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  1. Added the liner notes to Ken's A Glimpse Of Glory, added lyrics for Born In A Trunk to the Very 'Eavy Very 'Umble page, updated reviews for Spice and Very 'Eavy Very 'Umble, Fakruddin Ahmed's review of Salisbury, Octavio Ibarra's and Emily Schneider's reviews of Demons And Wizards, Samuel Papa's review of Live 1973, Alexei Morokov's review of Wonderworld, Kenneth Murray's review of Sea Of Light, R. Michael Saemann's review of Sonic Origami, and Esteban Carrizo's review of David Byron's Baby Faced Killer. 12-29-99

  2. Updated the site location. If you've linked to this site, please change your link to http://www.oocities.org/deepheep/ - Hopefully, this will be an easier location to remember!! (I know I could never remember the old link!) If you find any broken links, please email me. 12-28-99

  3. Added Ferencek Nino's review of High And Mighty and André Startman's review of Sonic Origami. 12-7-99

  4. Added a link to Uriah Heep Holland's Uriah Heep's Lineups from my History of Uriah Heep page. 12-2-99

  5. Added some recent comments by John Wetton from Record Collector about his time in Uriah Heep, Lukas Horvath's reviews of Very 'Eavy Very 'Umble and Live 1973, Abdul Basheer's review of Return To Fantasy, and Byron Hill's review of Sonic Origami. 12-1-99

  6. FINALLY added the credits, lyrics, cover, and my review of A Glimpse Of Glory, Ken Hensley's newest album! 11-30-99

  7. Sorry for no updates over the last 3 months!! Besides going thru the adoption process again (our son is due to arrive from Korea next month), I've been quite busy at work and have been very involved in getting John Lawton & GunHill's One Over The Eight released on CD. In the meantime, please join the campaign to get David Byron's Rough Diamond album released onto CD!! 11-23-99

  8. Updated the poll results and added Kenneth Murray's review of Look At Yourself. 08-27-99

  9. Added Katie Murray's review of Sweet Freedom. 08-24-99

  10. Added James Mynes's review of Demons And Wizards and Kenneth Murray's reviews of Wonderworld and High And Mighty. 08-20-99

  11. Added the new European front cover for King Biscuit Flower Hour, courtesy of Alexander Off. Also, Yahoo fixed my forms for voting and album reviews over last weekend, so please send in your reviews and vote for your fave Heep albums and songs!! 08-18-99

  12. Added track listing, front and back covers, and original liner notes for possibly the greatest Heep compilation ever, the Australia-only release Downunda, all courtesy of Wayne Elyard. 08-06-99

  13. If you've been trying to vote or submit an album review and have noticed that nothing is going thru, don't blame me, blame Yahoo! Ever since they took over GeoCities, none of my forms have worked. You can always submit album reviews or votes to me via email! I have also added my Heepvention 1999 pictures! 08-05-99

  14. Added Leon Williams's review of King Biscuit Flower Hour. 06-29-99

  15. Added Mac Steagall's reviews of Sea Of Light and Sonic Origami. 06-22-99

  16. Added Scott Fleming's reviews of Demons And Wizards and Sweet Freedom. 06-21-99

  17. Updated the poll results. 06-03-99

  18. Added Ozgur Erdem's, Miroslav Kala's, and Richard Brown's reviews of Salisbury, Tiago Marion Camargo's review of Demons And Wizards, Dinko Cvoric's review of Sweet Freedom, Eric Spehar's reviews of Return To Fantasy and Head First, Peeter Treufeldt's review of Sonic Origami, and Dan Gorman's review of Classic Heep - The Anthology. 06-02-99

  19. Added the original liner notes for Live In Europe 1979, The Collection, and Echoes In The Dark, all thanks once again to Tapio Minkkinen. 05-28-99

  20. Added Matthew Braymiller's and Bruce Medici's reviews of Salisbury, Federico Guardiola's and Geo Giourousis' reviews of The Magician's Birthday, Jari Perko's review of Firefly, and Dan's review of The Polygram Compilation. 04-26-99

  21. Updated the song poll results only. 04-08-99

  22. Added Jari Perko's review of High And Mighty and George Selmeczi's review of Sonic Origami. Updated the album poll results only. 04-07-99

  23. Added Valentine's review of Salisbury and Abel Garcia's review of Return To Fantasy. 04-02-99

  24. Goldmine Magazine listed Head First as Heavy Metal's 22nd best album ever in the most recent issue (4/9/99)!! Read the review here. Also, I upgraded my Equator review after receiving my copy of the new CD version. 03-29-99

  25. Added Ivan Matrosov's review of The Magician's Birthday. 03-26-99

  26. Added Ron Ward's review of Sonic Origami. 03-25-99

  27. Added Gourde's review of Very 'Eavy Very 'Umble, Manuel Barrios's review of Salisbury, Arturo Carrera's and Kostas Poulios's reviews of Look At Yourself, Steve Davies' review of The Lansdowne Tapes, Morto's review of Demons And Wizards, Jan åke Larsson's review of Sweet Freedom, Steve Mutch's review of Abominog, Richard & Mark Stowe's review of Raging Silence. 03-10-99

  28. Added Luke Langston's review of Very 'Eavy Very 'Umble and Max Aebischer's review of Salisbury. 02-08-99

  29. Updated the poll results. 02-05-99

  30. Added Marco Antônio's review of Salisbury, Carlos Alberto Pinto's review of Return To Fantasy and Brad Duren's epic review of Sonic Origami. 02-03-99

  31. Updated the poll results. 01-08-99

  32. Added Kostas' review of Salisbury and Jaime Medina's review of Look At Yourself. 01-07-99

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