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  1. Added a review for Five Miles, the final (and unreleased) album with the classic John Lawton lineup, as well as a link to get your own copy. 01-25-02

  2. Added reviews for Future Echoes of the Past, Acoustically Driven, Electrically Driven, and the Remasters anthology. 01-24-02

  3. Added a poll for Very 'Eavy Very 'Umble, as well as a forum for posting your own reviews of this album. 09-28-01

  4. Changed the album review method. It is now automatic. Added a poll for Demons And Wizards. Generally cleaned up the home page. 09-26-01

  5. Changed the vote method for albums. It is now automatic. 09-11-01

  6. Added Chuck Murphy's review of Demons And Wizards, Arjan Hut's review of Innocent Victim, and Jack Mynes's review of Sonic Origami. 03-07-00

  7. Added the liner notes for the remastered Live In Europe 1979 and for the new Traveller In Time UK compilation. Added Yuri Larionov's review of Very 'Umble Very 'Eavy; Robciks's review of Look At Yourself; Richard Sinisi's review of Sweet Freedom; Kenneth Murray's review of Fallen Angel; Jose Manuel Benitez's review of Abominog; Erik Ritland's review of Equator; Arjan Hut's review of Sea Of Light; Steven Lewis's and Lukas Jonaitis's reviews of Sonic Origami; and Larry Archie's, John Grenci's and Yves's reviews of Best Of. 03-02-00

  8. Updated Live In Europe 1979 to match the new remastered version. Added Allusson's review of Salisbury, Mike Johnson's review of Demons & Wizards, Earl Zamora's review of The Magician's Birthday, Jari Perko's reviews of Innocent Victim and Fallen Angel, Mark Morgan's review of Head First, and Nadejda Chalotkina's review of Best Of. 03-01-00

  9. Updated the songwriting credits on Return To Fantasy to reflect John Wetton's involvement. Added the 1999 Archive of What's New. 01-11-00

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