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Healing may take a while
December 14, 2000 - Orlando Sentinel
Just as Al Gore was urging the nation Wednesday night to put aside its partisan differences, Florida House Speaker Tom Feeney was at a private party with other Republicans in a popular Tallahassee restaurant deriding the vice president.
"What a loser," the Oviedo Republican said as he watched Gore`s concession address, which he called "an evil speech."
Justices: No Politics in Court
December 13, 2000 - Associated Press
The Supreme Court's 5-4 decision in the Florida election case was based on politics, not the law, some disappointed observers contend. But Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist and Justice Clarence Thomas said Wednesday the court doesn't work that way.
Florida Official Admits Helping GOP
December 7, 2000 - TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP)
One attorney charged there was a ``sinister'' conspiracy to aid George W. Bush. A former CIA agent said he was just trying to help GOP voters. A county elections official said she let Republican operatives correct absentee ballot applications.
Media, activists jump into the fray
December 6, 2000 - Miami Herald
No matter what happens in courtrooms in Tallahassee and Washington, disputed ballots in Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties eventually will be counted -- by the media and public interest groups.
The Herald and other organizations have told election officials in those Florida counties and at least two others they want to inspect as many as 15,000 ballots that, according to a machine tally, showed no vote for president.
Official admits to helping Republicans
Dec. 6, 2000 | TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP)
In testimony that could help Al Gore, Seminole County's veteran elections supervisor on Wednesday admitted allowing Republican Party officials to fill in voter ID numbers on absentee ballots, the first time she had done so for any party.
Mob Scene In Miami
December 4, 2000 - Time magazine
We look at the players behind the 'spontaneous' protest that preceded the shutdown of Miami-Dade's recount
Marjorie Strayer insisted she was just a Virginian on vacation in Miami. She had come to the downtown Stephen P. Clark Government Center to watch the Dade County vote recount - something to do before the trip to the Seaquarium. But Strayer, it turns out, is a top aide to New Mexico's Republican Congresswoman, Heather Wilson, and was one of hundreds of paid G.O.P. crusaders who descended on South Florida last Wednesday to protest the state's recounts.
Fla. Ballot Spoilage Likelier For Blacks
December 2, 2000 - Washington Post
Heavily Democratic and African American neighborhoods in Florida lost many more presidential votes than other areas because of outmoded voting machines and rampant confusion about ballots, a precinct-by=precinct analysis by The Washington Post Shows.
Broward Recount Slashes Bush's Florida Vote Lead
Sunday November 26, 2000
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (Reuters) - Democrat Al Gore picked up over 560 extra votes from a manual recount completed late on Saturday of presidential votes in Florida's heavily Democratic Broward County, slashing Republican George W. Bush's lead in the pivotal state.
Judge Had Absentee-Form Problem Too
November 25, 2000
SANFORD, Fla. (AP) - The Seminole County judge presiding over a Democratic activist's lawsuit to dismiss 4,700 presidential absentee ballots had absentee ballot problems of her own in her campaign this summer.
A campaign worker says he filled in voter-identification numbers on about 3,000 absentee ballot requests that originated with the campaign of Circuit Judge Debra Nelson.
As Odds Lengthen, Democrats Plan for Legal Challenge
November 24, 2000
The Supreme Court agreed today to hear the Bush campaign's challenge of manual recounts in Florida, where Democrats voiced increasing accusations that Republicans had intimidated vote-counters into abandoning a tally that had been seen as Al Gore's best hope of victory.
Lawsuit Filed Over Military Ballots
November 24, 2000
Republican vice presidential candidate Dick Cheney has been released from a Washington, D.C., hospital, just two days after suffering a "very slight" heart attack. He says he will take the weekend off and resume a normal schedule thereafter.
Supreme Court Steps In
November 24, 2000
The U.S. Supreme Court has granted one appeal by George W. Bush and rejected another. The high court will hear oral arguments on Dec. 1 on whether to overturn the Florida Supreme Court's decision that allowed manually recounted ballots to be added to Florida's vote total.
High Court Enters New Territory
November 24, 2000
The presidential election is now in the hands of the nine justices of the U.S. Supreme Court. In an unprecedented move, the high court has entered a battleground usually left to the states or Congress.
Democrats Urge Probe Into `Spontaneous' GOP Demonstrations
November 24, 2000
Suspicious of Miami-Dade election officials' sudden decision to stop the manual vote recount, Democratic vice-presidential candidate Joe Lieberman and six congressmen today accused Republicans of orchestrating a demonstration to intimidate the county elections board. : Gore Still Leads in New Mexico, Oregon
Bush to Florida Supreme Court - Go to Hell
November 22, 2000 - CNN
In an extraordinary statement at noon today, George W. Bush trashed the people of Florida, their Supreme Court, and the Rule of Law. In a petty statement, Bush simply repeated the arguments that his lawyers presented in court, which were rejected in a unanimous 7-0 ruling. Bush ignored his resounding loss and effectively declared that he considered the Florida Supreme Court's decision to be meaningless. Politically, Bush set the stage for the Florida State Legislature - which is solidly controlled by Republicans - to nullify the results of the manual vote count and declare George W. Bush the winner, thereby using their raw majority power to steal Florida's 25 electoral votes. If Bush pursues this reckless and lawless course, he will set off riots in the streets of Florida - and the United States. It is time for all honest and law-abiding Americans to rise up and demand that Bush concede NOW. commentary
Cheney Has Heart Attack
November 22, 2000 - Yahoo! Daily News
Early this morning, Dick Cheney was hospitalized as a result of chest pains. After extensive tests, it was determined that Cheney had a slight heart attack. Cheney has had three previous heart attacks and had bypass surgery in 1984. Cheney will remain in the hospital until Saturday. commentary
Democrat Maria Cantwell is Now Leading in the Washington State Senate Race, Win Would Make a 50-50 Senate Tie
November 22, 2000 - New York Times
From the New York Times: "Five days ago, Democrats said it would take a miracle for the challenger, Maria Cantwell, to come from behind and defeat the Republican incumbent, Slade Gorton of Washington, in the nation's last undecided Senate race
Tonight, after Ms. Cantwell pulled ahead by nearly 2,000 votes with fewer than 12,000 still to count, Democrats said the miracle was in sight." commentary
The Right Wing Rhetoric Has Become Incendiary
November 21, 2000 - Washington Post
The flame throwers of the right wing of the GOP have crawled out of the swamps, where they were hiding in waiting while Dubya did his Trojan Horse sell job to the American Public. Now, with Al Gore prevailing in the courts, the McCarthy Like threats and scurrilous, hateful diatribes have once again emerged. Of course, the Bush campaign is doing nothing to discourage their rabid followers. commentary
Florida Supremes Say It Loud and Clear: Trust the People!
November 21, 2000 - New York Times
Late Tuesday night, the Florida Supreme Court declared that "the right of the people to cast their vote is the paramount concern overriding all others." They ordered Katherine Harris to accept all recounts by Monday 9am at the latest. They rejected Bush's insistence on "trusting the machines" by declaring "our society has not yet gone so far as to place blind faith in machines. In almost all endeavors, including elections, humans routinely correct the errors of machines." The ruling is a slam-dunk victory for Justice. commentary
THE RULING COMES IN: Florida Supreme Court Orders Katherine 'Bush Surrogate' Harris to Accept the Hand Recounts
November 21, 2000 - Washington Post
In a serious blow to the Bush attempt to defy the will of the people, the Florida Supreme Court unanimously directed to Katherine "I want to be a Bush appointed Ambassador" Harris to include the hand recounted votes in a final tally. However, the court put a November 27th deadline on the recounting process and did not address the issue of what standards should be used for determining ballot eligibility. commentary
'This is a concerted effort to divide and destroy our state,' Jeb Bush Proclaims
November 21 - Miami Herald
Forget the cultivated image of Jeb Bush having a low key presence in Florida. Behind the scenes he is pulling the strings -- and sending out inflammatory e-mails. Check out the response his communication director sent back to him. commentary
15,000 GOP County Ballots Could be Knocked Out, Lawsuit Advances
November 21, 2000 - New York Times
They got trouble, right here in Seminole County. That's trouble with a capital "T," oh, okay, we'll forget the Music Man routine for the moment. We'll let the New York Times do the talking: "A local judge agreed yesterday to hear a lawsuit seeking to throw out the 15,000 absentee ballots cast in heavily Republican Seminole County, Fla.
At issue is a decision by the county supervisor of elections to allow Republican Party workers to correct Republican voters' incomplete absentee-ballot applications that had been rejected in the weeks before the election." commentary
New Texas Lawsuit Challenges Cheney Residency
November 21, 2000 - Washington Post
Yesterday, a Federal judge in Miami refused to hear the 12th Amendment lawsuit brought by Palm Beach attorney Lawrence Caplan, with an amicus brief by Philadelphia attorney Phil J. Berg with nearly 1,000 plaintiffs recruited by The suit was rejected because the Florida judge did not want to interfere in Texas politics. Today, Ft. Worth attorney Bill Berenson independently filed a similar lawsuit on behalf of 3 Texas voters in Dallas, which he believes is the appropriate jurisdiction. The suit cites numerous details pointing to Cheney's current status as a Texas resident, including his driver's license, vehicle registrations, and income tax returns. commentary
Katherine Harris is Being Offered Job on Bush Transition Team. Discussions are Underway Even While She Rules on Recount Vote! Unbelievable!
November 21, 2000 - Tallahassee Democrat
The brazeness of the Bush camp's hypocrisy and conflicts of interest is so glaring that is hard for a Democrat to comprehend. That's right, the Bush campaign is discussing a transition team role with Harris even as she is denying voters the recount that they deserve. Why isn't the Gore campaign bringing this up? It's their responsibility to point out the outrageous GOP hypocrisy. commentary
The Majority of Americans Say Include the Hand Recounts in the Final Tally.
November 20, 2000 - USA Today
Although the Bushies have different thoughts on this subject, the majority of Americans want all of the ballots counted. That's what a new USA Today poll reveals. But they're not really listening in Austin. commentary
Florida Judge Will Hear Seminole Ballot Challenge
Monday November 20 1:47 PM ET
SANFORD, Fla. (Reuters) - A Florida judge agreed on Monday to hear a lawsuit seeking to throw out all 15,000 absentee ballots cast from Florida's Seminole County in the presidential election, a move that could give the race to Democrat Al Gore
Gore Asks Fla. Court to Approve Hand Recounts
Saturday November 18 5:42 PM ET
TALAHASSEE, Fla (Reuters) - Lawyers for Vice President Al Gore presented their case for manual recounts in Floridat to the state Supreme Court on Saturday, calling the top Florida election supervisor's objections to the hand counts "Kafkaesque."
The London Times: Gore camp demands FBI inquiry
Monday November 13, 2000
THE FBI is being asked to investigate how thousands of mainly black supporters of Al Gore were given ballot papers that had allegedly already been marked for rival candidates.
Buchanan Says Disputed Florida Votes Are Gore's
November 9, 2000
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Reform Party candidate Pat Buchanan said on Thursday he believed most of the 3,407 votes he got in a Florida county belonged to Vice President Al Gore and that people had voted for him by mistake.
November 9, 2000
WASHINGTON -- The Sierra Club today called for a re-vote in Palm Beach County, Florida, given the dispute over invalidated or miscast ballots in the Presidential election, and urged the federal government to conduct an investigation into improprieties that may have compromised voters' civil rights. To avoid a divisive, lengthy legal battle, the Sierra Club is asking Vice President Al Gore and Texas Governor George W. Bush to join with the overwhelming public sentiment and call for a re-vote. : More Irregularities Alleged in Florida Vote
November 8, 2000
With the presidential race between Democratic Vice President Al Gore and Republican Texas Gov. George W. Bush still undecided, Democratic party officials are complaining of voter intimidation, possible tampering and other irregularities in winner-takes-all Florida.

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