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  1. Changes to Calvin Davis Page with new photo sent by Pam Davis Skowronek.
  2. Oscar Lee Smith gravestone photo sent by Wayne Smith
  3. Photo's of Katharyn Smith on her 90th birthday and of her Great Grandaughter Layla Foraker
  4. Added Grandaughter of Lonnie Foraker and link to photo's of her and Katharyn's 90th birthday
  5. Home page deleted broken link to Daily Manna could not renew it with IBS without RSS subscription and don't know how to.
  6. Samual Liming spouses added. 10 Jan 09 input from Velma Liming
  7. Rebecca Soaps Grave Stone new photo.
  8. William Jennings page dates locations corrections for 2 descendants
  9. Susan Davis web page added information/correction of Rohr WWII pilot connection to our Buck/Davis families.
  10. Calvin Davis updated and corrections from Mrs. Skowronek as well as photo's on Marquis Randolph Davis page. 4 Feb 2008.
  11. Going Up after this life: the only elevator up then is Jesus before you go.
  12. Esther Why the book of Esther was written.
  13. New life in Jesus. Can't go back to your youth but you can be born again and start a new life.
  14. How do we know we are saved? Can we fall from salvation?
  15. Judas Iscariot
  16. Style Sheet formats for remaining individual pages of photographs for 33 pages.
  17. Memorials page started table format/display, Pgs 1 & 2, 20-21 Jun 07
  18. Mel Smith page converted to css. 18 Jun 07
  19. Walk while you still have the light.
  20. Name of the end of days. Made page while learning about how to make gif file.
  21. Bible study note and question.
  22. Corrected link in file at bottom. 19 Apr 07
  23. Comment from Donna Stark added at bottom of Sally Davis note by County Clerk or Circuit Court
  24. Minor change in description of reference to census for family. Information remains the same.
  25. William Albert Jennings family -- style sheet.
  26. Style sheet for John Thomas Jennings -- appearance only.
  27. Jeannie and Frank Jones' new granddaughter, Happy Birthday
  28. Photo of Samuel Smith Jennings & Family and corrections additions to family page contributed by Mrs. Jo Ellen Caccamise Parker
  29. 27 Oct 05 same as above except link from Thumbnail photo index page.
  30. Page 22 of ED 136 SD 4 1880 census of Navarro County, Texas showing Davis, Kimbrell families.
  31. Charles W Augustine article on rootsweb, he is Christina Liming's grandfather on his maternal side of the family
  32. Photo of my family.
  33. 25 July 2005, Photo of Frank and Jeannie Jones, Janis and Lonnie Foraker, and Jan and Ronnie Foraker added.
  34. 18 Jun 05, several pages converted to Cascade Style Sheet
  35. 3 Jun 05, Sarah Elizabeth Dobson(Davis) obit and children added.
  36. 28 Feb 05, Photo of Clyde Jewel, Othella and Aunt Bell.
  37. 27 Feb 05, Identity of Carson on photo and family added.
  38. 20 Jan 2005, Photo of Edwin & Loma Smitherman (Tantzen) family with identities.
  39. 18 Dec 04, Obituary for Mr. McManus added and correction to his descendants made on Thomas M Davis family page.
  40. 11 Dec 04, Susan Davis and John H Davis information added from Mr. Richard E Williams
  41. 9 Sep 2004, Grave Stone of Rebecca Smith 1842-1884 our Great Great Grandmother.
  42. 26 Apr 2004, Many pages converted to Cascade Style Sheet (CSS), recognizable by solid text background and makes them printable on printers without backgrounds automatically.
  43. 18 Apr 2004, Second and third document added to Charles Davis Pension file copies available on this site.
  44. 15 April 2004, REFERENCE Document appearance changed to make it easier on the eyes to read and easier to print. CascadeStyleSheet trial.
  45. 10 March 2004, Photo of Henry Calvin Jennings and wife Mary Jane Blackburn with comments from Charlotte.
  46. 27 Jan 2004, Aunt Velma Beard (Smith) photograph.
  47. Oct 2003 - Jan 2004, Spirit and Salvation of Jesus, Son of Man, Son of God, Jesus Saves.
  48. 23 Sep 03, Mount Arrarat near the end of the flood, Java Lake applet image.
  49. 23 Sep 03, Genesis Java Lake Applet image, IN THE BEGINNING.
  50. 21 Sep 03, Mom's sweet sixteen photo.
  51. 6 Sep 2003, & 27 Jan 2004 Story from Dad. Allie Love Gruver (Smith) cemetery marker. She is my Aunt and daughter of Jacob Franklin Smith.
  52. 22 Jun 2003,Salvation and Victory in Jesus.
  53. 29 May 2003, Yes there is a GOD beautiful story sent by Nancy Fagan (Roberts) daughter of C.B. Roberts on his life.
  54. Jacob Franklin Smith and wife; information added.
  55. Photo of James P Davis and Fannie (Kimbrell)Davis his wife.
  56. Photo of mom's marker added.
  57. Ira Davis descendants added.
  58. 6 Feb 2003, Two more of the glass plate negatives.
  59. 30 Jan 2003, Photo from Grandad's glass plate negatives. (8 left)
  60. 28 Jan 2003, Photo from Grandad's glass plate negatives, 8 right.
  61. 14 Dec 2002, Mom's note in her bible. Rev 21:3-4.
  62. 10 Dec 2002, Photo from Grandad's glass plate negatives.
  63. 10 Dec 2002, Photo from Grandad's glass plate negatives.
  64. 10 Dec 2002, Photo> from Grandad's glass plate negatives.
  65. 10 Dec 2002, Photo from Grandad's glass plate negatives.
  66. 9 Dec 2002, Photo from Grandad Alvah N Davis collection.
  67. 9 Dec 2002, Photo Grandad Alvah N Davis took of unknown family.
  68. 8 Dec 2002, Photo from Alvah N Davis' collection
  69. 8 Dec 2002, Photo from Grandad Alvah N Davis' collection
  70. 8 Dec 2002, Photo of Alvah N Davis (Grandad).
  71. 7 Dec 2002, Glass Plate Negative 15
  72. 4 Dec 2002, Map of Pursley area and background photo of Ira & Viletta's old house in Navarro County.
  73. 1 Dec 2002, Two more Glass Plate negatives
  74. 28 Nov 2002, Plate number 5 left of glass plate negatives grandad had.
  75. 27 Nov 2002, Scan of glass plate negative, Alvah N Davis
  76. 25 Nov 2002, Photo of Elizabeth Foster(Davis) graciously provided by Mrs. Carol Orwig
  77. 20 Nov 2002, 5 Generations photo.
  78. 19 Nov 2002, Photo of cistern at location of former Farm House of Ira & Vileta Davis
  79. 19 Nov 2002, Photo of Mason Davis farm house.
  80. 19 Nov 2002, Photo of Fannie and Naoma Davis
  81. 19 Nov 2002, Photo of Alvah and Miriam Davis with son Clarence Davis.
  82. 18 Nov 2002, Photo of Mom and Aunt Katharyn.
  83. 18 Nov 2002, Photo of Grover Roberts, brother of Sarah Roberts.
  84. 17 Nov 2002, Photo of Fannie Mae Jennings and Grandmother Mims at Hamby Church near Abilene, Texas.
  85. 12 Nov 2002, NEGATIVE on Glass Plate 11 left that Grandad Alvah N Davis, and then mom had.
  86. 11 Nov 2002, Photograph of mom at nine years of age.
  87. 11 Nov 2002, Photograph of Ed, Kenton, Nadine, and Kate.
  88. 11 Nov 2002, Photograph of Edward, Katharyn, Kenton, and Thurman Davis.
  89. 10 Nov 2002, Photograph of Loma, Wilmer, and Lena Tantzen; children of Lewis and Lottie Tantzen.
  90. 7 Nov 2002, Photo of Doris Davis (mom) at seven, school photo.
  91. 4 Nov 2002, Edward, Kenton and Katharyn Davis photo.
  92. 27 Oct 2002, Photo of Grandmother Miriam (Jennings)Davis as baby with brother Earl Jennings.
  93. 24 Oct 2002, Grave of Uncle Mel Smith near Muleshoe, Texas
  94. 21 Oct 2002, Unknown Family photo another added to mystery with added photo.
  95. 20 Oct 2002, of Fannie Jennings at reunion.
  96. 20 Oct 2002, of Fannie Jennings family.
  97. 8 Oct 2002, of Granparents Alvah & Miriam Davis and Grandchildren.
  98. 7 Oct 2002, of me; 3 years old.
  99. 7 Oct 2002, of Sarah Annie Davis and grandchildren.
  100. 23 Sep 2002, of Soapes Graves in Elbert Cemetery sent by Mr. William(Bill) Towles
  101. 30 Aug 2002, MEMORIAL page for Doris Elaine Zieammerman, our mother.
    Second page of memorial
    Third page of memorial
  102. 6 Aug 2002, Photo of Eli Jennings and children.
  103. 20 Jul 2002, John Woolsey father of Rebekah Smith
  104. 16 Jul 2002, Smith family history extended to 1751 & added to on 28 Jul 2002.
  105. 2 June 2002, Julia Ann Davis mother, Elizabeth Foster. Found listings on World Tree of Ancestry.
  106. 22 Apr 2002, Page 6 of Monroe Precinct, Cass County Illinois Census, 1870; showing William Davis, son of Elijah Davis.
  107. 10 Apr 2002, David Morris Davis photo. Son of Elijah Davis.
  108. 10 Apr 2002, Photos to index page of William Davis, Lottie Ellen Davis, and Sarah Ann Davis.
  109. 6 Apr 2002, Family photo of John Barton Davis and Mirilda Jane (Kimbrell)Davis family.
  110. 23 Jan 2002, Calvin Orville Davis, and Sylvan Adolph Davis, sons of Marquis R Davis grandson of Elias Davis.
  111. 23 Jan 2002, Elias Davis descendants being added.
  112. 2 Dec 2001, Family of Violet Blanch Shofield, daughter of Sarah Ann Davis and Joshua Shofield.
  113. 11 Nov 2001, Family of Elizabeth Shofield daughter of Sarah Ann Davis and Joshua Shofield.
  114. 2 Nov 2001, Hannah Gaines ancestors. She was wife of Charles Edwin Davis.
  115. 28 Oct 2001, Winney Shoopman family page. She was daughter of James B Davis.
  116. 26 Oct 2001, 1840 Census, Cass Co, IL, Page 22A, portion.
  117. 13 Sep 2001, Photo of Buck and Davis family reunion. Provided by Mrs. Norma Clayton.
  118. 12 Aug 2001, Parents of Elizabeth Hawkins.John and Winny Hawkins.
  119. 25 Mar 2001, Vernon Huber, son of Herbert Oliver and Nellie Viola (Davis) Huber. Information graciously provided by Mr. Richard Callard of Callifornia.
  120. 7 Mar 2001, Anna M Ivey page, information from Mr. Callard of California.
  121. 19 Feb 2001, Davis Ancestors to about 1598.
  122. 30 Jan 2001, First of series of 7 documents on land warrant request for heirs of Charles Davis, Jessamine Co, KY.
  123. 30 Jan 2001, Document on Charles Edwin Davis pension, Culpeper Co, VA, 1789.
  124. 29 Jan 2001, New e-mail addrss for Mrs. Carol Orwig of Beardstown, IL on index page. Index page, James B Davis page, Charles Davis page, and Thomas Davis page revised to show our ancestor James B Davis.
  125. 27 Jan 2001, Photo of Mason Oliver Davis and Fannie McWhorter graciously provided by Mr. Boyce W Davis of Prescott, AZ.
  126. 26 Jan 2001, Photo of Ira Davis and Viletta Lane graciously provided by Boyce W Davis of Prescott, AZ.
  127. 26 Jan 2001, Photo of Evie Davis and husband Leslie Watkins graciously provided by Mr. Boyce W Davis
  128. 24 Jan 2001, Photo graciously provided by Mr. Boyce W Davis of Prescott, AZ of Cyrus Augustine Davis & Lucy Hosier.
  129. 24 Jan 2001, *10 Reference, Pg 48, 1860 Census, Cass Co, IL, showing Elijah Davis and family.
  130. 23 Jan 2001, New family page for Cyrus Augustine Davis son of John Barton Davis and brother of Charles Edward Davis.
  131. 22 Jan 2001, Photo of Thomas Myrtle Davis and Emily Anddrson provided by Mr Boyce W Davis of Prescott, AZ.
  132. 22 Jan 2001, Background Photo of Thomas M Davis and Emily Anderson provided by Boyce W Davis.
  133. 18 Jan 2001, New links added to 1820 & 1830 Census at USGENWeb. Census for Jessamine Co, KY completed.
  134. 7 Jan 2001, 1820 Census, Jessamine Co, KY. Transcribed by Thomas S Smith.
  135. 1 Jan 2001, Ab & Celia (Ragsdale) Jennings 1897/98 Photo added, and started new photo thumbnail page.
  136. 1 Jan 2001, 1830 Census, Jessamine County, Kentucky, transcribed. Partially completed.
  137. 16 Dec 2000, *6. 1820 Census, Jessamine Co, KY select page clips showing James Daviss.
  138. 11 Dec 2000, 5 Reference page showing part of page of 1810 Census, Jessamine Co, KY.
  139. 4 Dec 2000, 3..Reference page added for inclusion of Nancy Davis as daughter of James B Davis and Elizabeth Hawkins.
  140. 3 Dec 2000, 1830 Census, Jessamine Co, KY, Pg 212A, showing James B Davis.
  141. 3 Dec 2000, Census Copy of portions of page 48 of both 1850 and 1860 US Census, Cass Co, IL as reference to age and state of origin of James B Davis.
  142. 22 Jul 2000, Go to trial page of embedded links. New link page of photo collage. Experimenting with this to see what visitors opinion of this type of link page will be. Please e-mail me with comments if you can as to whether you liked this or not.
  143. 28 July 2000, Information on Wife of Richard Lee Davis' family by Mrs. Orwig. Bio Sketch.
  144. 4 May 2000, Aerial photo of Sterley Texas and farm site to map page at Sterley Texas.
  145. 21 April 2000, John Jennens family history preliminary, also John Jennings shown on main Jennings page (1706 Eng - 1811 N.C.) same dates are considered same person. Think hiw wife was Ann Burton.
  146. 13 Apr 2000, Photos of John Collins and Ann Collins grave stones, Clark Cem. Ann was the daughter of James B Davis.
  147. 31 Mar 2000, Photo of grave of Leona B Davis, Boardtree cem, Navarro Co, TX. Photo.
  148. 6 Jan 2000, Photo of Carlos Kruse & family
  149. 2-5 Jan 2000, Appearance only on a few pages.
  150. 1 Jan 2000, Photo of Jennings sisters, daughters of Eli & Fannie Jennings.
  151. Photo added to include the web author, Thomas S Smith
  152. Christmas 99, Preliminary information on Will and associated documents of Benjamin Davis, son of James Conway Davis
  153. 22 Dec 99, Photo of H. Graford Jennings.
  154. 13 Dec 99, Grave Stone of Miriam Smith Jennings, Brown Co, TX
  155. 28 & 29 Nov 99, Descendants Listing of Thomas Davis, born 1693, and Susannah (Wyatt)Davis, ancestors of Charles Davis.
  156. 18 Oct 99, Photo of my Great Great Grandmother Alice L (Soapes)Cockerill near Hamby, Texas.
  157. 18 Oct 99, Photo of Grandparents, Alvah and Miriam Davis, in 1920s probably in Glenrose, TX.
  158. 5 Oct 99, Copy of original court document of Charles Davis heirs. Reference Copy Library of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia.
  159. 13 Sep 99, Jesse O Soapes & Family photo
  160. 5-9 Sep 99, Photo Thumbnail Index pages.
  161. 30 Aug 99, Jacob Franklin Smith page, my great grandfather.
  162. 23 Aug 99, Alice L Soapes family, my great great grandmother.
  163. 8 Aug 99, Photo of Grave Stones, James Liming and Asenath Liming, grandparents of Christina Liming, courtesy of Randy Davis.
  164. 8 Aug 99, Photo of Grave Stone of Elizabeth E Liming, Chambersbury Cem, Pike Co, IL, Christina Liming's younger sister.
  165. 13 Jul 99, Lewis Charles Davis, son of Edward Davis added descendants.
  166. 4 Jul 99, Tale of Mel Smith and Pancho Villa
  167. 17 Jul & 28 Jun 99, References, Land Records in Illinois for James Davis, family.
  168. 3 May 99, New link to Ruby Collins web site with Roberts Family History, a very nice web site
  169. 29 Apr 99, Children of Phoebe Jennings & Andrew McGrady, courtesy of Mr. Joe Evans
  170. 26 Apr 99, Descendants of Presley Jennings, son of John Jennings, VA. Size= 35K
  171. 5 Apr 99, Text pages for Andrew Jennings & Mary Alice Geneva; William Smith Jennings & Eliza J. Coffey; Ambrose Jennings & Naomi Ester Bradshaw; Elijah Jennings & Deborah Abigail Barnes; Perry Jennings & Elizabeth Popwell; Thomas S Jennings & Polly Osborne; Nancy Jennings & Nathaniel Judd Smith.
  172. 4 Apr 99, Text version of William Albert, Abraham K, Henry, and Letes Jennings Pages
  173. 1 & 2 Apr 99, Text version of John Jennings, John Thomas Jennings & Sarah Agnes Jennings page for printing.
  174. 8 Mar 99, Photo of barn & barnyard on Perry Davis' farm 1905
  175. 6 Mar 99, Photo of Perry Davis' farm house, 1905, sent by Carol Orwig.
  176. 1 Mar 99, Text version of Liming family page for printing.
  177. William Way & Harriet (Davis)Way family. She was daughter of Edward Davis.
  178. 1 Feb 99. Separate page for viewing photo with information has been added.
  179. 28/29 Jan 99, Photographs of Ned and Julia Ann Davis family, and Ned and Julia Ann. Background added to index and several other pages.
  180. Text only page Frances M Davis, Jane Davis, Charles Edward Davis, John Barton Davis, Elias Davis, Richard Davis bio sketch and obituary page, William Coleman, Perry & Ella (Coleman)Davis, Edward Davis, James B Davis, Elijah Davis, and Obituary of Edward Davis.
  181. This page and link to it from Home Page
  182. Gottliebb Coleman, ancestor of Ellen(Ella) Coleman, wife of Perry Davis. Perry was son of Edward Davis and Grandson of James B Davis.
  183. Excerpts of handwritten will of James Davis, 1835, Jessamine Co, Ky.
  1. 26 Jul 2003, John Davis (1598) ancestors to about 1540 found.
  2. 10 Mar 2003, Davis Ancestors page added reference to Dawson Davis History and reference from that that coorelates to Mrs. Cox statement about "lost four sons in the American Revolution.
  3. 3 Mar 03, James E Davis, son of Clarence and Naomi Davis passed away.
  4. 23 Feb 03, Hannah Davis page, added William Lee Kimbrell and wife to list from news clipping sent by Mr. R Kennedy of Historical Museum.
  5. 16 Feb 2003, I added as many links as I had time for and could find below Generation # 10 in Ancestors and Print version of Davis ancestors page.
  6. 22 Jan 2003, Page on Cye and May Davis funeral, added information on Eugene Davis their son who passed away 9 Jan 2003.
  7. 10 Jan 2003, Cye and Maye Davis page, added sad news of Eugene Davis passing away.
  8. 14 Dec 2002, added this to Psalm23 page.
  9. 24 Nov 2002, Funeral memorial page on mom added photo's on background and explanation of them on this page.
  10. 7 Oct 2002, Remembrance at cemetery by mom's grave added to page.
  11. 6 Oct 2002, Added Mr. Hooper's information to John Thomas Jennings descendants from his entry in Guest Book.
  12. 2 Jun 2002, Appearance of Clark Cemetery listing.
  13. 21 Apr 2002, Changed appearance of Stephen Davis page and added print page version of same page.
  14. 9 Apr 2002, Found and added middle names to two childrn of Elijah Davis from 1880 Census, Cass County, Missouri.
  15. 21 Jan 2002, Added to Violet Blanch Shofield page, dau of Sarah Davis and grandaughter of Richard L Davis.
  16. 16 Sep 2001, Added John Davis Jr, and James Batte Davis to page on descendants of Thomas Davis, born 1693.
  17. 19 Aug 2001, Nancy Davis g-daughter of Elijah Davis. Revised page.
  18. 12 Aug 2001, Winny Hawkins is mother of Elizabeth Hawkins. John Hawkins, Elizabeth's dad wrote his will in 1824 in Henry Co, KY. They lived in Jessamine Co in 1810 however.
  19. 16 Feb 2001, Added William Davis (d.s.p) as son of Charles Davis, ref.
  20. 3 Feb 2001, dropped William Davis as child of Charles Davis as the original reference can not be found to document and remaining on page were documented on this web site.
  21. 29 Jan 2001, Thomas Davis family page changed to reflect James B Davis as son of Charles Edwin Davis.
  22. 29 Jan 2001, Charles Edwin Davis changed to reflect that he is my ancestor.
  23. 14 Dec 2000, New mouse over "back" buttons on 1830 Census reference page for Jessamine County, Kentucky.
  24. 7 Dec 2000, corrected page on Thomas Davis pension application page.
  25. 4 Dec 2000, Added daughters Martha, Nancy to James B Davis children, and also unknown child from reference on Richard L. Davis, his son.
  26. 23 Nov 2000, Included finding from Mr. Clifford L. Davis, my cousin on Berti Davis, child of John Barton Davis and Christina A Davis (Liming) Berti Davis grave stone photo.
  27. James Pope Davis, links to family photo's of Fannie Davis (Kimbrell) and son Frank Davis. James Pope Davis family listings.
  28. 19 Nov 2000, Added comment about handwriting comparison on will of James Davis 1835, Jessamine Co, KY and James Davis, son of Charles Davis on page James Davis will, 1835.
  29. 31 Oct 2000, Corrected listing order for Thomas Davis on page. SeeThomas Davis page which is research only.
  30. 12 Jun 2000, Revised opinion on Charles Davis being James B Davis father. See Charles Davis page.
  31. 16 April 2000, Added link to Dawn Goodrum's web site on Benham, Burch, Nichols, Pursley, Stout and Stringfield families of Baren County Kentucky. My link page, Dawn Goodrum's web site.
  32. 30 Mar 2000, Alice Collins, Dau of Anna Davis and John W Collins, James B Davis page.
  33. 28 Jan - 8 Feb 2000, e-mail address & minor changes.
  34. 22 Dec 99, Added H. Graford Jennings to photo thumbnail index page and Mel Smith Story
  35. 20 Dec 99, Thumbnail index of Photographs of Graves should load faster now, reduced size of thumbnail photos.
  36. 11-12 Dec 99, Backgrounds updated on some pages.
  37. 8 Dec 1999, Backgrounds and link graphics updated on several pages.
  38. 6 Dec 1999, Reference Page updated.
  39. 6 Dec 1999, Memorial Photo page on Elizabeth Davis corrected and page on Dedication by their son updated.
  40. 15 Nov 99, Charles Davis heirs land bounty court record comments revised.
  41. 7 Nov 99, Autumn Cox's family history report.
  42. 24-28 Oct 99, Dau of James B Davis found, Elizabeth Hawkins dad found & Index Page minor changes.
  43. 21 Feb 2001, Mason Davis page. Sad news of Fannie E Davis passing this morning at about 3 a.m. She saw all of one century and a little of two more centuries in her lifetime. A sad loss to our family.
  44. 17-18 Oct 99, Home page and James B Davis pages revised.
  45. 11 Oct 1999, Carol Orwig and Randy Davis found a daughter of James B Davis and Elizabeth Hawkins we had no prior information on. She was Winney Davis born 1810 which also cleared up the date James B Davis and Elizabeth Hawkins were married which is 16 Dec 1806. It also identifies John Hawkins as father of Elizabeth Hawkins.
  46. 18 Sep 99, Family photo of John B Davis revised.
  47. 5 Sep 99, Noted Edward Buck should have been mentioned in Richard L. Davis biography news article.
  48. 30 Aug 99, Minor changes to James P Davis page & Doris Zieammerman page.
  49. 8 - 15 Aug 99, Very sad news that Naomi (Ledbetter)Davis passed away 12 Aug 66. Clarence Davis page revised. Several photo's revised.
  50. 2 Aug 99, Added details to Charles Edward Davis page, son of John Barton Davis.
  51. 5 Jul 99,Added Charles Augustine, John Davis, William Davis to comlete the page. 30 Jun 99, James B Davis and William Shoopman, added to land records.
  52. 29 Jun 99, John W Collins land record added to page
  53. 24 Jun 99, Perry Davis page revised, William Noah Davis marriage added.
  54. 18 Jun 99, Year of birth corrected for D Sentor Jennings on John Jennings Page.
  55. 8 Jun 99, Added and changed information on Perry Davis page, from news article. Also revised look of Stella Pearl (Davis)Kruse page.
  56. 7 Jun 99, Corrections made to Doris Davis page.
  57. 29 May 99, Corrections made to Presley Jennings page sent by Mr. Joe Evans.
  58. 3 May 99,Index, Charles Davis and Thomas Davis pages, added note about possibility of Charles being James B Davis dad.
  59. 22 Apr 99, John Jennings page, added note of intent to add descendants, now available for Presley Jennings
  60. 30 Mar 99, Added idea about inscription on Elizabeth (Hawkins)Davis memorial.
  61. 26 Mar 99, Added Wedding Anniversary Photo of Cye and Maye Davis to their family page, 50th Anniversary.
  62. 21 Mar 99, Added photo of Kenton Davis to Mason Davis and Kenton Davis page.
  63. 13 Mar 99, Corrected errors on Grace Amanda Lovekamp(Schone) Page, graciously contributed by Mark Schone
  64. 9 Mar 99, Added Web Ring link to GenSearch Ring on Links page.
  65. 6 Mar 99 Liming family history page, added family of John P Liming Jr's descendants, contributed by Linda White.
  66. 5 Feb 99, Edward Davis page, new link to Harriett (Davis)Way family.
  67. 1 Feb 99. Jacob Davis page revised, added photo of Lena Malinda Way.
  68. Mrs Sue Schaeffer provided photo of Edward Davis, born 1820, that is now background photo of page on his family. He was son of James B Davis.
  69. Home page, link to Jennings revised.
  70. Charles Davis reference page reworded to note that he does not seem to be James B Davis dad
  71. References Page revised to note the same relationship of James B Davis and Charles Davis
  72. Revised pages on James B Davis, Edward Davis and Perry Davis to improve appearance.
  73. Created several link graphics

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