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    1) News
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    3) How To Find Information
    4) Company History
    5) Financial Statements
    6) Directors and Officers
    7) Court Cases

    8) Employee Complaints
    9) Advertised Claims
    10) NV Labor Commissioner
    11) NV Unemployment Insurance
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    This website is dedicated to the 100+ families who lost several weeks of paychecks to Robert DeMaio in December 2002. Our hope is that someday this website will no longer be needed.

    1) News top       
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    This is a complete list of every bit of news we can find.

    Dot1web Headlines
    2/24/00 (TahoeTrib) -- Births

    Note: "GARRETT ROBERT, born Jan. 30, 2000, to Bob and Carrie Demaio of South Lake Tahoe"
    6/18/00 (Las Vegas) -- Nevada company to rival eBay
    Note: "DeMaio, 38, moved from Los Angeles to Lake Tahoe three years ago".
    6/18/00 (NevAppeal) -- Carson company to join long list of EBay's rivals
    Note: "ran a 30-car limousine and car service in Southern California".
    10/30/00 (AuctionWatch) -- Launches
    Note: "48 employees"
    3/19/01 (EWeek) -- Data centers, MSPs fight over customers
    Note: At this time, Chris McPeters is CTO.
    3/29/01 (PRnetwork) --, The #2 Auction Site Is Quickly Gaining Ground On #1 eBay
    Note: But see Claim #1 below.
    11/25/02 ( -- Regional Roundup - West
    Note: "Dot1web filed to raise $20 million through a private placement of
    common stock and Series C warrants. The minimum investment of $50,000 can be waived."
    Robert Demaio's direct phone is 775-833-1464.

    12/24/02 (Reno GJ) -- Incline Village ISP trying to overcome financial woes
    Note: “We have salaried employees, not slave labor,” he said.
    12/25/02 (Bonanza) -- Local DotCom company having growing pains
    Note: "DeMaio said that because the company is publicly traded, he had a responsibility to the shareholders
    to protect their investments". Who are the shareholders? Well, Robert DeMaio owns 93.0%.
    12/27/02 (Bonanza) -- Money woes for local DotOne continue to emerge
    1/01/03 (Bonanza) -- Laid-off employees left out in the cold
    1/01/03 (Bonanza) -- Dot1web CEO says company strong, employees being paid back
    (Same as Nevada Appeal).
    1/03/03 (Reno GJ) -- Dot1web investigated by Labor Commissioner
    1/08/03 (Bonanza) -- Dot1web case referred to FBI
    (Same as Nevada Appeal).
    Note: "Several people claiming to be investors ... claim that DeMaio hasn't repaid personal loans..."
    1/10/03 (Bonanza) -- Dot1web CEO: issues to be resolved soon
    Note: "I expect to be calling employees tomorrow to notify them". Was even one called that next week?
    1/10/03 (NevAppeal) -- Dot1web chief: Issues will be resolved soon
    (Same as Nevada Appeal).
    Note: "58 claims for unpaid wages".
    1/15/03 (Bonanza) -- Dot1web settles two-year old suit
    (Same as Nevada Appeal and TahoeTribune).
    Note: "I should have the funding in a day, day-and-a-half," DeMaio said. DeMaio said he had
    also found office space in Incline Village, and expected to sign a contract for it by Thursday.
    1/24/03 (Bonanza) -- Dot1web money woes continue
    Note: "More than 60 wage claims".
    2/7/03 (Bonanza) New! -- Dot1web Internet servers seized for money owed
    Note: "eDoc Publish said ... a check for the services exceeding $100,000 was returned.".

    Company Press Releases
    10/21/02 -- Dot1web, Inc. Reports Completion of Merrger with and
    11/07/02 -- Dot1web Inc. Offers Least Expensive Unllimited Internet Access in the U.S. Among Major Providers
    11/7/02 -- Another Copy
    12/14/02 -- Dot1web Releases Real-Time Tool to Redeefine and Localize the Internet and Wireless Applications
    12/19/02 -- Dot1web, Inc. Directors Approve Stock RRepurchase Plan
    12/18/02 -- Dot1web Announces Nationwide Merchant AAcquisition and Growth Strategy

    Stock Market Info -- The latest S&P financial data for DTWB. -- The latest DTWB chart and press releases. -- Latest DTWB stock quote and company info.

    Note: This shows the size of the bid/ask orders. For example, on 1/21 it says
    5000 shares are offered at $0.25 (asking) and 5000 shares are wanted at $0.10 (bid). -- The latest DTWB chart and PR news. -- Nice growth curve plotted on a grid. -- Sometimes lists the last 10 stock trades made. -- indicates only 1.7M shares outstanding, for a total value of $221K (as of Jan 9, '02).
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    References to Dot1web -- The largest forum with lots of hearsay, wild rumors and gossip, most of it true.

    Over 200 messages have been deleted by the operator on 1/9/03 and 1/13/02.
    Most are archived below for reference, but if anyone has others, please email us!. -- A pirate forum, where many articles have been copied.
    Taken offline 1/10/03. -- A new group discussion, to keep people connected.
    Anyone can listen/send just by email, or Yahoo users can browse/post on the website itself
    (a free Yahoo account takes 1 minute to setup). claims to have developed the BidBar, Chat system, Session Manager, and Emailer for -- An original engineer tries to get his last paychecks, for two years! -- A short Drive4u complaint, two years ago. -- The letter from John P. Haggerty asking Robert DeMaio to repay his loan. New! -- Lots of info about Freedom Motorcycles and, with names and numbers.

    The Freedom to Rewrite History
    Discussion forums can be censored and deleted over time, so we save copies of them here every once in a while. Internet archives such as the Wayback Machine or google's cached pages can also be a good source of data, but we save pages too. These webpages have be saved exactly as found on The messages from 1/09 and 1/11 are only available here.

    Click on the number to see the archived copy.

          # MESSAGES Archived Each Day
    Number Topic Current Status 2/20    1/30    1/24    1/19    1/17    1/14    1/11    1/10    1/09    1/03    1/02
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     User Reviews, Pg.5-- -- -- -- -- -- -- 162* 155 220* -- --
     User Reviews, Pg.6-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 220* -- --
    2386New free ISP or is it? Pg.1    Idle since June'02   20 20 20 20 20 -- -- -- -- -- 20
     New free ISP or is it? Pg.2-- 9 8 8 8 8 -- -- -- -- -- --
    4769How about this one?Idle since Feb'02 3 3 3 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
    5682Cheapest of the CheapUpdated 1/9/03 1 1 1 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
    6177Web Wide ISPIdle since Feb'02 4 4 4 4 4 -- -- -- -- -- --
    6551New Free ISP in NV soonIdle since 1/4/03 19 17 17 16 16 16 -- -- -- -- 7
    7499Not What They PromisedIdle since Nov'02 18 18 18 18 18 18 -- -- -- -- 18
    9085WWISP Works GreatCensored 13 13 13 13 13 13 10 -- -- -- --
    9108WebWideIdle since 1/3/03 8 8 8 8 8 8 -- -- -- -- --
    9289Can We Trust?Idle since 1/4/03 2 2 2 2 2 2 -- -- -- -- --
    9312What's the Truth? Pg.1POST HERE 20 20 20 20 20 20 -- -- -- -- --
     What's the Truth? Pg.2(MOST ACTIVE) 20 20 20 20 20 13 -- -- -- -- --
     What's the Truth? Pg.3-- 20 20 20 20 17 -- -- -- -- -- --
     What's the Truth? Pg.4-- 19 9 7 1 -- -- -- -- -- -- --
    9390dot1web discussionLocked 1/13/03 5 5 5 5 5 5 3 -- -- -- --
    9407You Mean Me?Locked 1/14/03 4 4 4 4 4 4 -- -- -- -- --
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    9630webwide ispIdle since 2/10/03 14 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
    9690scam!!!Locked 2/10/03 4 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
    noneNewest ReviewsAlways Changing 10 10 10 10 10 -- 10* -- -- -- --
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     Search for 'DeMaio'-- 10 8 8 8 8 -- -- -- -- -- --
        * = Contains content that was deleted the next day.

    FuckedCompany New!
    These days, the big website for industry rumors, advance notice, and in-the-know corporate scandals is not exactly The Wall Street Jounal. Nope. Insiders read and Dot1web is in it! There's not much in it, but these are the archives of we found. The comments about Robert DeMaio go back two years.

        ARCHIVED COPIES for 2003
    SEARCH PHRASE    Message Dates 2/20 1/30 1/24
    Dot1web (11)12/17/02 - 1/15 10 10 10
    Dot1web, Pg.2 (11)12/17/02 - 1/15 1 1 --
    Drive4u (2)1/15 2 2 2
    LowestBids (1)1/15 1 1 1
    WebWideISP (1)1/15 1 1 1
    DeMaio (5)12/30/00 - 1/15 5 5 5
    Incline Village (2)1/3 - 1/7 2 2 2

    Note: Two years ago (Dec. 2000), Robert DeMaio already made the news once. "rather than telling anyone that money was tight first he layed of 80% of the staff" and floated bad paychecks.

    So where else can an employee go when a company writes paychecks that have no money behind them? When the company does it repeatedly, not once, not twice, but more than seven payrolls, not to mention vendors?

    Search Hints
    No search engine covers the entire web very well, so we use a number of them. Also, search results change over time (and lame places like don't even index articles over 14 days old!), so once we find something we archive it here for permanent reference.

    Search for
    "Bob DeMaio" on (9) (2) (6) (2)
    Search for
    "Dot1web" on (9) (1) (5) (2)

    Careful, Not This Bob!
    Robert Charles DeMaio, CEO of Dot1web
    in Incline Village, Nevada, is not to be confused with:

  • Robert DeMaio, the CEO of Relavis Corp.,
    a maker of CRM software in NYC.

  • Robert DeMaio, the Hollywood writer and director,
    editor of The Natural History of the Chicken and many others.

  • Robert DeMaio, a Catholic in Worcestor, MA, with the same age, who served as Eucharistic Minister on May 4 2002. shows birthday: 10-Oct-1962 and Oxford Tax Assessor shows owning a $78,000 condominium at 7 Plantation Rd., Oxford, MA 01540 (Worcester County), Tel.(508)987-3309.

    Also, Styline Limousine ('s predecessor)
    should not to be confused with:
  • Styline Transport, the trucking company.

    Help! Does anyone know of any other websites that may
    host a free discussion forum without massive censorship?

    Help! Link exchange -- If your webpage links to us, we'll be ssure to link back to you. The more references we have, the higher we will rank on search engines, so please help us spread links everywhere!

    2) Freedom Motorcycles top       
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    This summarizes how and why Dot1web bought Freedom Motorcycles in August 2002.

    Dot1web became a public company, not through an Initial Public Offering (IPO) but by purchasing a company (Freedom Motorcycles, OTC:FMCY) that was already publicly traded. Who are these people? What are they doing?

    Norton Headlines
    Freedom Motorcycles got involved with Dot1web because it was going out of business and needed a buyer. This is some of its history, just to figure out who's done what.

    4/16/98 ( -- Norton Motorcycle Reborn!
    4/21/99 ( -- Norton Motorcycles Goes Public
    11/17/99 ( -- As Norton Posts Loss, Its Design Company Issues Statement
    12/24/99 ( -- Norton Motorcycles Announces Commencement of Litigation
    3/24/00 ( -- Norton CEO Charged With Fraud
    11/17/00 (TheBusinessJournal) -- Big Judgments Haunt Norton
    8/08/02 ( -- Norton's B-a-a-a-c-k!
    8/22/02 ( -- FMCY Gives Results of Shareholder Meeting
    12/3/02 (Norton GmbH) -- Warning for investors in a certain Minnesota Motorcycle Company

    Norton GmbH is a German company, formed to sell and support the 20-year old models, only in that country.

    Click here for one editorial opinion, based on the news articles below and information from a number of ex-employees.

    3) How to Find Information top       
    prev   next
    There are many sources of public information on individuals and businesses.
    Some charge a fee, most are free. Some require you to go to an office, many are available online.

    Step 1) First, look for every possible name on the free websites.

    Try to find every county, in every state, where the individuals and businesses may have records.

    Step 2) Check the following lists
    for likely places to find related public records. -- Over 250 free sources. -- Hundreds of online resources.

    Step 3) Check every county where they may have a record
    Look for four specific things:

    a) the Civil Court,
    b) Criminal Court,
    c) County Recorders Office, and
    d) Tax Assessors Office for property records.

    Step 4) If all else fails, RTFM!
    Read the "Manual of Corporate Investigation"

    Help! Has anyone hired a private investigator, done a background check, or used a paid service to search public records? Let us know what you found!

    Other names to check on:
    Genesis Capitol Group, Inc., Equity Automotive, Inc., MTB Inc., Ausam Corp., Stonehenge Inc., Norton Motorcycles, Freedom Motorcycles,, Dot1Web Inc.,

    4) Company History top       
    prev   next
    Searching for corporate info at found two items: was incorporated June 17, 1999. was incorporated September 28, 2000.
    Dot1web was incorporated in Delaware (info not yet available).

    Checking internet domain registrations, we can establish useful dates, addresses and phone numbers.

    Website History
    This is the order that the seventeen Dot1web websites were created.
    Notice the gaps in time, showing how their ideas gradually evolved.

    1/25/99 -- registered to

    Styline Limousine Service / 1761 E College Parkway #118 / Carson, NV 89706
    Contact: DeMaio, Bob ( / Styline Limousine Service
    PO Box 14530 / South Lake Tahoe, CA 96151 / 775-750-2044
    11/12/99 -- registered to / Bob DeMaio / 2775 Old Highway 40, Ste. 1490 / Verdi, NV 89439
    Tel: 877-374-8349 / Email:
    Admin contact: Tel: 877-374-8349 / Email:
    11/07/00 -- registered to / Bob DeMaio / 2772 Old Highway 40 Ste. 1490 / Verdi, NV 89439
    Tel: 877-374-8349 / Email:
    Renewed: / Bob DeMaio / 1761 E College Parkway Ste 118 / Carson City, NV 89706
    Tel: 877-374-8349 / Email:
    Technical: 775-886-5699 / Email:
    2/19/01 -- registered same as (Renewed Nov 13 '02).
    2/20/01 -- registered same as (Renewed Nov 13 '02).
    2/20/01 -- registered same as (Renewed Nov 13 '02).
    4/04/01 -- registered same as (Renewed Nov 13 '02).
    4/11/01 -- registered to / Bob DeMaio / 1761 E College parkway Ste 118 / Carson City, NV 89706
    Tel: 775-886-5699 / Email:
    Renewed Nov 13 '02
    4/12/01 -- registered same as (Renewed Nov 13 '02).
    4/12/01 -- registered same as (Renewed Nov 13 '02).
    4/12/01 -- registered same as (Renewed Nov 13 '02).
    4/12/01 -- registered same as (Renewed Nov 13 '02).
    4/12/01 -- registered same as (Renewed Nov 13 '02).
    8/26/01 -- registered same as (Renewed Nov 13 '02).
    5/31/02 -- registered same as (Renewed Nov 13 '02).
    7/30/02 -- registered to
    DOT1WEB / PO BOX 6013 / Incline Village, NV 89450
    Admin Contact: DOT1WEB / Bob DeMaio / PO BOX 6013 / Incline Village, NV 89450
    775-833-1464 / 775-883-4299 [fax] /
    Technical Contact: DOT1WEB / Brian Wanbaugh / PO BOX 6013 / Incline Village, NV 89450
    775-833-1464 / 775-883-4299 [fax] /
    10/30/02 -- registered to / P.O. Box 6013 / Incline Village, NV 89450
    Contact: / Colin Quinn / P.O. Box 6013 / Incline Village, NV 89450
    775-832-8676 / 775-833-4299 (fax) /

    5) Financial Statements top       
    prev   next
    Standard & Poor's has online access to Dot1web financials at
    Copies are saved here.

    Live Page ARCHIVED COPIES for 2003
    Profile 2/20  1/19  --
    Background 2/20  1/19  --
    Management 2/20  1/19  --
    Stock Data 2/20  1/19  --
    Annual 2/20  1/19  --
    Interim 2/20  1/19  --

    These are the numbers stated to the public by the company. The annual report shows some nice growth, growing by a factor of almost ten from 2000 to 2001. Of course, realize that these figures are for the twenty year old holding company that used to be known as Freedom Motorcycles. The figures shown to the public have nothing to do with the current website businesses (,,, etc) until starting Sept. 3, 2002. The size and growth of the website business is kept strictly private until then.

    "INCORPORATED: in Minnesota Feb. 5, 1982, as Equity Automotive, Inc.; name changed to MTB, Inc. Jan. 31, 1996, to Ausam Corp. June 26, 1997, to Stonehenge Inc. June 14, 1999, to Freedom Motorcycles Inc. Oct. 9, 2001, and to Dot1Web, Inc. Sept. 3, 2002."

    "STOCKHOLDERS: 226 as of May 15, 2002.
    PRINCIPAL STOCKHOLDER: September 4, 2002, Robert DeMaio owned 93.0% of the Common."

    6) Directors and Officers top       
    prev   next
    As Dot1web was acquiring Freedom Motorcycles, the board of directors looked like this.

    John L. FiebelkornChairman, Chief Financial Officer & Chief Executive Officer
    John LaiVP
    Terry L. NesbittVP

    Todd A. DucksonJohn L. Fiebelkorn
    Robert DeMaioJohn Lai

    Once the acquisition was completed, the board of directors then looked like this.

    Robert DeMaioChairman, President, Secretary & Chief Executive Officer
    Colin QuinnVP, Treasurer & Chief Financial Officer
    Larry WarkentinInvestor Relations Contact

    Robert DeMaioJoseph Franco
    Waldemar LangemanColin Quinn
    Larry Warkentin

    What can we know about these people?


    Robert C. "Bob" DeMaio
    (age 40)
    President, CEO, Chairman of Board
    775-833-1465 (cell)
    775-750-2044 (cell)

    Wife: Carrie shows possible:
    Birthday: none found. has records in:
    Agoura Hills, CA
    South Lake Tahoe, CA
    Thousand Oaks, CA has records in:
    (no likely records found) shows:
    1565 Vivian Lane
    Incline Village, NV 89451
    (This is his rented home,
    located here).

    Colin E. Quinn
    (age 43)
    Acting CFO, Board Member
    818-512-6901 (cell)

    Wife: Diane shows possible:
    Birthday: not found has records in:
    Agoura Hills, CA
    Los Angeles, CA
    Oak Park, CA
    Reseda, CA
    New York City, NY has (NV) records in:
    Incline Village, NV
    Las Vegas, NV has (CA) records in:
    Oak Park, CA has (other) records in:
    (none others found) shows:
    Quinn, Colin E
    78 Sabra Ave
    Oak Park, CA 91377
    818-889-0447 (home)

    Mr. Quinn owns C-Lan, Inc.
    30423 Canwood Street
    Agoura Hills, CA 91301
    Phone: (818)597-2100
    Fax : (818)991-0419

    Brian Wanbaugh
    (age 24)
    Dayton, NV
    775-230-1226 (cell)

    Wife: none shows possible:
    Birthday: not found has records in:
    (none found) has records in:
    (none found)

    Most of this data is from or public records at or Some cell numbers here are from a phonelist that has no indication of it's source, author, or confidentiality. Four people gave us copies, though, so it is widely available.

    Notice that the first four directors with large investments in Dot1web (Bob DeMaio, Colin Quinn, Larry Warkentin, Joseph Franco) all have connections to Las Vegas.
    Help! Is anyone interested in this enough to pay $100 for a full background check?
    We'll post the results here as a public service.

    Board of Directors
    Dot1web had five board members: Bob DeMaio, Colin Quinn, and ...

    Larry G. Warkentin
    (age 56)
    Network Sales
    Incline Village, NV
    775-750-4969 (cell)
    Wife: Candace "Candy" shows possible:
    Birthday: 29-Aug-1946
    Zip: 92544 in Hemet, CA
    (Riverside County) has records in:
    Hilo, HI
    Las Vegas, NV has records in:
    Las Vegas, NV
    Inyokern, CA shows:
    Warkentin, Larry
    11209 Sandy Grove Ave
    Las Vegas, NV 89144

    Joseph "Mike" Franco
    (age 42)
    Business Development
    209-345-7036 (cell)
    Wife: unknown shows possible:
    Birthday: 18-Sep-1960
    Zip: 93305 in Bakersfield, CA
    (Kern County) has records in:
    Bakersfield, CA
    Los Osos, CA
    Montebello, CA has (NV) records in:
    Las Vegas, NV
    Reno, NV
    Elko, NV has (CA) records in:
    Bakersfield, CA
    San Rafael, CA
    Oakdale, CA
    Anaheim, CA has (other) records in:
    530 places shows: shows:
    Franco, Joseph and Margaret
    Los Osos, CA 93402
    805-528-4357 shows:

    Waldemar W. Langeman "Wally"
    (age 64)
    Board Member

    Wife: Lucille shows possible:
    Birthday: 15-Feb-1938
    Zip: 98005 in Bellevue, WA
    (King County) has records in:
    Bellevue, WA has records in:
    Anaverde, CA shows:
    501 129 Ave SE
    Bellevue, WA 98005

    Mr. DeMaio is majority shareholder, claiming to have 78% of the stock (unverified).
    All five board members are large investors in the company, with no outside or independent representation on the board yet.

    New! 1/30/03 -- Apparently, director Mike Franco resigned in November 2002, and Larry Warkentin resigned in December, 2002.
    Does that mean they have no legal responsibilies here?
    Are there any legal reponsibilities in any case, whatsoever?

    Freedom Motorcycles, Board of Directors
    Dot1web initially started with directors that were involved in the acquisition of Freedom Motorcycles.

    John Lawrence Fiebelkorn
    (age 64)
    Board Member
    Excelsior, MN
    Wife: unknown shows possible:
    Birthday: 13-Dec-1938
    Zip: 55331 in Excelsior, MN
    (Hennepin County) has records in:
    Excelsior, MN has records in:
    Excelsior, MN
    Norwood, MN shows:
    Fiebelkorn, Lawrence
    (at 90, probably John's father)
    119 E Hill St
    Norwood, MN 55368

    Todd Allen Duckson
    (age 36)
    Board Member
    Partner in Duckson - Carlson.
    (This is Dot1web's law firm)
    Minneapolis, MN
    Wife: unknown shows possible:
    Birthday: not found has records in:
    Minneapolis, MN has records in:
    Minneapolis, MN
    Anaverde, CA shows:
    Duckson, Todd
    2848 Sunset Blvd
    Minneapolis, MN 55416

    The Audubon Center says:
    "Todd Duckson and his firm can
    be reached at (612)317-2600."

    Duckson-Carlson, LLC
    2100 Metropolitan Centre
    333 South Seventh Street
    Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402
    Tel. 612.317.9745
    Fax 612.317.9746

    Their website designer

    John Lai
    (age 39)
    Board Member
    Minneapolis, MN
    Wife: unknown shows possible:
    Birthday: 12-Mar-1963
    Zip: 55410 in Minneapolis, MN
    (Hennepin County) has records in:
    Minneapolis, MN
    Saylorsburg, PA
    Bronx, NY
    San Jose, CA
    San Francisco, CA has records in:
    Minneapolis, MN
    Saint Paul, MN
    100's of various others shows:

    New! On 8/29/1996, the SEC placed an injunction on John Fiebelkorn alleging stock manipulation.

    Excerpt: "In its Complaint, the Commission alleged that from about 1989 until June 1991, several individuals engaged in an elaborate fraudulent scheme involving the common stock of Angeion Corporation"

    Help! Can anyone identify other large Dot1web investors? Are ANY of them complaining?
    Help! Can anyone find the SEC filings for Dot1Web?
    Help! What other businesses are these people involved with?

    Bob Demaio may also be involved with:
    Yucatan's Fresh Mex Grill
    3330 Lake Tahoe Blvd. (in the Fremont Mall)
    South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

    Also known as: Yucatans Fresh Mexican Grill, in Stateline, Nevada, County of Eldorado
    Or, Yucatans Fresh Mex Grill, Yucatans Fresh Mexico Grill, Yucantans Fresh Mexican Grill, Yucantans Fresh Mex Grill, and Yucantans Fresh Mexico Grill,

    as well as a limousine company? Styline Limousine?????

    7) Court Cases top       
    prev   next
    There are about 20 civil cases against LowestBids and Bob DeMaio, scattered around the country.
    So far, there are no known criminal cases.

    A civil case is where a private party tries to sue to recover damages.
    A criminal case is where a public law was broken, that may involve fines or jail time.
    In a civil case, the jury or judge can subjectively decide whatever they want, based on partial responsibility or negligence. But in a criminal case, guilt should be "proven beyond a reasonable doubt" so it's very possible to win in one court and lose in the other. Just ask O.J.

    Here we collect records from every county where any of these individuals
    or businesses have connections (refer Tahoe map or Los Angeles).

    Washoe County, NV -- Reno, Incline Village
    Storey County, NV -- Virginia City
    Carson County, NV -- Carson City
    Douglas County, NV -- Genoa, Stateline, Gardnerville
    Clark County, NV -- Las Vegas
    Nevada County, CA -- Truckee
    Placer County, CA -- Tahoe City, Kings Beach
    El Dorado County, CA -- South Lake Tahoe New!
    Sacramento County, CA -- Sacramento
    Ventura County, CA -- Thousand Oaks
    Los Angeles County, CA -- Las Vegas
    Broward County, FL -- Fort Lauderdale
    IRS Tax Cases

    Within each county, we search for:

    (A) Civil Cases, (B) Criminal Cases, (C) Public Records, (D) Property Records.

    Within each agency, we search for every:

    Individual -- each director and officer
    Business -- Yucatan, Styline Limousine, Bid-Soft, C-Lan,
    Drive4u, LowestBids, Dot1web, etc, etc.

    The results are listed below (only 60% researched so far).

    Washoe County, NV next county
    These links go to
    Search for all cases involving:

    The Company: (13) (5)
    Bid-Soft, Inc (2)
    Dot1Web (2)
    Robert DeMaio (9)
    Colin Quinn (1)
    Christopher McPeters (12)
    Melinda Thompson (3)
    Bear Ridge Developers (2)

    Case CV00-04240 -- DRIVE4U.COM, INC. VS. INTERNET INNOVATIIONS, INC, Other Contracts
    Filed 8/17/00, Dismissed w/Prejudice 9/13/00.
    Case CV00-04976 -- NETZERO, INC. VS. DRIVE4U.COM, INC., ETTAL, Collection of Actions
    Filed 9/22/00, Exempt from Arbitration (over $40,000) 10/26/00, Dismissed 2/1/01.

    Case CV01-01366 -- SKINNER V. DRIVE4U , Other Contracts
    Filed 3/20/01, Consolidated into CV01-02286 4/3/02.
    Case CV01-01498 -- NORMANDY VS. LOWESTBIDS, Other Contractts
    Filed 3/26/01, Consolidated into CV01-02286 4/3/02.
    Case CV01-02286 -- LOWESTBIDS.COM, INC. VS. CHRIS MCPETERSS , Unfair Competition
    Filed 5/4/01, On 1/9/03: Jury trial set for 10/6/03.
    Filed 6/5/01. Default judgement $8848.49 on 7/24/01.
    Case CV01-06231 -- L90, INC. VS. LOWESTBIDS.COM, INC. ET AAL, Foreign Judgement
    Filed 11/20/01, $441,763.00 judgement 11/20/01.

    Case CV02-06773 -- MELINDA J. THOMPSON VS. DOTLWEB, INC.; ET AL, General Civil
    Filed 11/15/02 for $1425, In progress...
    Filed 11/21/02, Dismissal filed 11/27/02.
    Filed 12/16/02, Affidavit of Summary Eviction filed 12/27/02, 11:07am.
    Filed 1/22/03, $45,000 Bond attached 1/30/03, In progress...

    Washoe County Recorders info at found two items:
    Doc. # 2644942 -- $464,758 Judgement against and Robert C. DeMaio, by L90 Inc.

    Recorded 1/25/02. Or Click here for a .PDF copy.
    Doc. # 2678741 -- $12,242.14 IRS Lien Notice, for
    Recorded 4/22/02. Or Click here for a .PDF copy.
    Note: Address for is 2775 Old Hwy 40 Box 1490 / Verdi, NV 89439-1490
    (To view the original doc's, you must first login for free at

    Storey County, NV next county
    Needs to be checked.

    Carson County, NV next county
    Needs to be checked.

    Carson County Clerk-Recorder is at,
    Records are searchable at, found 2 documents:

    Recorded 3/07/2001 -- Doc #274700 dated 2/28/2001 -- Default Judgement for $3000.00
    Recorded 2/14/2002 -- Doc #273711 dated 10/31/2001 -- Default Judgement for $441,763.00

    Douglas County, NV next county
    The 9th Judicial District Court has a small website, but not any case details, at
    Please call the District Court Clerk's office at 775-782-9820.
    Case No. 02-CV-0063 -- State of Nevada v.
    Judgment Dated March 5, 2002.

    Douglas County Recorders Office at shows two items:
    Doc. # 536298 -- 3/6/2002, judgement against Robert DeMaio by NEVADA/STATE OF EMPLOYMENT SECURITY
    Doc. #536572 -- 3/8/2002, judgement against Robert DeMaio, by ORTEGA, MIREY A and CLINE, RON.

    Property tax info at shows nothing.

    Clark County, NV next county
    The Eight Judicial District Court for Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada is online at
    No cases were found against Drive4U, LowestBids, Dot1Web, or Robert DeMaio.

    Public Recorders Office is at,
    but indicates no records found.

    Property tax records have not been found online, yet.

    Nevada County, CA next county
    Needs to be checked.

    Placer County, CA next county
    Needs to be checked.

    El Dorado County, CA New! next county
    Civil and Criminal Courts still need to be checked.

    El Dorado County Recorder-Clerk's Office is online at
    Searching for DeMaio finds 7 documents recorded:

    10/15/1996 -- Doc. #52234 (Book 4787, Page 419) -- Mechanics Lien against DEMAIO ROBERT C DBA

    7/03/1997 -- Doc. #32341 (Book 4945, Page 601) -- Abstract Judgement against DEMAIO, ROBERT by STITCH RONALD K
    7/18/1997 -- Doc. #34512 (Book 4953, Page 298) -- NT NON RESP of DEMAIO ROBERT
    1/16/1998 -- Doc. #02376 (Book 5077, Page 558) -- Abstract Judgement against DEMAIO, BOB by SARE DALE L
    4/07/1998 -- Doc. 98-0018437 -- Tax Lien on DEMAIO ROBERT DBA by CAL ST EQUAL
    10/13/1998 -- Doc. 98-0059015 -- Tax Lien in DEMAIO ROBERT DBA
    8/23/2000 -- Doc. #2000-0042006 -- Tax Lien on DEMAIO ROBERT D by CAL ST EMP

    DBA means "Doing Business As". This is a business alias that's published and registered
    with the county in a Fictitious Business Name Statement.
    Question: Is ROBERT DEMAIO D possibly the same as ROBERT DEMAIO DBA, just truncated?
    Question: Should we also search every county's list of DBA's?

    Sacramento County, CA next county
    Still needs to be checked.

    We are advised to look for:
    U.S. District Court, EASTERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA (Sacramento)
    CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 97-CV-1967 -- Chevys Inc v. Demaio

    Ventura County, CA next county
    Help! We need Mr. DeMaio's birthdate or driver's license number to use this link. Anyone?


    Filed 5/8/91, $4668.83 judgement 7/5/91, $2633.98 interest due 3/28/97, still not collected.
    Case 155931 -- REUBEN H. DONNELLEY CORP. VS MYRA LE GALLO, Breach of contract
    Filed 6/15/95, $11,760 judgement against Robert Demaio 08/28/95, still unsatisfied 2/20/97.
    Filed 5/31/96, $827.25 judgement 1/8/97.

    Los Angeles County, CA next county
    Case CSC18953 -- STITCH,RONALD K. VS. DEMAIO,ROBERT, Small Claims
    Filed 1/6/97, $991.75 judgement 4/11/97.
    Filed 7/17/00, default judgement 12/8/00.

    Broward County, FL next county
    Case CACE90014785 -- Foreclosure of CREATIVE PRIME MEATS & FISH CO.
    Filed 5/16/90, Possibly against a different Robert DeMaio.
    Case CACE02021016 -- A J GREEN SOLUTIONS INC, Contract Indebtedness for $280,000
    Filed 11/06/02, in progress...

    IRS Tax Cases next county
    There is a local IRS Tax Revenue Officer, that actually filed an IRS tax lien against, last year. You can reach her at this #775-824-2234 ext 2770. Her name is Carolina Tafoya. You can also view this tax lien on the Washoe County Recorders website, by entering Drive4u in the grantor/grantee section. She should be able to give you information or, if anything, direct you to the correct department.

    8) Employee Complaints top       
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    Dozens of investors may lose millions of dollars invested in Dot1web. This is a normal part of the investing risk, and why people should carefully research their investments to find the real plans and numbers involved. Especially with penny stocks! There are scams and partial truths everywhere, legal or not, and the uninformed investor is just asking to be fleeced. If nothing else, they may learn a valuable lesson.

    Why Collect Information In One Place?

    Because there are many other people involved besides investors.
    Hundreds of vendors and employees have legitimate complaints against Dot1web.

    Name-calling doesn't work. If someone calls someone a scoundrel or vaguely implies wrong-doing without specifically stating what, where, when and how, then they're just making themselves look impetuous. They look like an unhappy child venting, with no direction or rational thought.
    The approach does not have much credibility.

    Propaganda doesn't work. If someone praises a company, spinning vague promises of good things happening, they just look like a corporate flunky, spreading PR misinformation and manipulating people.
    The approach does not have much credibility.

    People need information, not noise. They need all the information for a complete picture, not just the bits and pieces chosen from someone's own agenda. There is no informational content when someone says "Let's rally the troops against the evil bastards!" just as there is no information given when a company says "We are committed to making things right". Beyond trying to make people feel good, what are the facts?

    How have people specifically been hurt?

    1) Bounced paychecks -- Dot1web payroll checks bounced on six occassions in half a year, causing hardship, anguish and stress for employees trying to work around them.
    Roughly 300 paychecks bounced, causing about $2,000 in bank fees, and damaging many personal credit reports.

    2) Lost wages -- Most employees never got their last two or three paychecks.
    Roughly 130 people lost $3,000 to $7,000 each, for about $480,000 stolen from family budgets across three states.

    3) Misrepresentation -- Many employees spent personal money moving to Incline Village, financing purchases, and making commitments believing that Dot1web was a reliable, stable income.
    Estimate that 50 overly optimistic employees spent $2,000 unnecessarily, for about $100,000 lost.

    4) Lack of communication -- At the end, many employees trekked hours to work in a snowstorm thinking they still had a job. Most were simply ignored for a few weeks, left to wonder if their job existed or not. A simple phone call could have avoided this personal insult and confusion.
    Estimate that 100 people lost 5 days of time, fretting and working through the situation, for about $100,000 in lost wages that could have been earned elsewhere that week, if someone had just said "Here's your pay. You're fired".

    5) Vendors ripped off -- Many suppliers never got paid for goods and services provided.
    Estimate that ten vendors lost $10,000 to $30,000 each, for about $200,000 unpaid.
    Plus, a CD distributor in Florida may have lost $280,000 and now be forced to sell his house to cover their expense.

    6) Emotional distress -- To put it in perspective, nobody lost their life. Nobody got cancer or was physically injured. Nobody embezzled a million dollars, destroyed much property, or even ran away. A month after everyone left, the company was still trying to find investors to pay off all their debts, so they can continue doing what they do. Just for comparison, no employees lost much more than they would if they wiped out a $10,000 car. To the average person, that's pretty big though. The disrespect and continuous misinformation by the company led to health problems, broken homes, and tremendous stress and anger directed at the company. Every employee was hurt in some way.

    The total estimated here for the employees and vendors involved in December 2002 is about $1,160,000 in possible damage. This does not count over $800,000 in past contracts, layoffs, judgements and lawsuits stretching over six years.

    This is just our best estimate, based on what we see, hear, and experienced as employees within Dot1web. We don't claim this is highly accurate (yet) but it's the best good-faith, common-sense, understanding that we can put together. It's a subjective estimate and you may know more information, in which case please let us know what you think.

    All these problems could have been avoided if:

    1) If employees were told how small and new (speculative and risky) the company is up front, at the job interview.
    Then they would know what they're getting into, and accept the odds.

    2) If employees were simply fired a month earlier, with full pay and good communication.
    Then things would have been honest, clean, and certain.

    3) If company bank accounts were managed each week, so that existing money was in the proper account as needed. Or if employees were directly asked to hold their paychecks for a few days, while the paperwork was sorted out.

    4) If vendors had a way to check Dot1web's track record, they would surely demand payment in advance. Then Dot1web would be forced to deal responsibly with projects and expenses, day by day.

    It's that simple! Common courtesy and communication. Think about it.
    The average person really just wants to help, however they can. People will bend over backwards to make things work. Give them the respect they deserve. Keep them informed, so arrangements can be made however it's needed.

    This is an rough first estimate, by people who were there. What else happened? What was the right thing for the company to do? Please email specific ideas, complaints and what should have been done to Or post them on one of the forums, so at least we can be clear how to avoid disasters in the future. Live and learn.

    9) Advertised Claims top       
    prev   next
    This section examines some of the claims made by Dot1Web,, and their executives. Then we examine the facts behind them, just to get a sense of their track record.

    Claim #1: was the #2 auction site.
    Employees were repeatedly reminded, impressed and swayed with the fact that
    "For a while last year, was the #2 auction site behind eBay".

    Some press articles state the claim too:

  •, The #2 Auction Site Is Quickly Gaining Ground On #1 eBay
  • Number 29 in the world.
  • Top 50 for the first time.

    But let's check some traffic reports at:

  • (cached copy).
  • (cached copy).

    Notice that:
    1) made it onto the charts for only one month (March 2001)

    and never again.
    2) The charts are tallied by number of unique visitors (even a single page hit will do),
    not by actual usage of the website functions.
    3) LowestBids had the shortest average time online (EBay: 1:48:50, LowestBids 1:27).

    One Possible Interpretation
    This seems to indicate a massive advertising campaign got 5.4 million visitors to look at the website, and not much else. With an average visit of only a minute, the first thing did these visitors immediately did was run away. How fast can you frustrate and alienate 5.4 million people? did it (on average!) in 1 minute, 27 seconds.

    Therefore: The claim is true.
    For one month was the #2 auction site, by number of unique visitors. But how would you define a "User"? Someone who was trapped by a popup ad for a whole minute, or someone who used a website for 2 hours to actually buy and sell things?

    A Second Interpretation
    Please correct my math as I'm an idiot, and there must be a mistake here somewhere. 5.4 million people each spending only 1 minute, 27 seconds doesn't sound like a lot. But it amounts to 130,500 hours of people's personal time spent, just for March 2001. That's about the same amount of time spent by 100 people working 40 hours/week for over 8 months! That's a lot of humanity.

    All for what? What value was produced by those popup ads engaging many people? What public benefit did the advertising campaign of March 2001 serve, when 98% of the public simply ran away disgusted?

    Also, the website claims "Since 12/1/00, # Auctions: 1814". Even if all those auctions were concentrated in March 2001, that's over 72 hours of the public's attention consumed to promote EACH auction on the website.
    72 hours of advertising to sell a $50 item.

    Claim #2: Yours ...
    What were you promised or told? Can you find some way to verify or contradict the claim?
    Please send info to so we can research
    and compare a persons word to the actual facts.

    10) Nevada Labor Commissioner top       
    prev   next
    Dot1web ended with 137 employees. So far, over half of them have filed cases with the Labor Commissioner, trying to get their last paychecks. People lost anywhere from three to seven weeks of pay.
    (1/1/03 saw 11 claims, 1/8/03 had 30, 1/10/03 had 56, 1/14/03 had 57, then no further numbers are being released).
    Claims can be made to:

    Office of the Labor Commissioner
    675 Fairview Drive Suite 226
    Carson City, NV 89701
    PH: 775.687.4850
    FAX: 775.687.6409

    Note #1-- Some pertinant FAQ's.
    Excerpt from . . .

    Q. Does my employer have to give me notice when he fires me? Do I have to give notice when I quit?
    A. NO. Notice is not required by either party.

    Q. When does my employer have to pay me after I quit or have been fired?
    A. When you are fired or laid off, wages and compensation earned and unpaid when discharged become due and payable immediately. If you quit, wages and compensation must be paid no later than the day on which you would have been regularly been paid or within 7 days, whichever is earlier.

    Q. Am I entitled to my unused vacation when I am fired or quit?
    A. Nevada requires payment only for time worked and does not require payment for vacation time.

    Q. I haven't been paid. What should I do?
    A. First, ask the employer for what you are owed. Then, if you do not receive payment, you may file a complaint with the Office of the Labor Commissioner in Las Vegas or Carson City. For a copy of the wage claim form, click here.

    Q. What information should I bring?
    A. Bring copies of check stubs, time records, receipts, the names and addresses of all managers, supervisors, owners, or officers of the employer and any other information that might be helpful in proving your claim, including the names of any witnesses that can testify on your behalf.

    Note #2 -- Are lawsuits worth it?
    In real life, the chances of recovering bad paychecks may be very slim, about 5-10%.
    It may be worth filing a claim just to be another voice in the crowd, but don't get your hopes up.

    Publicizing your situation may be the only effective way to get results,
    and recording a lawsuit is a lasting way to publicize what has happened.
    At least the next guy can see what happened to you and step around the quicksand.

    Help! 1/30/03 -- Anyone have other experiences with lawsuits, or the Labor Commissioner, good or bad?

    How often does the Labor Commissioner pass the buck, as their letter to
    "A review of your claim shows that you have the financial ability to employ counsel. Therefore, the Nevada Labor Commission is without jurisdiction. [...] You may elect to file your claim in the Justice Court of Small Claim Court since the Nevada Labor Commission does not have jurisdiction."

    Or, as CodeDog says on
    "In closing, I read somewhere that only two in ten workers file claims for unpaid wages that are due. I also read that in close to ninety percent of (all) cases where money is owed, and a favorable judgment is won in a court of law, the party awarded the judgement never sees a dime."

    Note #3 -- What penalties may apply to Dot1web?
    Help! 1/15/03 -- What kind of penalties can be expected, on top of getting the actual back pay?
    What priority do paychecks have in a bankruptcy court, compared to paying other creditors?

    1/26/03 -- One respondent writes:
    "According to the labor laws, if payment is not made after 72 hours of termination, employees are entitled to a day's pay for every day following that period. This max's out at thirty days. So, we should be entitled to a month's pay in addition to our back pay. This penalty is enforced at the discretion of the Investigator handling the case. When I asked her about this penalty, she just said it was being considered and could give no further detail. While we're entitled to it, I'm not sure it's something we should expect".

    1/27/03 -- Another respondent says:
    "The law states burned employees are entitled to pay at their regular rate, for each day their wages go unpaid, up to 30 days. (Weekends, holidays included)

    Note: This is the standard practice in many states. The Carson City Office of the Labor Commissioner (Investigator Lois Kelly & Deputy Labor Commissioner Michael Tanchek), however, practice lip sevice to enforcement of labor law. They prefer not to recover an employees wages or appropriate fines, thus supporting non-payment of employees.

    To wit: Bob DeMaio continues to scoff in the face of Nevada Labor Law with impunity. This situation is way over due, for some serious (loud & public) scrutiny."

    These are some of the ideas we have been hearing. For the actual regulations, try "Laws & Regulations Enforced by the Labor Commissioner" located at

    CHAPTER 608

    NRS 608.050 Wages to be paid at termination of service: Penalty; employee’s lien.

    1. Whenever an employer of labor shall discharge or lay off his or its employees without first paying them the amount of any wages or salary then due them, in cash and lawful money of the United States, or its equivalent, or shall fail, or refuse on demand, to pay them in like money, or its equivalent, the amount of any wages or salary at the time the same becomes due and owing to them under their contract of employment, whether employed by the hour, day, week or month, each of his or its employees may charge and collect wages in the sum agreed upon in the contract of employment for each day his employer is in default, until he is paid in full, without rendering any service therefor; but he shall cease to draw such wages or salary 30 days after such default.

    2. Every employee shall have a lien as provided in NRS 108.221 to 108.246, inclusive, and all other rights and remedies for the protection and enforcement of such salary or wages as he would have been entitled to had he rendered services therefor in the manner as last employed.

    Note #4 -- Where can employees expect/ask/beg for help?
    1/30/03 -- According to and many others, the Nevada Labor Commissioner is
    very ineffective. That's just an opinion though.
    So I went to their office in person to give them my wage claim form, and asked them some direct questions.

  • How long is the expected process if the employer actively avoids contact?
  • Is the Commissioner able to file a lawsuit, or use any other means to pursue missing paychecks?
  • What is the goal of this office, and what is the process that it goes through?
  • Have paychecks ever been successfully reclaimed through the Labor Commissioner?
  • Do you need anything? Is there anything I can do to help?

    One after the other, the response to these five questions (as of January 2003) was:
    "We won't know until the investigation is completed".
    "We won't know until the investigation is completed".
    "We won't know until the investigation is completed".
    "We won't know until the investigation is completed".
    "We won't know until the investigation is completed".

    After hearing the same thing five times in a row, I had to ask just one more.

  • "Well, I'm not sure what this is all about then. What is this office for? Just who are you?"
    Answer: "We're the state of Nevada. When you file a claim here, you're talking with the state of Nevada".

    Okay. That says it pretty clearly.
    At least they're being honest when they actually say they don't know what they're doing, or why.
    We were never allowed to be that honest at Dot1web!

    Note #5 -- There Are No Promises
    If you're curious about the Labor Commissioner, the best source of information is still

    It says it right there in black and white.

    "The Labor Commissioner is authorized to enforce certain Nevada Revised Statutes".
    They are not required to. They are not expected to. They are not asked to.
    They are simply authorized to. If they choose, they may enforce the statutes when it furthers their goals.
    Enforcement is just one of the tools that the state has given them. What they actually do with their time is up to them.

    Just because a carpenter is given a hammer doesn't mean she has to use it everywhere she goes. It's not a carpenter's job to use a hammer. It's her job to build things, and sometimes a hammer comes in handy. What's the Labor Commissioner's job?

    What's their purpose? What motivates them? Do they answer to any idea or anybody?

    "The Office of the Labor Commissioner is an an impartial body responsible for
    bringing forth the facts and effecting reasonable compromises where possible."

    That's all. I can't find any other sense of purpose within their literature.
    Are they to improve working conditions? Are they for attracting businesses to the state, no matter how? Are they for settling disputes? Are they for finding and prosecuting criminals? Are they supposed to build the economy, protect labor unions, or generate taxes?

    Well, "impartial" means they literally have no interest. Don't expect them to care one way or the other. About anything. They're supposed to not care!

    "Effecting reasonable compromises" does not mean the law has to be followed, or that a particular outcome is desired. It does not require a lawsuit, demand, legal action, enforcement, fairness, justice, punishment, or anything at all. A compromise, however they judge it to be reasonable, usually means everybody bends. Something like "Everybody does what they can, and that's that". Can you do without a paycheck? Well, that's that. You've compromised.

    Often in a compromise, everybody gets what they want just not as much as they want. Which is to say nobody gets what they want, but everybody gets something. Even if it's just a consolation prize, a souvenir, or a lot of paperwork and bad memories, at least you'll have something. File a wage claim, and your wage claim will be filed. There you go.

    But notice, the Labor Commissioner will impartially perform this service for the employer and employee only "where possible". If they think a reasonable compromise is not possible, they just go home. They can make petitions, declarations, and final determinations all day long, but if they get tired of it then good night. Their mission was successfully accomplished as soon as you filed a claim with them. They brought forth the facts.

    We're still trying to figure the Labor Commissioner out. Do they declare or promise anything more than this?
    Is there some other duty or purpose for the Labor Commissioner that we haven't seen?

    11) Nevada Unemployment Insurance top       
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    Many ex-employees are starting to get up to $300/week unemployment insurance. Contact:

    Nevada Department of Employment, Training & Rehabilitation
    500 E. Third Street
    Carson City, NV 89713

    According to
    All unemployment is handled through our automated telephone system, or our Internet Claims System.

    Northern Nevada (775) 684-0350
    Southern Nevada (702) 486-0350
    Rural Nevada, Long Distance or Interstate (888) 890-8211

    Internet Claims Website for:

  • online claim filing
  • downloadable claim forms
  • benefits handbook

    1/19/03 -- Many people are reporting that the Department of ETR has no record of them being employees for Dot1web (aka Only six employees are on file, out of 137 that were actually employed. And Dot1web has not yet made unemployment insurance payments for the second half of 2002, the period when most of those employees were hired.

    No worries, the DETR will still pay unemployment to all employees with valid claims, from state funds, and then pursue the company for the money it owes.

    To qualify, you must have worked in Nevada for two quarters within a 1-year period (from October 2001 through September 2002). On April 7, this 1-year qualifying period shifts three months (to January 2002 - December 2002).

    12) Stock Certificates top       
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    According to, stockholders can exchange old certificates for new ones. This doesn't cost anything. It's is probably a good idea, in case LowestBids goes bankrupt and Dot1web continues. An excerpt follows:

    Shareholder Notices

    In order to receive new certificates in Dot1web, holders of and stock certificates must send their certificates to Dot1web's transfer agent, Interwest Transfer Company, at 1981 East 4800 South, Suite 100, Salt Lake City, UT 84117, Attention: Catherine Leaututu. If shareholders wish to have stock certificates issued in the same name in which they are currently held on the register of or, they need only send the stock certificate.

    If stockholders wish to have the new Dot1web certificate held under a different name, they will need to either endorse the certificate or provide Interwest with an Assignment Separate from Security (also called a "stock power") and will need to have their signature medallion guaranteed (not notarized) by a participant in the Securities Transfer Agents Medallion Program. Stockholders with questions are urged to contact Catherine Leaututu at Interwest at 801/272-9294 or Dot1web at 775/832-8676.

    1/23/02 -- Catherine Leaututu reports that Interwest no longer does business with Dot1web. Sorry.
    (How much did they have to not pay her to say that?)

    1/29/03 -- If you have stock certificates, please hold on to them for the company poker game scheduled for September 5, 2003. This is the day they become publicly tradeable (1 year and 1 day from going public on 9/4/02). Certificates that are in the shape of a paper airplane or an origami animal will not be accepted to wager in the game. Unless your name is Chad.

    1/30/03 -- The "Dot1web Stock Redemption Poker Game" has been cancelled, as the host no longer wants anything whatsoever to do with Dot1web. Sorry.

    13) What You Can Do top       
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    Are you dissatisfied with the way a company does business?
    What can you do about it? Put that energy to good use ...

    1) Post a sincere complaint to a dozen online consumer agencies.

  • lists a few.
  • -- submits your complaint to a few.
    "The more agencies you notify, the more likely someone will take notice".

    2) Promote Dot1news.
    Publish a webpage that links to Dot1news. Or find discussion forums where you can post a link to Dot1news. Then submit these pages to the search engines for indexing.

    The more webpages refer to this one, the higher it ranks in the search results! With higher placement on the search engines, then a potential investor or employee of Dot1web will be able to find this info quickly and easily.

    3) Go to the press.
    Many ex-employees and vendors have been sending information to

    Rick Adair
    North Lake Tahoe Bonanza
    P.O. Drawer 7820
    Incline Village, NV 89452
    Tel. 775-831-4666
    Add your voice and your story to the others.

    4) Sue the company.
    A group of ex-employees is looking to pool their resources for a lawsuit against Robert DeMaio. They tell us:

    "Are you looking to try to get your money from Bob?
    Then e-mail with your first & last name & the amount that Bob owes you."

    Help! Anyone know some other bulletin boards or blogs that we could post Dot1news info on?

    14) What's New? top       
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    This file is updated as we learn more information.

    1/17/03 -- Added the "Rewriting History" section, with links to our archives.

    Summarized info from all court cases. Dang.
    Submitted our URL to 38 search engines.

    1/19/03 -- Found the Dot1web Financial Statements!

    Received the 200 deleted forum messages from 1/09, put them in the archives.
    Added 7 links to and articles.

    1/24/03 -- Thanks Charlie395, for sending the new archives.

    Added the section "What You Can Do".

    1/30/03 -- Apparently, directors Mike Franco and Larry Warkentin resigned in November and December, 2002, respectively.

    Delta Communications just filed a lawsuit against (Washoe case # CV03-00483).
    (You know that big hardware that currently runs the 16 websites? Oh well.)
    We changed the format of all dates here (from to mm/dd/yy) to avoid confusion.
    Updated the notes regarding "Nevada Labor Commissioner". Note #4 sums it up in their own (funny) words.

    Got fresh archive copies of and F!
    (It's a pain to save 20 webpages by hand, so we wrote a script that does it every 24 hours, automatically.
    We'll post these archives to the website once in a while, by request or whenever the mood strikes).

    2/03/03 -- Found 7 more judgements and tax liens against Robert DeMaio in El Dorado County

    (South Lake Tahoe) plus one in Sacramento.

    2/20/03 -- New article in the Bonanza.

    Added possible birthdays for everyone, as found on
    Listed fresh archive copies of and F!

    3/29/03 -- Okay, things have been quiet for a couple months. There's some activity

    stirring now, not all of it listed here until it resolves. Call around and you'll see.
    We're quiet, but still watching, always watching until justice is done.

    Three new court cases -- two in Washoe, one in Ventura.
    Two new Bonanza articles. Go, Rick, Go! He has more files than anyone now.
    Jim, Pat, Sean, everybody's pitching in.
    Bob has setup new offices at ??? ??? Blvd, second floor, to the right. He discretely parks the Suburban in the garage.
    Ventura subpoena's have successfully been issued to him, so he IS findable!

    We reformatted our long webpage into four shorter ones, keeping the content the same.
    We continue to auto-capture daily snapshots of 100 interesting webpages,
    just to see how they change over time. Full .zip copies available on request.

    Anybody seen the Yellow Lamb? Email us at Dot1news to share the wealth.
    Your identity kept strictly confidential, whatever it takes! Most people post
    news to because the Yahoo discussion reveals your email specs.

    Today's set of webpages can be downloaded as a single .zip file for local browsing.

    Description: Just FYI, over 20 news articles and 20 court cases involving Dot1web Inc. (aka,,, and their CEO Robert DeMaio are listed at


    Help! For further research, does anyone know addresses, phone, website, procedures and regulations, etc, for

  • State Attorney's office in Nevada
  • the Federal Trade Commission
  • the S.E.C.
  • Bankruptcy records
  • the Bitter Business Bureau
  • Credit reporting agencies
  • local law enforcement
  • or any other likely place to report or address:

    1) unpaid paychecks
    2) bounced checks
    3) unpaid loans
    4) unpaid vendors (contracts)
    5) mandatory 60 hours/week without extra pay beyond 40 (or any benefits at all).
    6) large medical bills incurred, believing that health insurance coverage was paid for.
    7) stock options or warrants -- granted, recorded and printed, but continually held back, undelivered.

    As people have the time and gradually learn more, this page will be updated.
    Don't be shy joining us in this research ... Think of it as InstantWebEducation!

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    "Freedom is not a right. Freedom is a result,
    that persists only when you fight for it every single day".