Arizona's beautiful tribute from Jenna

Our Lady Is Gone

and the world will never be
the same again

She left us on 26 February 2008


Arizona was the first real, live horse in our family.  Officially, she was Holly's - but that's only "officially".  She was our First Lady, if ever there was a "First Lady", and to say we're all going to miss her doesn't even BEGIN to tell the story.

Arizona, "Mama", joined our family on 15 September 2001, just a few days after one of the most horrifying days our country has ever experienced, and she gave our whole family a special peace and comfort that we may never have again.

Click to go to our lady's original first page

We're not going to change anything in her website - it will always be as it is now.

Just click the picture of our lady and Holly to see her in all her glory.

Arizona's pages last updated: Saturday, 23 March 2009
Gallery #1
September 2001
Gallery #2
26 August 2005
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