July 12

We had to be at Bruces at 9:00 which was way to early. We packed up our stuff into bags which were later put in the SAIT vans. The SAIT vans can hold 15 people. In our van we have Bruce, Andrews dad driving so he can drive the van back today, Geoff, Steven, Jens, Anni, Katarina, Martje, Reima, Simon, Julian. We are now listing to CJ 92. This SAIT   van only has 231 km on it. We left at 10:35 but we wanted to leave at 10:00 but Jason and Jens needed to buy more food. We had to put some of the bags on the roof of the vans so we could get room. It is very hard to know what the Germans are saying but I figure some of the things that they are saying. I have a very heavy bag but it’s just fine for me. The girls are complaining that there bags have to
much in them (which in my mind are about twice as light as mine). Anni will fall asleep by the time we get there, so will Martje (they look very very sleepy). We started hiking within half a kilometer Katarina thought that we went 4 to 10 km day trip. It was really cool. By the middle of the hike Anni was up in the front. We finale got to the hill going up to the pass. We stopped filled up our empty water Bottles and eat some of our snacks. Then we started hiking up the big hill. I helped Katarina up the hill.  We stopped about every 10 meters and talked. Then we got to the top of the pass. We found snow on the back side of the pass. We skied down the hill with our feet Anni slipped over a rock and hurt her hip. She was just fine. We also found out that she hurt her hips from the rubbing of the bag. So when we got to camp we fixed her with some mole skin. Also near the top Katarina must have made a bad move and almost fell of the trail. Jason
scraped his knee on a rock but he was fine. Me, Jason, Anni, Andrew got lost. We lost the trail head and found a really big cliff but then we eventually found the trail. We are cooking our food now. We met some people at our camp and found out that one of them was from Germany. So they asked where we hiked from and Katarina said Germany.

Steven Sample

July 12

        At this moment we are riding in our SAIT vans listening to the Back street
boys on the radio. (Steven is sing Back street boys) Katarina asked me if these trees were planted by a person. I told her that I planted them. In our van Mr. Bennett is driving Bruce is in the passenger side seat and then Jens, myself, Steven, Katarina, Martje, Anni, Simon, Reima, and Julian are in the back. The three girls behind me are keep falling asleep and then waking up very cranky. Once again they have fallen asleep. We have just passed Canmore at 11:56 am. We all
just sang to Brittany Spears on the radio. Martje lead the verse. We eventually got to the trail head at about 12:30.


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