July 7

        Well, we all got home yesterday and got acquainted, that was the of awkward
jobs. But eventually everybody got acquainted and started to do things as a
group. I’ve learned a lot of new things already and I’m quite impressed. Got
a smidgen of German under my belt and even learned a little Karate. I must
admit I was little nervous about them coming here. I had worried about what
if nobody liked each other or what if their English was about as good as our
German? But, after one night I feel like I know Reima quite a bit better, he
never stops talking, but he’s always got interesting things to say.

        As a group I like our visitors, they seem like a fun loving group of
people. They have never played baseball, so today were going to show them
how it works. Yesterdays B.B.Q went well I think everybody was pretty tired
so conversation ran low, but everybody was laughing so it relieved a lot of
tension. I’m sort of worried about the female group, they don’t speak that
much English and are sort of a minority but they should be okay. They seem
like survivors. It should also be interesting to see if there are any
romances coming out of this but I probably shouldn’t count my chickens
before they hatch. In short there's nothing but excitement in the air, and I
think this is going to be a heck of a trip.


July 7

        They all got here yesterday we are having lots of fun. We had a little
harmless party a Bruces. Bye for now I’ll write later.


        Yesterday we visited Chinatown. We walked though the Cultural center, the Germans are still making fun of Martje. I think this has been going on for awhile. It was pretty boring till we started acting crazy. We walked though Eau Claire, and tried to explain how to count currency, and not how to be drawn into “tourist traps”. Then there was a peddler who made ”wire scapulars” which was another tourist trap. The artist was making passes at he girls, what a freak! Jay and I finally broke free of the hypnotic bond that had us, and went over to princess island park and played a massive game of Ultimate Frisbee. With a couple of the rules changed. Having such a big group of people some rules don't work or aren't necessary. Me, Steve, and Geoff left a couple of minutes early and met Dodie styles, with the CCVB (Calgary Convention and Visitors Bureau) She told us about the Ceremony. The Germs/Vents group arrived shortly after that and were “sworn in” as honorary Calgarians. After a big yahoo we all left. Then the slave driver Jason finally let us get some lunch.


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