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  • Company: West End Games (USA)
  • Authors: ???
  • First publication: ???
  • Genre: Horror
  • Theme: The World of Necroscope is a roleplaying game set in the dark world of Brian Lumley's imagination. A world where paranormal spies, ESPionage agents, and mind spies fight a secret war against darker things and one another. The Wamphyri, or vampires, exist, and their age-old evil stretches from the beginning of time to threaten the Earth.
    But you are undaunted. You are not a mere human. You are talented. Your are an ESPer, with powers undreamed of by your peers. You may be a telepath, a seer able to see into the future, a Shaman able to kill with a glance or perhaps able to talk to the teeming masses of the dead as a powerful Necroscope!


  • Company: NeoGames (Sweden)
  • Authors: ???
  • First publication: 1993
  • Genre: Cyberpunk/ Technothriller
  • Design: Softcover, Box (Deluxe edition)
  • Supplements: * (screen, character sheets, sourcebooks, adventures)
  • Homepage: http://www.neogames.se


  • Company: Multisim (France)
  • Authors: Weil, Lamidey
  • First publication: 1991
  • Genre: Dark modern fantasy
  • Theme: There is a dark side to our everyday universe, an unwritten reality which has been hidden for millennia. Maybe you have unwittingly encountered this reality: already you are familiar with such worlds as magic, alchemy, and kabbala. With Nephilim we invite you to look deeper, to see behind the scene, find the canvas under the paint. Discover a twilight world of old alchemists bent over their ovens, of kabbalists tracing their pentacles, of magicians deciphering their books of spells. This is a world concealed behind the false respectability of wealthy neighborhoods, non-profit associations, flourishing businesses, and historical monuments. A world where secret societies wage unseen war upon each other for political control or control of one of the five magic fields. A world of mystery and occult magic, which originates in the characters that you play -- the Nephilim.
  • Homepage: http://www.chaosium.com/nephilim/

Realities On The Edge

  • Company: Daedalus Games (Canada)
  • Authors: Jose Garcia, Robin Laws
  • First publication: 1994
  • Genre: Multiverse
  • Theme: Welcome to Nexus, the Infinite City. The city where all the realities meet. A place where Ancient Babylon is just down the street, and the next off ramp leads to the lost cities of Mars. Rub shoulders with alien gangbangers. Party it up with the creatures of the night. Fight alongside Aztec cyberpunks and Roman centurions. Rumble with street mages. Lock down trade deals with avaricious dinosaurs. Unravel the mysteries of the metaverse. And make it to the club in time to check out the latest shriekrap bands.


  • Company: Palladium Books (USA)
  • Authors: C.J. Carella
  • First publication: ???
  • Genre: Monster
  • Theme: The world has never quite been the same since Dark Day. The day there was no sun rise and no moon or stars for that matter only absolute darkness and hysteria.
    "It is your seventeenth birthday when "The Becoming" changes your life and your world view forever. That was the day you discovered there were two of you, your human-self and the inhuman creature you can become at will.
    "You quickly learn there are "monsters" in the world, both human and supernatural, evil and good. The question is, which are you?"
    The Nightbane are characters who discover that they not entirely human. In fact, they are shape-changers who possess a comparatively frail, human "facade" and a supernatural, superhuman "morphus."
    The morphus is said to reflect the character's personality or subconscious fears, desires and self-image. Thus some are exotic and beautiful, while others (most) are misshapened monsters. No two appear exactly alike and even the most hideous can have the spirit of a saint, while the handsome and beautiful may be evil incarnate.
    Whether hideous or beautiful, cruel or kind, the Nightbane are feared and slaughtered by most humans who see only a monster. Creatures of shadows, when slain, they disappear like the morning mist, as if they never existed (and leaving no evidence of their existence).
    A surprising number of Nightbane cherish and cling to their humanity. Many of these become secret protectors of humankind and champions of good. Yet even these misbegotten heroes must operate in secret lest fearful, evil or misguided humans torment or destroy them. But there are far greater horrors loosed in the world than this. Evil Nightbane, vampires, human sorcerers, supernatural predators and other dark forces all busy building their petty power structures, preying on the weak and innocent, or engaging in foul pursuits. Worse, the Nightbane are hunted and slaughtered without just cause and without mercy by the Nightlords and their minions.
    The Nightlords plan to quietly seize control of the world! They have already secretly infiltrated the highest levels of world government and business, and have begun to manipulate and enslave humankind. Their only opposition: humans who have uncovered the truth, vampires (rivals for world domination), and the Nightbane who have elected to fight their own kind to save the human race.
    Feared and hunted by humans, the Nightlords, and the forces of evil, the Nightbane are the ultimate anti-heroes who struggle to triumph against all odds!
  • Complexity: High
  • Design: Softcover
  • Supplements: * (sourcebooks)
  • Homepage: http://www.palladiumbooks.com


  • Company: Stellar Games (USA)
  • Authors: ???
  • First publication: ???
  • Genre: Monster
  • Theme: In the Big Apple. New York City, the most exciting place on earth. The city that never sleeps, packed with more places to go, more things to do, and more people to feed on than anywhere else. You'll never grow old, and you'll never die. Night after night, year after year, decade after decade. You'll watch normal human lives flit by in an eyeblink. That is, unless you run afoul of an enemy, and you've got plenty of those. All of humanity would destroy you if they knew what you were. Monsterous beings, worse than any possible nightmare will hunt you as prey. And the most deadly foe is your own Kin, the other immortal beings who, like you, pose as human while they live the nightlife.
  • Design: Softcover
  • Supplements: * (adventures, sourcebooks, screen)
  • Homepage: http://www.bright.net/~stellar/


  • Company: Siroz (France)
  • Authors: Croc
  • First publication: ???
  • Genre: Medieval fantasy centered around thieves
  • Theme: The Seven Cities is a dangerous world, a giant megalopole where crime is present in all its different forms. Players are thieves who fight hard to earn their livings in the middle of machiavelic actions of the different city authorities. The clergy, guildes or secret societies... employers are numerous, and the missions always perilous.
  • Design: Hardcover
  • Supplements: * (sreen, adventures, sourcebooks)


  • Company: Palladium Books (USA)
  • Authors: Erick Wujcik
  • First publication: ???
  • Theme: Spying activities with lot of martial arts (41 differents forms of martial arts!).
  • Homepage: http://www.palladiumbooks.com


  • Company: Archon Gaming (USA)
  • Authors: ???
  • First publication: 1997
  • Theme: Game of mystery, romance and deduction, inspired by the "films noirs", the Chandler's books or some comics like Sin City or Crime Suspense Stories.
  • Homepage: http://www.archongaming.com


Role-playing game of science-fiction adventure

  • Company: Fantasy Games Unlimited (USA)
  • Authors: Niall Shapero
  • First publication: 1983
  • Theme: Science fiction with rules less complicated than Space Opera.

The Psychosurreal Role-playing Game

  • Company: Atlas Games (USA)
  • Authors: Jonathan Tweet, Robin Laws (2nd ed)
  • First publication: ???
  • Genre: Conspiracy
  • Theme: Explore a twisted version of our own reality. Come to Al Amarja, where nightmares go to breath.
    Devious secret agents, subtle alien invasions, ancient conspiracies, the secret of human nature, drooling psychopaths, weird science, a quick but painful death--who knows what you may find when you play Over the Edge? For the first time, the surreal undercurrents of fiction, cinema, and television have come to role-playing, and Over the Edge is the game that can take you where you've never been before.
  • Complexity: Medium
  • Design: Softcover
  • Supplements: ** (adventures, sourcebooks)
  • Number of editions: 2
  • Homepage: http://members.aol.com/atlasgames/

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