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This is some historical information that I have collected from all over the internet about the City of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. This material was not generally written by me but is just a collection of other people's stuff.

If you want to contact me my email address is hattiesburg_history@yahoo.com

Table of Contents

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1888 Area Map

General History 1
General History 2
General History 3
Recent Hattiesburg Map
Hattiesburg Area Map ca. 1888
Forrest County History
Site Map
What's New
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JJ Newman Lumber Mill


J.J. Newman Lumber Company
Hattiesburg American newspaper
Hattiesburg Brickworks
John A. McLeod Department Store
Tatum Lumber Company
Gulf & Ship Island Railroad
Hattiesburg Radio Stations
Illinois Central Railroad
Southern Railway System
Coca-Cola Bottling Company
Hattiesburg Traction Co.
Mississippi Bottling & Manufacturing Co.
Bonhomie and Hattiesburg Southern Railroad
New Orleans and Northeastern Railroad
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William H. Hardy


William H. Hardy
Charles W. Rich
John L. Sullivan
Jake Kilrain
Isaac Shelby
W.S.F. Tatum
Mary Winton Pulley
Louis Edward Faulkner
Nathan Bedford Forrest
William Carey
Paul B. Johnson
Paul B. Johnson, Jr.
Governors of Mississippi
H.S. Haggerty
Congressional Medal of Honor Winners
General Leonard Wood
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Lions Club


Lions Club
Knights of Pythias
Chamber of Commerce
Main Street Baptist Church
Historical Organizations
Sacred Heart Catholic Church
United Daughters of the Confederacy
Elk's Club
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Sullivan-Kilrain Fight


Sullivan-Kilrain Fight
Lynchings in Mississippi
Lynchings in Hattiesburg
1908 Killer Tornado
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Hattiesburg Hospital


Hattiesburg Hospital
University of Southern Mississippi
More University of Southern Mississippi History
William Carey College
Camp Shelby
Saenger Theater
National Register of Historic Places
Historic Homes
Historic Districts
Downtown Hattiesburg
City of Enterprise
Subdivisions of the City of Hattiesburg
Bridges in the City of Hattiesburg
Hattiesburg Library
USM Library
Post Office
Southern Mississippi Infirmary
Blue Gables Motor Court
Dumas Motel
Hattiesburg High School
McLeod House
Turner House
Main Street Views
Leaf River Views
The City of Petal
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Tung Oil Tree


Tung Oil
Time Line
Shay Locomotive
History of Meat Packing in Mississippi
Historic Pictures
Old Pictures
Music in Hattiesburg
Stuff Selling on Ebay
Area Government Links
Historical Weather Data
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