Cherokee Sunrise and mama #1

Foaled on Saturday, 16 March 2002 at 2:15AM, this little guy is the most beautiful Paint colt you've ever seen.
The last of a long line of off-spring, Cherokee Sunrise joined our family in the early morning hours of Saturday, March 16th.  Arizona's justifiably proud of this little guy, she protects him with a vengence!

Actually, there's a reason for Arizona's protective actions - Cherokee isn't quite perfect, he has a problem with his fore and hind legs.  Due to complications with his formation, his legs are bent.  Going to take a lot of time and TLC but this little guy is going to be just fine eventually.
Cherokee & Arizona, 16 March 2002
The first pictures on this page of Cherokee Sunrise were taken about an hour after he was born.  He was still VERY wobbly,  but he was moving.

As I enter this, it's now the Tuesday after and he's much steadier and much stronger.  Things are beginning to look a lot better.
Cherokee #2
Cherokee #1 Cherokee #3

March 26 2002

These pictures are of Cherokee Sunrise at 10 days old.  He's playing with mama and is getting quite a bit stronger.

April 12 2002
We took Cherokee Sunrise to the "Valley Equine Association" in Charlestown WV today - to have them take a look at his legs.  Boy, talk about being in the right place; here's this huge race track with what must be thousands of stable stalls around it - and in the middle of it all is just ONE vet-surgeon.  This was definitely the right place to be with Cherokee!  They immediately fixed his front legs - seems they were more worried about the front than the back, they say the back legs will straighten out on their own.  Anyway, we've now got a follow-up appointment in 4 weeks to check him over again.  Looks like he's going to be just fine!

And, to think; this is the guy that local vets said should be "put down".



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