July 26

        When I woke up at 12:00 it was time to go to Bruces. When I got there we
were one of the first families there. After talking and signing things we
made a V and said it’s been a nice time with you guys and so on and so on.
After a photo session the parents said good bye to the Germans and they were
off to the airport. Me, Andrew, Nathan, and my brother we suppose to stay at
Bruces and clean tents. We didn’t want to stay so we went to the airport.
After catching up with them they checked in there luggage and we made a
circle and gave them presents. We then went upstairs to grab something to
eat. After that we went to the gate where they were suppose to leave and
said our good byes as they went into the gate. After that we went to Bruces
organized the tents and other things then all left for home.


The German Group
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