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Other Points: Bush Family History

The Bush Nazi Connection
The Draheim Report - The Dallas Libertarian Post
Why has Presidential candidate George W. Bush been able to raise uncounted tens of millions of dollars? It can't be because of his positions on the issues; he has scrupulously avoided taking many. It can't be because of his knowledge of world events; he thinks being asked such questions is a trick." (He will embarrassingly lie, saying that he knows the answer to a question, and half a sentence later admit that he doesn't.)
No, George "I'm No Longer Drunk" Bush's support is because the Bush family fortune is old, and it's big, and comes from a century old alliance with the most powerful interests on Wall Street and in industry. Worse, part of Dub-a-Ya's money comes from grandfather Prescott Bush's financial alliance with the Nazis.
George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography
Excellent resource. Quite large - there is a downloadable version.
The Consortium: Bush Family Politics
October 5, 1999 - By Robert Parry
On the stump, Texas Gov. George W. Bush bounds toward the voters, flashes a smile, shakes a hand and kisses a baby.
Damning evidence behind the winning facade
The Consortium: Bush & the Condor Mystery
October 5, 1999 - By Robert Parry
Newly released U.S. government documents reveal that George Bush's CIA knew more about Chile's role in an international assassination ring, code-named Condor, than Bush and the agency disclosed to FBI agents investigating a Condor terrorist bombing in Washington, D.C., in 1976.

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