"I Rescued A Horse"
Award Winners
"I Rescued A Horse"
4 November 2002

Latest Update:
26 October 2006

The websites listed on this page have won and accepted my award.

The award is new and the list is short, but that doesn't matter much.  The people/websites listed here are all very special - they care about older horses like me.
(To view, I suggest right-clicking on each to bring them up in a new window)
Now known as
Equine Realm
Awarded 7 November 2002
This is an amazing website that covers so much you won't believe it!  I'm especially honored to have had the opportunity to make this site my FIRST award winner.  Kate & I are kindred spirits and I'm more than happy to have met her.
Old Horses & Beautiful Children
Awarded 12 November 2002
The title tells it all, really!  This family in Michigan makes taking care of old horses a full-time vocation.  Their first horse, Sandy, lived to be an incredible 35, Daubrey was over 25, and they now have Misty at 21, Motion at 22 and Shamus at a whopping 28 years old.  What lucky horses they all are - lotsa love, plenty of good food, the best of care & gentle play; couldn't possibly ask for more.  And the younger generation!  You won't believe the good fortune they all have.  I'm thrilled to make this site my SECOND award winner.
The Mare & Foal Sanctuary
Awarded 20 December 2002
A sanctuary for mis-treated, unwanted, abandoned horses in South Devon, UK - these people are angels in disguise.  They rescue my kind from all over the UK, restore them to health, and then make sure they go to good homes.  Another honor for me here, I found their website quite by accident - one of the luckier days of my life - and I'm quite pleased to have had the opportunity to make this site my THIRD award winner.  I sure wish there were more people around like these.
Cactus Ridge Ranch
Awarded 22 May 2003

Hoofbeats In Heaven - Equine Loss Support Group
Beau's memorial

Awarded 15 July 2003

Lynn's Minis
Awarded 15 July 2003

Caralee Capers
Awarded 15 July 2003

Hog Heaven Rescue Farm
Awarded 15 July 2003

Victory Pass Rescue Ranch
Awarded 23 July 2003

New Beginnings Equine Shelter
Awarded 28 July 2003

Nancy's Horse Pages
Awarded 22 September 2003

Angelwings Pony Rescue & Sanctuary
Angelwings Pony Rescue & Sanctuary
(22 October 2003)
This is a first, awards going to TWO websites at once.  Two websites, one mission.

The Beasts of Dun Sgathan
Awarded 3 December 2003

Sally & Judy, Colic Survivors
Awarded 6 December 2003

The Beasts of Dun Sgathan
Awarded 3 December 2003

Summer Winds Foxtrotter Farm
Awarded 27 December 2003

Sky's The Limit Horse Rescue, Inc
Awarded 26 April 2005

Dream Catcher Farm, Horse Sanctuary
Awarded 7 May 2005

In Loving Memory of Lady Camelot
Awarded 25 June 2005

Swingin' D' Ranch
Awarded 14 August 2005

F2 Cowpony's Corral
Awarded 26 October 2005

While y'all are here, I'd like to invite all y'all to visit the rest of my friends.  They're living (on the web) in WANDERINGS' Horse Country, a full directory of which is just below.
Thanks for stopping by.
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