh. i didn't go to school today~ i am sick. So i had to go see a Doctor to get a MC. Chris sent me to the doctor after lunch. Was supposed to go doctor w Dearie in the late afternoon, however i couldn't stand the pain so i went first.
did my laundry today~ fucking heavy and so much clothes! it was like 3 weeks of laundry man~ stink like hell, and the stupid machine doesn't wash good. there was still soap residue on some of my clothes after the end of the process. So lousy. Well, studied a lil' the past few days. Exams for me starts on the 9th JUne~! i have less than 3 weeks to study!! =( gotta mug harder already. GOnna go have dinner now~ but i kinda have no appetite. bleah. nothing much happened.. gonna study after dinner!~!~! yeah~
There're pretty much nice songs recently.. love it man~! i cant wait to go buy my desktop. i need a good computer. my laptop sucks.

Love me ... * 6:32 PM

Monday, May 16, 2005

Heh. Just got back some Supper w 3 other friends. We ordered 3 dishes. yummy! These few days have been sleeping late~ well, it was the weekend! heh. studied a fair bit, watched animations and went out alot the past days. Went out for dinner last night, Had instant noodles for lunch today~! college food really suck alot. Helped out at mass today~ so tired. I still cant wait to go back Singapore!!
HAvent been spending lotsa time with Dearie. hope he's not angry. =) kinda been going out with friends instead of him. bleah. Feel damn guilty.
Monday~ argh. hate school..

Love me ... * 3:03 AM

Thursday, May 12, 2005

I have school in less than 4 hours time. =( and im not asleep. I'm afraid i wont be able to wake up for it. sigh. bleah. COoked supper for a couple of my neighbours. hehe. it was terrible. Not me! it was the manufacturer itself. yucky stuffs. Then had a couple of drinks. Watch some southpark. smoked a lot which is not usual. Its all because of Chris! bloody chain smoker. heh.
Didn't get to see Dearie today. he's busy at home doing his essay. heh. oh well.. im going to Town tomorrow to see my air ticket! =)) hopefully can get one soon. Dearie still cant decide whether he wans to go SG anot. cant wait anymore! hopefully can get a ticket with a friend to go back on the same flight as me! then i wouldn't be so bored! =) BUt of cours ei wish it would be Dearie. so i gotta wait wait wait...
Tomorrow gonna slp after class man~ =) happy!!! happy with alot of things!! nice speakers and can on as loud as i want! and new room! nice enviroment! keke. oh well.. sleepy time! just finished a fag w Clarence. going to sleep now. hugs

Love me ... * 4:37 AM

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Guess what! i'm gonna move to another room tonight with this Australian Guy. I wish him luck! he's gonna have one hell of a time erm.. Adapting to my neighbour. Oh ex neighbour. She's such a B. So particular about noises and everything. argh. Borrow my stuffs without even asking me. Idiot. Oh well, New room means i can finally make as much noise as i want! on Music for as loud as i want. =)
Had a test today. should be ok lah. I gotta start Studying now. i can feel the amount of work to be done for this exams. i cant afford to fail. i dont wanna disappoint my parents and myself! I wanna studyyy!
Tuesday means 1/2 price waffles and dirt cheap movies! wonder if Dearie wanna bring me out. BUt i think i'll be too busy cleaning up my whole room~ =( its dinner time! after that start moving stuffs le! haiz.. so boring. new room again. i reallie got alot of stuffs.. sigh..
I havent booked my air ticket. i dont wanna use return! Hopefully by this week can go book with my friends.. most of them taking value air. wonder if its safe to travel on it. hehe. oh well.. update soon okies.. =)

Love me ... * 6:08 PM

Friday, May 06, 2005

HEHE! Dearie's back at last!! =)) yeah i'm pretty happy. keke. Went out for dinner today to celebrate our first year anniversary! I've got a test tomorrow! i wanted to spend more itme w Dearie but he didn't want to. He insisted that i study first. =( so ok, as usual i listen to him. so i just finished studying. ok, maybe not totally finished, we can never finish studying can we? I'm suppose to wake Dearie up once i finish my studies, but he's sleping so damn soundly, i cant bear to wake him up. so here i am, blogging.
Lots of unhappy stuff had happened in my hostel (college). Apparentally, there's this backstabber in our college. She's such a biatch. Luckily, almost all of us know(maybe all the asians know about her) what kinda person she is. She's one crazy girl. I dont understand her motive of doing so. So in the process of her lil' Hobby, almost 15 ppl were stabbed by her. Needless to say, i was one of them. And just today, Dearie was also involved. I swear to god, i'll fucking approach her! the first thing i see her tomorrow. lucky for her, she's not around. I can't wait to see the 'war' the other collegians are preparing. Dearie wants to see too. hehe. that Kpo king. But well, i shouldn't get involve though. I'm just like an onlooker. Things are really funny and interesting. i hope she doesn't move out. things will then remain as spicy. But seriously, she was nice. But i guess she acted all of them out. tsk tsk. Sigh.
Exams are around the corner. =(( I reallie got to study hard for it. mug mug mug. how boring. I can't wait to go back SG. Dearie wont be coming back w me.. hehe. can enjoy fully!! =p I persuaded him to come back but he refused. well, he's really gonna be so bored here alone, w not more than 5 friends staying back. How stupid is he yeah. but whatever, i get to do all the things i want to in SG without him! and i can buy my Duty free cigs! you dont have to try bugging me for them Dearie, i wont give them to yoU!! you want, go get them yourself!! =p i need to go back to do shopping and eat all the good food. i really miss my dogs.
To end this i still hate driving.

Love me ... * 1:13 AM

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

i miss Dearie so muchies. =( i got to tahan!! another 36 hours more!! argh! these few days i've not been sleeping well. I always cant get to sleep. Have been sleeping around 7am everyday and waking up 12 hours later. i missed school today cos i slept through. =( Tiffany suggested not sleeping in the day and tahan through the whole day and i'll be tired when night comes. Should i try that now? i have driving lessons 5 hours from now. I'm afraid i'll be too tired to drive. =( Might be going to the golf course tomorrow! hehe. I got my clubs from Jason just now. =))
Went to watch a movie, Hostage, w some friends at Carousal. it was merely $6! so damn cheaP!!! argh. The movie plot was not bad, some parts were really hilarious. heh. Came back, i watched Final destination. yeah, i know this movie has been around for ages.. hehe.. Then went to watch the Liverpool VS Chelsea soccer match. it was obvious Liverpool won! haha. was an exciting match though.
I think im gonna hit some books right now. not gonna sleep!! oh man..... life is horrid. i need to get some sleeping pills soon. or maybe it's because Dearie isn't here w me... sigh.. now Jacky is accompanying me on MSN but i wonder how long it'll last... nights peeps

Love me ... * 5:16 AM

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Sigh. Dearie's leaving in like 4 hours time. and i wont be able to see him next Thursday. It seems reallie short but i'm feeling so lonely without him! =( i can't wait for Dearie to be back! Cos it's our 1st yr anniversary sooN! yippie. hehe.
i should sleep soon. i'll probably wake up like 12 hours later. i hope time will pass faster. school for 4 days! OH at last i can wear boots around cos Dearie won't be able to see w them. hehe. he hates boots. i ate supper again. i reallie feel damn guilty and i'm still not doing exercise.
anyway, i had a good night w Dearie. the best ever ! pebbles birthday is comin up.i miss my dogs......

Love me ... * 6:00 AM

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