July 19

At 11:00 am we all met at Bruce’s. We all got into the bus and left for
Heritage Park. When we got there all made a time to met at the front gates
once the day was though and we all split up. I can’t really say anymore
because we all split up and I don’t know what everyone did but everyone went
on the really crappy rides and just toured the parks seeing what there was
to see. Near the end of the day Me, Geoff, Jason, Chris G., and me were
spraying the girls with water on the Ferris wheel. When it was time to close
the Carnies let everyone off but me and Geoff. One Carnies got on and
sprayed us with water. When we got off eventually me and Geoff soaked them.
Then they chased Geoff for awhile. We then left the fight after awhile. One
the way back we nipped a whole bunch of people and one person even showed
that she wanted to squeeze Nathens Nipple. It was really funny.

Chris Orton

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