The Illusory Utopia
The Illusory Utopia
"Weak and fearful people deny,and hide from, the horrors of the world, believing that a pretense of a benign world will make it so. This self-deception ultimately creates more horror."
                               - anonymous
    On this site I present to you all the articles I have written. Though most have not been published, it would intelligent to exspose yourselves to uncensored social commentary. Ignorance may be bliss but it is detrimental to the aquisition of true freedom.  
Attention: all females ages 16 and up.

Any Female want a job?...
Ideas on the ability to achieve An Ideal Society.

This article is about the stupidest class ever,

Here is one about the crappiest teacher of all time,
Mrs. Berrardi. I really don't understand how she has a job.

What's the greatest cartoon series ever? That's right,
Transformers, but the bastards that own the rights to them now decided to make them gay. I Know you all agree so read this.

Innuendo. You know what I'm talkin' bout. (Yes, I know it's the title of a Queen CD).

Anyone ever visit Daily Yes? Then read
this tribute.

speech from last year's campaign written by my illustrious campaign manager.

An unprinted article about the best candy ever,
Nerds. Or is it?

My view of the most succesful shepherds on the planet,
organized religion.

worst article ever written... period.

Since it recived a 100%, here's my
essay comparing Huxley and Bradbury.

Come and find out the true
meaning of your existence.

Heroes. Oops forgot about that one. Read it now totally uncensored and listen to Heroes, the one by David Bowie, of course.

Want to know how it's all gonna end.
Read this. I suggest listening to The End by The Doors or the Prophet's Song by Queen while reading this one.

Cults, the outlet for social outcasts.

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Now, you may be wondering, "Why did he write this?" My answer is, "To expose everyone to obscene amounts of humor and to broaden your minds with eccentric ideas, which will make you more astute... and to get women." Unfortunately, the humor isn't there, the ideas aren't that eccentric, you won't become any more worldy by reading, and I'm not getting any women, so it seems absolutely pointless, or so I'd believe if I were a nihilist, which I'm not... yet.  And yes, before I forget, I update about once a week, so stop by weekly.
Word of the day:

Pronunciation: 'hE-d&n-"i-z&m
Function: noun
Etymology: Greek hEdonE pleasure; akin to Greek hEdys sweet -- more at SWEET
Date: 1856
1 : the doctrine that pleasure or happiness is the sole or chief good in life
2 : a way of life based on or suggesting the principles of hedonism
Links that will make you smarter, guaranteed:

Yggdrasil Library
: An electronic library full of great works like The Prince or Leviathan.

E-Machiavelli: The descisive source for all things Machiavelli.

Jason Oehlbeck's

Stupid like a fox...: Matt Holm's speech.

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Life is not a road or a journey. It is solely a span of time that is surrounded on either end with oblivion, pure emptiness to which nothing wishes to return. Nothing seeks death.
This is just a guise. Nothing really exists. Existence is just perception. Perception is intangible. The intangible is not real. Existence is not real. We do not exist. Then are we real?
Yeah that's right, a counter.
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