Dakota Title

Dakota's First Pics
There's nothing in this world quite so special as your first horse.  They're such noble creatures, no other animal comes close.

this is Dale's first "child", Dakota.  She's so tiny, especially compared to Max, I sometimes wonder how she carries Dale all over the place like she does.  But carry him, she does!  The pics on this page were taken at Lake Arrowhead, just outside of town, on one of our outings.
The picture above is no optical illusion.  You're seeing Dakota, actually leaning on Dale.  It was the last picture of the day, taken after a full afternoon of walking all over the place and she was BEAT!
These pictures were taken from quite a distance away using a long lense.  The white "glare" in the background is the lake, with the sun reflecting.
You might notice the rather odd-looking rains in Dakota's pictures.  We're all of the opinion that Dakota is a bit young for a bridle & bit - especially Dale.  He made a "hackamore" out of one of her halters and she rides just fine with it.  It might look like he's holding her rather tightly but in reality there's almost no pressure on her face.
Dale with Dakota, Susan with Max - this is the usual pairing on riding days.  Note the difference in size between Dakota & Max.

Gallery #1
June 2003
Gallery #2
26 August 2005
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