Female Monologues!

Dramatic Monologues

If you are looking for comedy, scroll down the page (c:

It's a Doll's Life

Life through a doll's eyes


The lifeguard who is always being watched

Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover

Never judge until you know all of the facts...

Some Things You Never Forget

This includes a life taken away by a drunk driver....

Watch Me

In a relationship, both people must have open eyes

Flip Flop

And you can't treat me like this because I will no longer allow it...


"But is it so wrong to want to be thin?"

Eden's Selection from Popcorn

Same topic as "Obsession." Language warning here. For mature eyes only.

Loving You

What do you do when you are always the first one to let go?

The Arcata Promise

This one is great! Have a look

Love Hurts

Sometimes you should listen to your friends...

I Don't Want To, But...

Just come out and say it....


Kids can be mean....

One Day At A Time

"Thinking how my life will never be the same...."

It Ain't That Easy

Especially if you lead this life....

Good-Bye My Love

"Don't die on me....I couldn't bear to live without you..."


"All it takes is that one person. That one, ignorant person...... "


Is someone there?


"I don't know what I'm gonna do without you when I go home...."


"Counting time is not as important as making time count...."


"I was just lying there not knowing whether you were alive still....."


"I guess I should have believed them, but I didn't want to...."

Letting Go

"You have hurt me so many times over the past year, and I've always came back...."

My Mother

Do you expect me to just forget that you left me behind the day I was born....
The first dramatic piece posted my very talented baby sister! (c:


I was born this way...

Getting Over It

It is time to decide...

They Say I'm Weak

Who is the real man?


Is it possible to just stop loving someone?


"The sun will rise and fall as it always didů"

Tourette's Syndrome

Nothing comes for free...


I feel like a tree...

Unknown Thoughts

How crazy does this sound?


Another short monologue about love...

Well Known Stranger

Irony of love and life...


"I'm fine...just talking to myself again..." A very powerful monologue - a must read!

Turbulent Waters

Another from the eyes of a lifeguard

Lighten Up

Crimes in the night. **WARNING: Advanced language and subject matter that might not agree with all of you


Skiing Adventure

A teenaged girl describes her downhill skiing experiences

Peeing Beauty

There is a reason why you should only drink water backstage...

Sleeping Beauty

So that is how she feels....


"It's all the media's fault!"

The Fairy Godmother

Cutbacks are everywhere

Wicked Queen

Really, I'm not that mean...


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