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"I Rescued A Horse"
4 November 2002

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3 February 2008
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"I Rescued A Horse"
My Horse Will Live With Me Forever

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My Horse Will Live Forever

Older horses, as are many animals, are all too often simply 'discarded' and left to die in some horrible way.  We've seen many wonderful old horses, and many younger horses too, simply auctioned off to those we call "The Killers".


Blackie's "Rescue" award is given to websites/webmasters that are dedicated to the humane upkeep, rescue, rehabilitation and/or preservation of old or young, unwanted, abandoned, abused or neglected horses.

His new "My Horse Will Live Forever" award is given to honor any horse that has been loved and nurtured so well as to attain the age of 30 years.  This award, while addressing the horse, also honors the human who has demonstrated such love and devotion that allows such longevity - in today's world, that's a rare thing indeed.


There are only 3 rules to observe if you wish to apply for these awards;
1a.-Rescue)   Your site should feature, in some way, the humane upkeep, rescue, rehabilitation or preservation of a horse.

1b.-Forever)  Your site should feature the horse that has attained 30 years of age.

2.)   Your site MUST NOT be profane in any way - it must be observable by people of any age (G-Rated).

3.)   Your site must not condone, contribute to, or advocate slaughter of horses - for any reason.  No website will be bestowed with this award that does.


We only ask that you display & link your award to this page,
( )
so others who see it might try for it too.

Now, the procedure to apply.

Simply e-mail us with your name, e-mail address, website name & URL, and a short note describing your site and/or your horse(s), along with which version you'd like, if for the Rescue award.
You can click these lines to get into the e-mail system.

2.)  There's no guestbook to sign in order to receive this award, unlike so many other awards on the web.  We're not here to collect guestbook entries.

That's all there is to it!

Within just a day or two Blackie will review your website (just to make sure) and if all's in order, you'll get the award via e-mail!  If your site doesn't qualify (this is at the discretion of Blackie, of course) he'll let you know why.  No problem really, if this happens just correct or explain your side of what Blackie doesn't like and re-apply.


E-mail us to apply for
Blackie's award
While y'all are here, I'd like to invite all y'all to visit the rest of my stable-mates.  We're all living (on the web) in WANDERINGS' Horse Country, a full directory of which is just below.
Thanks for stopping by.
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