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There are many horse-related websites out there.  We've got more than 100 bookmarked on our browser and I'm sure a lot of other people have even more.  However, there are not very many that truly stand out as something different, something special.  This page links those very special horse sites to us.
Hoofbeats In Heaven
Once-in-a-great-while a person comes along with a truly unique and worthy idea, an idea that is so simple that we all wonder why we didn't think of it first. "Hoofbeats In Heaven" is one of those ideas, Cindy is one of those people.  HIH is a beacon in the night for those of us who have lost one of our most beloved companions, our horse.  We all share our loss, we share our loves, and we all understand that in the sharing we again join with God's most noble of creations.  This website, the accompanying support group and webrings are a MUST SEE for anyone who has ever had, and most especially for anyone who has ever lost, a horse.
Sandy & Belle
A beautiful tribute to a lost horse.  Belle is a victim of COPD and had to be given up due to family circumstances.  Please take a look-see at this site, you MIGHT know where this grand lady is today.  If you should know her where-abouts, feel free to e-mail me and I'll pass it along.
Foxcatcher - A wonderful website designed around horses and a life filled with love.  There's a very special page here called "Heaven" that simply MUST be what it's like for horsemen.  I highly recommend a visit here.
The Beasts of
Dun Sgathan
This site is really something different - delightfully different.  Two truly beautiful people have settled in the mountains of New Hampshire and have built an entire lifestyle in the manner of their ancestors - the Celts.  If you haven't been impressed lately by websites, I heartily invite you to go see this one.  You'll spend DAYS there, I have and still haven't been through all of it.  I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!
Red Feather Equines
Outstanding is the only way to describe this website.  They raise all the major breeds of these wonderful creatures, specializing in the 4 depicted on their banner.  If you're ever in the market for a truly top-grade ride, see these people!
Once again, we've found another wonderful family, in Rocky Mount Virginia (nearly neighbors to us).  They put nearly all their resources into saving horses and they need all the help they can get.  Definitely a place to visit often.
HORSES ARE US!!! Now, this is a special website!  As personal, non-commercial websites go, this site is the best, most educational and entertaining website we've found yet.  It contains most everything one could ask in the horse world.  Definitely worth visiting many times over.

Kate's Page - Part of HORSES ARE US, this page, all by itself, is one of the most loving and inspirational tributes to a horse you'll ever see.

Ticki's Page - Life, love and horses don't always have a happy ending.  Another part of HORSES ARE US, and again, a very special page within a very special website.  Ticki was loved by many people, some of which should never have an animal of any kind.  He was loved and nurtured by one, abused by another, neglected by another.  We don't know what we've got sometimes until we loose it.  This page should be required reading by anyone with animals, especially horses.
Wonderful site, people & community
Islip Horsemen's Association
This is a large group of people that take every opportunity to show off their life's love, their horses.  A wonderful website, a wonderful place to visit.  If you're ever in the NY area, don't miss it.
Countryside Woodworks is a very nice website that features quite a few hand-crafted wood items for the horseman/woman.  Their saddle-stands are among the nicest I've seen anywhere and the cowboy hat lamp is a "hoot"!  Dean's got quite a thing going here.
Broken Oaks Equine
Retirement Center &
Rescue Sanctuary
Broken Oaks is the culmination of many years of effort on the part of 2 people who are truly earth-bound angels.  More than 15 horse rescues - their hearts and souls are truly something extraordinary.

Westerfield Family Farms
There are websites, and then there are WEBSITES!  This site is extraordinary, nothing less.  An American family walks in the light of Our Lord and raises horses that are truly something special.  If you need a spiritual lift this is the place to go.
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Scotland - an outstandingly lovely country, and "Scottish Equine" is a lovely website - a community service created by a young lady to serve her horse-loving neighbors.  If you're ever anywhere in Scotland and want to see what's happening related to horses, this is the place to go first.
click here to visit this wonderful family website
StonePoint Quarterhorses is a beautiful website created by a beautiful family.  They've taken virgin land and created a whole farm, totally by hand and their own skills.  Wonderful country in the middle of Missouri, great horses and the will to live their lives as they wish - truly a dream come true.
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