July 13

This morning I was women up by some Jackass named Steven. Whom was rolling up his thermarest and the cold air was blowing in my face. I called his a few choice words and got out of bed. We walked down a cliff and to Breakfast. Rory and Chris Orton walked to the parking lot to meet Lou. We all followed them after Breakfast and walked and met a bunch of people some who are rude bastards (they didn’t say hi). We got to the parking lot and then got driven by Lou to the Elbow lake campground and the cpa trail head. We walked for a whole 1.5 km. We cooked some lunch then cleaned up and now are all in front of the fire. On the trail Katarina told some hikers that she had hiked from Germany.


We had diced after going over the pass the last day. That some of them and us could not do the big pass that we had to do today. So we diced that we will go the other way to nakiska were we will meet lou. On the day that we left we called Kanaaska and asked what the passes looked like. They said it was covered with 3 feet of snow. So we tooled lou to be at nakiska at 12:00 and if we are not there by 1:00. He will go to where he was arganly sposto drop of the food 20km down the road. So we sent Rory and Chris to go get lou at nakiaka so we would not miss him if we got there after 1:00. We diced that we would go to ----- and stay there for a day of rest. It looked like we need it.

This good morning I got up and found a big tree and put my name in to it. Then whent down to cooking arear to see who was up. All 3 girls were up and looking for food at 7:00 in the morning. (they were cool) I said that we are hiking for abou 5km befor we stop for Breakfast. If only I new what they were saing to me after that. But I think it was not to good. I sent them back to there tent and total them to pack up. Then I went and got ever one up. (That was vary hard). Every body was up by 8:00 and we packed ever thing up. Rory, Chris, Bruce and Steve whent ahead to the cliff to help us down when we get there. Me, Katarina, Anni, Martje, and Derek was the frist group to go. We got to the cliff in about 20 minets. Katarina and Julian whent down first. Julian tock his bag and I took Katarinas bag down. Then I went back up and grabed Anni's Bag and tock Anni and Sinom down Sinom took his own bag. (Anni's and Katarina's Bags are so lite). Then I went back up and tock Martje bag and her down the cliff. (Martje bag was not that bad). The cliff was set up like this. There was a Chane to start you around a corner and you wack for a bit on a lesge. Then you get to this part where you have to reple down. Only a 5 people tock there bags down that. I took all three of the girls bags down that. Then gave them to chris to tack down the rest of the way.  Jason took my bag down well I had Martje's bag. We we got to the botom Jason called me a pack houres. (My bag was the hevest of the group next to Scouter steve and bruce). It took some time to get evey body down that cliff. then we hiked down the moutian. At the bottom we found a water fall that was so nice. Every one stop to tack a photo. Me and derek when 30 meeteres down the tril to a good spot for Brechfest. After a good Brechfest Anderw, Javan and Jason whent and had a shower under the whater fall. Then we started hiking agan. Derek and scouter Steve whent up in the frount. I was up with Jason, Javan and Andrew sing some songs that we did not know some of the words to. (It was funny) We stoped at a big fork in the road. We whated for the advisiors for about 2 minties. We new wich trail to tack but we did not know for shear. So bruce ponted Lift so we went Left. Me and Jens Simon, and Julian hiked in the frount with Anni, Katarina, and Martje. We got to the parking lot at 12:30. Lou, Rory, and Chris we whating for us.

Steven Sample

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