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Foaled on Saturday, 16 March 2002 at 2:15AM, this little guy is the most beautiful Paint colt you've ever seen.
The last of a long line of off-spring, Cherokee Sunrise joined our family in the early morning hours of Saturday, March 16th, 2002.  Arizona's justifiably proud of this little guy, she protects him with a vengence!
Life with this little guy is one long string of adventures, most of which will never make their way to his pages, unfortunately.  There just isn't time to keep up with this little powerhouse AND keep up with his pages too, so we just concentrate on keeping up with him.

His entry into this world began the saga, of course.  He was born, mostly due to his mother's age, with hideously bent legs and we were in a complete and total panic for days.  He couldn't stand up on his own at first, we had to help him up.  He had more trouble just walking and holding himself up than any horse in history.  But miracles happen, and we found the most wonderful equine surgeon about 70 miles away at a semi-local racetrack.  What that man did for our little guy was more than a miracle, it was a life-saver for Cherokee.  In just a couple hours his front legs were totally straight and his rear legs had been trimmed and braced.  We can never re-pay our real debt to this man, but he remains in our prayers - always.

By the time Cherokee was about 8 months old he was just as normal as any other horse, his age.  He runs like the wind, on those rare occasions that he can coax Blue or Dakota out to run with him.  He's also a little trouble-maker sometimes.  He loves to "bug" Max, who usually just stands there and takes it.  But once-in-awhile, even Max has enough of his antics and has been known to chase him off.  This is when the REAL fun starts.  Max will give his customary grunt and instead of running away, Cherokee will continue with his play until Max breaks down and chases him all over the place.  Our little guy has quite a family - Arizona is his real mom, Max is his adopted dad.  Blue, Banjo & Dakota are his siblings, and Holly is his second mom.  She can do nearly anything with him and he's OK with it.

As of this particular line (4 Sept 05) he's been ridden about a half dozen times, all within the round-pen.  He's growing like a weed, nearly as tall as Banjo but a lot lighter so we don't really work him too hard.  Saddling him is no problem at all and he's very cooperative with riding.  Getting on & off is still somewhat of an effort though, we're all pretty big and he's still just a young'un.
Gallery #1
16 March - 1 Apr 2002
Gallery #2
6 June - 16 July 2002
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26 August 2005
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