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Last updated on Sunday, 8 April 2007

WHC now hosts a small series of webrings/netrings, most dedicated to various "preservation" causes within the world of horses.

This page contains a listing of them, their purpose, and links to their home-page.

Protect Our Horses From Slaughter
In the US, every day, 1000 horses are slaughtered and the meat exported to Europe & Japan for human consumption.  This ring is dedicated to bringing this hideous practice to light.

An Old Horse
Dedicated to websites that know the joy of preserving and rehabilitating older, abused, neglected, abandoned or unwanted horses.

Just Another Horse
Not every horse is a champion.  Most horses are simply God's most magnificent gift to us, to keep and to love, to safeguard and to learn from, until He calls them back to Himself.  This ring is for those who simply love their horses.

Hoofprints On The Web
(WebRing and Ringsurf)
Another ring for horselovers everywhere.

Rings For A Cause
I'm still researching this but as I write this page I'm also working on getting our rings listed in the group.

Basically, if your site meets the following criteria it qualifies for this group;

* Sites do not have to be animal-related, but they should be "family-safe".

* Sites depicting any type of hate, abuse, or pornography are not admitted.

* Sites that promote declawing or are against spay/neuter are not admitted.

* Sites created by breeders or sites which promote breeding are not admitted.
This is one of the areas that I'm trying to research.  We're into horses and one of our horses (Blue) was bought from his breeder.  I don't see anything wrong with websites for honorable breeders and would like some clarification on this item.
* Sites which promote the selling of animals, puppy mills or catteries are not admitted.

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