July 25

        Today was a free day for all of us. I didn’t wake up until 11:00 and then
found out that a bunch of us were just going shopping. After Simon, Steve,
Jens arrived we were waiting for Jason who was suppose to be at out house at
1:00 when it started to hail. After 10 minutes of hail and rain it stopped.
Final Jason arrived at about 1:50. Then we were off to Nathens house to pick
up Martje. After that we went to Value Village to show the Germans how bad
it was. Then the girls went to Winners, while the guys went to A and B
sound. When we left we found that Jason and the others weren’t there so we
went over to Future Shop to look around. After 5 minutes we went back to see
if Jason had left and found them just coming out of A and B sound. We
dropped everyone off at there houses. We went back to our house then we were
of to Javens. When we got there we played badminton and other things. When
everyone arrived we sat and ate food. After that people went off to do there
own things but near the end everyone watched other people play Tetris. When
I was time to go some people came over to our house or to Jasons house. At
our house we just sat, eat, talked, and watched the Matrix and Con Air, by
the time everyone left it was 1:00 am. I was tired so I went to bed.


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