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Other Points: Analysis

If The Vote Were Flawless...
December 2, 2000 - Miami Herald
Gore would have had the edge in glitch-free Florida balloting, based on a Herald analysis
In a race so tight, it may never be known for certain. But an analysis commissioned by The Herald of voting patterns in each of the state's 5,885 precincts suggests that Florida likely would have gone to Al Gore -- by a slim 23,000 votes -- rather than George W. Bush, the officially certified victor by the wispy margin of 537.
Fla. Ballot Spoilage Likelier For Blacks
December 2, 2000 - Washington Post
Heavily Democratic and African American neighborhoods in Florida lost many more presidential votes than other areas because of outmoded voting machines and rampant confusion about ballots, a precinct-by=precinct analysis by The Washington Post Shows.
13 Myths about the Results of the 2000 Election
Rich Cowan
Millions of dollars are now being raised for a public relations war between the Democrats and the Republicans to determine the next president of the United States. Will the outcome of the election be determined by ratings in the polls? Will the present standoff be resolved by escalation and threats? Or will the intention of the voters on election day and the right of the states to choose their own electors actually matter?
Local copy
Was Gore Shortchanged in Florida?
John S. Irons
Social scientists speak out on Palm Beach vote recount
Statistical Analysis of the Palm Beach, Florida vote
November 9, 2000
Henry Brady
The controversial "butterfly" style ballot in Palm Beach, Florida has created a tremendous stir, and there is now plenty of anecdotal evidence of voters claiming to have punched the wrong place on the ballot. However, there is no easy way of determining exactly how many votes the ballot may have cost Gore and Lieberman. Ballots don't indicate the name or party of the individual voter, and most voters don't bother retaining the stub from their ballot.
A Note on the Voting Irregularities in Palm Beach
According to several news accounts, many voters in Palm Beach,Florida, have claimed that they were confused by the ballot structure and may have inadvertently voted for Buchanan when in fact they intended to vote for Gore. In the hours after the election, a discussion ensued among several academic friends and colleagues about whether such ballot confusion could be statistically detected, since (apparently) Palm Beach county alone had the unusual ballot structure in Florida.
Notes on the Florida Vote in the 2000 Election
Sebago Associates, Inc., undertook a variety of preliminary analyses on the Florida Vote in the 2000 Presidential Election in the days immediately following November 7th. The following three notes suggest that irregularities existed in the Palm Beach County vote, and that such irregularities were likely caused by a confusing "butterfly" ballot.

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