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8 April 2008

It has come to pass that WHC bestows a few awards to other deserving websites.

First and foremost, there is no guestbook requirement for issuance of our awards.  We're not looking for guestbook entries.

Basic requirements for award:
(1)  You must have an equine-related website featuring real horses
(2)  It must be viewable by all (G-rated)
(3)  It must have NO objectionable content

(Determination of "objectionable content" is at the sole discretion of this website & webmaster)
Click this award to e-mail your request Click this award to e-mail your request

Criteria for issuance of "Solid Gold" & "Sterling Silver" awards:
(1)  Large or small doesn't matter, quality does.  Websites that consist of nothing but links to other sites, games, casinos, etc will not be considered.  Websites (like ours) with "host-initiated" pop-ups and pop-unders will not be penalized in any way.  Sites that have original content are what we're looking for.

(2)  Readability is important.  If YoUr SiTe HaS pRiNtInG lIke ThIs, it's not going to go very far.  Pages should be reasonably free of spelling errors, links should work properly, graphics
(if any) should be of a reasonable quality.  Basically, if your pages look good and they don't take forever to load, you're in good shape.

(3)  Issuance of either the "Solid Gold" or "Sterling Silver" award is at the discretion of this website.  Good websites will get one, GREAT websites will get the other.

To apply for the above awards, simply click on either of them to e-mail your information.  In your e-mail please include in the subject line - "award for excellence", in the body include your website name & URL (website address), your e-mail address and a SHORT note describing your website.

Click this award to e-mail your request

Proper training of horses is of paramount importance to enjoying them and staying safe.  We believe very strongly in what is sometimes called "the new methods" of training, or "natural horsemanship" - kindness and understanding, no cruelty to horses in any way.  Two of the leaders in this method are Monty Roberts and John Lyons, there are many others too.  If your website displays/demonstrates this method of working with these wonderful animals, it is eligible for our "Training" award.  There is no need to apply separately for this award, however you can if you wish.  Just title your e-mail "training award" and include the same information as for the "Excellence" awards.

Same general criteria for the "Excellence" awards applies, with the addition of our training requirement.

Click this award to visit Blackie's award page
Click this award to visit Blackie's award page

Blackie is our "rescue", and he has his own award for websites that have demonstrated compassion for the plight of older, unwanted, abandoned, abused and neglected horses.  Just click on either version of the award above to visit him and take a look-see.
Come, see who's won which awards
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