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  • Company: g+s Verlag (Germany)
  • Authors: ???
  • First publication: ???
  • Genre: Heroic fantasy
  • Supplements: ** (adventures, sourcebooks)


  • Company: Siroz (France)
  • Authors: Croc
  • First publication: ???
  • Genre: Contemporary fantasy
  • Theme: Characters are Dragons and Faeries living in the modern world.
  • Supplements: * (screen, sourcebooks)


  • Company: ??? (Germany)
  • Authors: Franziska Valena Holz
  • First publication: ???
  • Theme: Serial killers.


  • Company: FASA (USA)
  • Authors: Tom Dowd, Paul Hume, Bob Charrette
  • First publication: 1989
  • Number of editions: 2
  • Theme: Game that merges two very different genres, Shadowrun is a combination of cyberpunk and fantasy.
    High technology, magic, and fantasy meet in Shadowrun. Sixty years from now, corporations control the global economy and urban blight has risen to a high-water mark. Magical creatures and legendary beings walk the street, and magicians are a common sight. The corporations continue their nefarious business, hiring shadowrunners to do the corps' secret dirty work. Shadowrunning mages, deckers, mercs, shamans, street samurai and their ilk are the true rulers of the night. Welcome to Shadowrun, chummer. Hope you survive your stay.
  • Homepage: http://www.fasa.com/
  • Notes: Origins Award for Best RPG 1992


  • Company: Apex Publications Inc (USA)
  • Authors: Matthew D. Grau, Christopher Dorn, Timothy R. Erickson and Lance P. Johnstone
  • First publication: 1994
  • Genre: Horror in the dream world
  • Theme: It is when we sleep that we are most vulnerable. It is when we dream that they come. The Nightmares that creep into our minds when our souls are bared and corrupt our beings. The Nightmares.
    They are a threat as timeless as life itself. They are the beings that live on the other side of sleep. They are the Nightmares.
    There is hope. There are people who can walk dreams. The Dreamwalkers have the power to stop them. Only the Dreamwalkers know.


  • Company: West End Games (USA)
  • Authors: ???
  • First publication: ???
  • Genre: Space exploration
  • Theme: Space is big... Life is hard...
    You just melted the barrel of your Guttermann HMG. Your armor's shot full of holes, and you know there are at least five more guns on your tail. The last time you checked, no cavalry was comin' over the hill. And you've still got to fly the shatterzone.
    You thought you were going to get rich. You thought you were going to get home. Now it looks like all you may get is dead.
    All in all, a helluva bad day.
    And the Universe isn't just a game anymore.


  • Company: Excelsior (France)
  • Authors: Pierre Rosenthal
  • First publication: 1987
  • Number of editions: 7
  • Genre: Generic
  • Design: Magazine
  • Complexity: Low
  • Suplements: * (worldbooks with rules)
  • Notes: The different official games using Simulacres system are Aventures Extraordinaires (Victorian Sci-Fi set in the Jules Verne's times), Capitaine Vaudou (Pirates with voodoo magic), Cyber Age (Cyberpunk) and Sang Dragon (Heroic fantasy).
    A public domain game, you can publish your own made game with the Simulacres rules without paying copyrights.


  • Company: Phil Masters (UK)
  • Authors: Phil Masters
  • First publication: 1993
  • Genre: Humour
  • Theme: This game is inspired, firstly by the magnificent "Molesworth" books of Geoffrey Willans and Ronald Searle, and almost as much by Shy and Searle's "St Trinian's" creation, the TV "Ripping Yarns" episode Tomkinson's Schooldays, and various other fond memories. However, it is respectfully dedicated to Matthew Arnold (of Rugby) and all his successors, imitators and devotees, without whom the British Empire would certainly not be where it is today.
    The setting for this game is somewhere in the British Public School system, some time in the twentieth century, when bold noble and fearless Boys (cheers cheers cheers) are confronted by horrors fit to chill the blood of H.P.Lovecraft - to wit, countless masters, swots, creeps, toadies, bullies, parents, lessons and Skool Dinners. Players take on the parts of these bold noble ect, and must survive and gain experience in the face of things that chill the Bludd.
  • Notes: Freeware rpg downloadable on the net.



  • Company: Nightfall Games, Wizard of the Coast, Jageeda Publishing (Scotland, USA)
  • Authors: Dave Allsop, Anne Boylan, Jared Earle
  • First publication: 1993
  • Genre: Military horror sci-fi
  • Design: Softcover

System of Role Development

  • Company: Fractal Dimensions (USA)
  • Authors: Scott Compton
  • First publication: ???
  • Genre: Generic
  • Theme: The System of Role Development or Sord, is a roleplaying system set free from any particular background or world. It is a flexible system that provides the building blocks for players to devise individualistic settings and house rules.
    Sord's design combines simplicity with reality. The basic properties used in Sord closely resemble their physical world counterparts. The end result is a gaming system with a realistic flavor, but with adjustable factors for cinematic adventuring. Sord is a formula-based system. Once a fictional persona has been created, the player only needs to adjust a few calculations before each gaming session. Consequently, Sord allows more time to be dedicated to the dynamic aspects of story-telling and to the character interaction within a game.
    The Sord Rpg book contains the universal core rules (basic character creation,conflict, and adventuring guide) that will set the stage for further worldbook and supplementreleases. Also contained in the book is an introductory Robin Hood Adventure Supplement.
  • Design: Softcover
  • Homepage: http://www.fractal.mandarin.org

SPACE 1889

  • Company: Game Designers' Workshop (USA)
  • Authors: ???
  • First publication: 1989
  • Genre: Victorian age space exploration
  • Theme: Drift stately canal of Mars. Escort caravans through the desert domains of the steppe nomads. Fight the winged warriors and the cloud ships of the Martian Sky Lords.
    Undertake a secret mission for the crown of Venus. Elude the agents of the Kaiser; avoid capture by the German war zeppelins; survive the steaming Venusian swamps, with their savage amphibious natives and gigantic dinosaurs.
    Explore the mysterious caverns and grottos of Luna. Venture deep into the dark interior in search of the Selenites.
    Everything Jules Verne could have written. Everthing H.G. Wells should have written. Everything Conan Doyle thought of but never published - because it was too fantastic. Everything you need for the adventures of the century.


  • Company: ICE (USA)
  • Authors: ???
  • First publication: 1985
  • Genre: Sci-Fi
  • Complexity: Very High
  • Design: Box
  • Supplements: *** (sourcebooks, adventures, starships combat system)

The Complete Science-Fiction Playing Game

  • Company: Fantasy Games Unlimited (USA)
  • Authors: Edward E. Simbalist, A. Mark Ratner, Phil McGregor
  • First publication: ???
  • Theme: Space Opera was written in reaction to Traveller, it's a complex game with lot of optionnal rules in order to browse all the science-fiction aspects. The universe was typical of the Cold War area, with an evil red empire against democracy. Incontestably the most hard scienced rpg with 2300 AD.


  • Company: TSR (USA)
  • Authors: ???
  • First publication: 1982
  • Theme: Simple space opera rpg, a transposition of D&D to Sci-Fi. Somewhere in the center of the galaxy, three races unite against the hegemony of a wormlike alien race.


  • Company: FASA (USA)
  • Authors: Jordan Weisman
  • First publication: 1983
  • Theme: Sci-Fi based on the original cult TV series.


  • Company: West End Games (USA)
  • Authors: Greg Costikyan
  • First publication: 1986
  • Genre: Space opera based on the famous movies
  • Theme: A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
    The Star Wars roleplaying game plunges you into the breakneck thrills and pulse-pounding excitement of the greatest space fantasy of all time!
    Enter a universe of epic heroes, fearsome vilains, amazing technology, and exotic aliens. Struggle against the awesome might of the evil galactic Empire, fly faster-than-light starships, trade blaster shots with stormtroopers, fight lightsaber duels against dark Jedi warriors, and tap the mystical powers of the Force. Explore a galaxy of a billion suns, a universe of dire peril, where Rebels fight desperately against Imperial oppression.
    In the Star Wars roleplaying game you'll face overwhelming odds and impossible challenges - but if you meet them bravely, you will triumph, for the Force is with you always!
    You've seen the movies. Now live the adventure!


  • Company: Wasteland Games (Ireland)
  • Authors: ???
  • First publication: ???
  • Genre: Generic modern day rpg.
  • Theme: Modern day role playing is what it says on the cover and that's what you get. A complete role playing system designed to use with one of their background books (Phase One...).
  • Homepage: http://indigo.ie/~waste/


  • Company: Chaosium (USA)
  • Authors: Ken Saint André (Stormbringer), Steve Perrin (Stormbringer), Willis (Elric!), Watts (Elric!)
  • First publication: 1983
  • Genre: Dark fantasy
  • Theme: This dark fantasy roleplaying game is set in the world of the Young Kingdoms, based on the Elric novels written by author Michael Moorcock. Exhaustive background features rich descriptions of the island of Melnibone and of her former holdings, known collectively as the Young Kingdoms. Character generation is quick and complete. The forces of Law, Chaos, and the Cosmic Balance affect every adventurer: their allegiances reflect the choices which you make for him or her. Magic includes rules for demon summoning, a cast spells system, and invocations and enchantments. Creatures and personalities chapters describe the multitude of beasts, denizens and human-like inhabitants of the world. Spot rules highlight important game details. The gamemaster chapter is recommended reading for new gamemasters. Two scenarios, six ready-to-copy adventurers, a new world map, an index, list of terms, Stormbringer conversion rules and play aids complete this book. All you add are dice and your imagination.
  • Notes: A new edition was released in 1993 under the name Elric!.
  • Homepage: http://www.chaosium.com/elric/


  • Company: Gamescience (USA)
  • Authors: Donald Saxman
  • First publication: 1977
  • Theme: The first superhero rpg with rules inspired by D&D.

The superheroic role playing game

  • Company: Chaosium (USA)
  • Authors: Steve Perrin
  • First publication: 1983
  • Theme: Superhero, a developement of one of the Worlds of wonder module.


  • Company: Heritage USA, Fantasy Games Unlimited (USA)
  • Authors: B. Dennis Sustare
  • First publication: 1979
  • Theme: Heroic fantasy with some original magic system and game rules inspired by Runequest.

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