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  • Company: Mayfair (USA)
  • Authors: Ray Winninger
  • First publication: ???
  • Genre: Super-hero cyberpunk
  • Theme: Paraguay was bad, but nothing could have prepared you for Los Angeles. Back in the jungle it was still a tribe thing - you wanted to kill them, they wanted to kill you; no one knew why. But here, death isn't good enough. Here, they want you to hurt first. The sets, the '30s, the fly-jackers, the Estro-Gin addled punk - the only thing standing between you and a body bag are your trusty GCS DW 770/g and a designer genotype. You'd be surprised how often a skin that can shrug off .44 caliber loads comes in handy.
    One day, the punks will identify their real enemy and begin the serious violence - bloodshed of the people, by the people, and for the people. Until then, it's time to run a check and take this war down into the Underground.


  • Company: SPI (USA)
  • Authors: John H. Butterfield
  • First publication: 1981
  • Theme: Sci-Fi centered around stellar combats and space exploration.


  • Company: Gold Rush Games (USA)
  • Authors: Greg Stolze
  • First publication: 1998
  • Theme: The Usagi Yojimbo RPG is based on the characters appearing in the Usagi Yojimbo comic books by Stan Sakai. Players will be able to create original characters and adventures alongside characters from the comics -- including Gennosuke, the blustery rhino ronin bounty hunter; Zato Ino, the blind swords pig; Tomoe Ame, the beautiful she-cat samurai; and (of course) our favorite ronin rabbit -- or play the famous characters themselves.
  • Notes: Uses the Fuzion games system.
  • Homepage: http://members.aol.com/goldrushg/



  • Company: White Wolf (USA)
  • Authors: Mark Rein.Hagen, Graeme Davis, Stewart Wieck
  • First publication: 1991
  • Genre: Monster
  • Theme: Seize the night in the Storytelling game of personal horror. Vampires live their unlives in a world of deadly Archons and treacherous Tremere, where ancient Inconnu play their games against a backdrop of horrid diablerie. Into this maelstrom come the neonates, striving against all odds to maintain both their freedom and their souls.
  • Notes: Origins Award for Best RPG 1991
  • Homepage: http://www.white-wolf.com/


  • Company: White Wolf (USA)
  • Authors: Mark Rein.Hagen, Jennifer Hartshorn, Kevin Hassall, Skemp
  • First publication: 1996
  • Genre: Vampires in a medieval setting
  • Theme: Vampire: The Dark Ages includes everything necessary for playing the Damned of the Middle Ages, allowing characters to experience the events which have influenced our age. Witness the growth of the new Tremere clan and the birth of the Anarch Movement; battle hunters who wield the power of Faith, and savage Lupines whose control of the countryside is as total as the Cainites' control of the cities. Glory and terror await in the shadows of the past but the darkness that you need fear most is the darkness within.
  • Homepage: http://www.white-wolf.com/


  • Company: NeoGames (Sweden)
  • Authors: ???
  • First publication: ???
  • Theme: Historic RPG in the viking Scandinavia.


  • Company: Fantasy Games Unlimited (USA)
  • Authors: Jeff Dee, Jack Herman
  • First publication: 1978
  • Genre: Super hero.



  • Company: Games Workshop / Hogshead Publishing (UK)
  • Authors: Bryan Ansell, Richard Halliwell, Richard Priestly
  • First publication: 1986
  • Genre: Dark heroic-fantasy
  • Theme: The Old World. On the surface it is a civilized and cultured place, where only the occasional conspiracy, assasination, revolution or invasion by orcs, goblins, beastmen or mutants disrupts the feudal order. Yet a shadow hangs over the world, cast by the corrupting hand of Chaos. From the Imperial court in Altdorf to the pirate-ridden coast of south Tilea, a few heroes strive to hold back the forces of howling Chaos, while its hidden servants scheme from within to bring the world to its knees before the Dark Gods.


  • Company: BTRC (USA)
  • Authors: Greg Porter
  • First publication: ???
  • Genre: Post-apocalyptic fantasy
  • Theme: Three hundred years ago, World War III nearly wiped out the human race. The nuclear fires that enveloped the globe did more than just affect our world. The fiery energies and massive human scrifice opened the way for something else to enter this plane of existence. The Old Gods are back, and this time they're here to stay.
    WarpWorld opens the gates for you to enter this post-holocaust world of magic and lost technology. A world where the gods are real, and mythical creatures tread the silent streets of our ruined cities. A world where we can remember what we have lost, but not well enough to replace it. A world where those with Power bend the forces of nature to their will, and those without carry shotguns and swords instead. Where the bones of the Old World have been picked clean, and those who remain must either create a new order, or slowly sink into barbarism, forever losing what they once had within their grasp. The year is 2312, but no future you ever dreamed of. Prepare to enter WarpWorld.


  • Company: NeoGames (Sweden)
  • Authors: ???
  • First publication: 1990
  • Genre: Post-Apocalyptic RPG set on Earth invaded by aliens.
  • Design: Hardcover
  • Supplements: * (character sheets, screen, adventures)


  • Company: Manticore productions (Czech Republic)
  • Authors: Bill King
  • First publication: 1997
  • Genre: Dark cyberfantasy
  • Theme: Waste World is a planet ravaged by ten millennia of total war, where five gigantic city-states are locked in a deadly struggle for control of the most precious substance in history: Drakonium, the ultimate energy source. Everyone knows that without Drakonium their automated factories will cease to function. Their lights will go out. Their air will become unbreathable. Their people will starve. And everyone knows that Drakonium is running out.
    On Waste World five warrior cultures, forged in the crucible of a ten thousand year conflict, fight for survival. The samurai defend the Shogunate with swords of light. The mighty Cyborg Legions slay the foes of the enigmatic Machine Gods of Prometheus. The decadent aristocrats of Ikarus descend from their flying city in razor-winged battlesuits to plunder and slay. The genetically-engineered soldiers of Hydra are bred only for battle. And the Xenogens of Janus wield the terrifying power of their alien technology.
    Beyond the megacities life is short and brutal. The air is poisonous. The seas are dead. The land is a desert. The world is littered with the ruins of extinct civilizations. Mutants roam the poisoned wastes. Mechanized barbarians plunder the scattered settlements. Sentient death machines stalk the survivors.
  • Homepage: http://www.manticore.com


  • Company: White Wholf (USA)
  • Authors: Mark Rein.Hagen, Robert Hatch, Bill Bridges
  • First publication: 1992
  • Genre: Monster
  • Theme: The forces of creation and destruction clash in this Storytelling game of savage horror. Gaia, the Earth Mother, is wounded. The minions of the Wyrm eat away at Her, digging up the earth and rending Her form. Gaia cries for aid, and Her children - the Garou, the werewolves of legend - answer the call. The Garou must use all their shapeshifting power and Rage to fight back against the onslaught of corruption and evil.
  • Homepage: http://www.white-wolf.com/


  • Company: Lancelot Games (Sweden)
  • Authors: ???
  • First publication: 1989
  • Genre: Western
  • Complexity: Very High
  • Design: Box
  • Supplements: * (sheets, adventures, screen)


  • Company: Pariah Press, Ronin Publishing (USA)
  • Authors: Mike Nystul
  • First publication: 1994
  • Number of editions: 2
  • Genre: Horror
  • Theme: Beyond the realm of Flesh is an unseen realm of Essence where the dreaming spirits dwell. Slipping across the rift between the realms the unbidden indulge their bloody passions in the world of men. The most resolute of those who oppose these renegades are chosen to serve a higher purpose as Stalkers - immortal gardians of the flesh.
    Players explore the nightmare world of the Whispering Vault as Stalkers, supernatural entities with strange powers who pursue their otherworldly prey across time and space to the darkest corners of mankind's history. A complete roleplaying game, Whispering Vault combines an original setting with simple mechanics which allow the new player to generate a character and experience a hunt in a single session.
  • Homepage: http://www.io.com/roninpub


  • Company: Mind in the Madness Games
  • Authors: Scott Lininger
  • First publication: 1998
  • Genre: Generic
  • Theme: The Window is a transparent portal into the imagination, a roleplaying system designed with the simple belief that roleplaying is about story and character and not about dice and dick waving.
    That is what the Window strives to be: simple, usable, and universal. There's not a lot to it, admittedly, but that's the whole idea. In the end, the Window is more a system of philosophy than a system of rules; if you share these viewpoints on roleplaying then you'll probably like these mechanics, and if you don't, you probably won't.
  • Notes: This is a free game, it could be downloaded from their web site
  • Homepage: www.mimgames.com/window


  • Company: Myrmidon Press (USA)
  • Authors: C.J. Carella
  • First publication: 1996
  • Genre: Dark modern fantasy
  • Theme: Witchcraft is a game of dark fantasy set in the present day, in a world much like our own -- except for strange supernatural events that become more terrifying and dangerous every day. The players take on the roles of the Gifted, people blessed with unique powers and abilities. The Gifted include modern-day witches (the Wicce), ceremonial sorcerers (the Rosicrucians), the miracle-wielding Sentinels, Seers with psychic powers and the ghost-hunting Necromancers. Their enemies include such threats as the Mad Gods, beings beyond our reality who twist and pervert reality with their very presence, Black Magic Covenants, whose twisted rituals threaten all living things, and supernatural beings like the Undead, Elementals and Wildings.


  • Company: Wonderworld Press (USA)
  • Authors: Raven McCracken
  • First publication: ???
  • Genre: Science fantasy with super powered characters
  • Theme: The planet Synnibarr is in reality a starship created by the god Aridius from the planet Mars. It was transformed into an ark to carry the descendants of Earth to a new home star system to save them from a galactic holocaust.


  • Company: Chaosium (USA)
  • Authors: Greg Stafford, Lynn Willis, Steve Perrin, Henderson, Monson
  • First publication: 1980
  • Theme: Generic (Sci-Fi, Superhero, Heroic fantasy).


  • Company: White Wolf (USA)
  • Authors: Mark Rein.Hagen, Richard Dansky, Jennifer Hartshorn, Sam Chupp
  • First publication: 1994
  • Genre: Monster
  • Theme: Face death in this Storytelling game of intimate tragedy, the fourth game set in White Wolf's World of Darkness! As members of the Restless Dead, characters battle the forces of Oblivion within themselves and in the surrounding Shadowlands. Each wraith faces a never-ending struggle against its Shadow, which seeks to bring the soul ever closer to Oblivion. Few have the courage or passion to face death.
  • Homepage: http://www.white-wolf.com/


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