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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Man, i'm terribly feverish. Have been ill since Wednesday afternoon where the few of us were at northbridge. =( Didn't go to school the past 2 days cos i've been sleeping and resting. Last night, Kong brought me to the hospital. I couldn't take the pain anymore.. my whole body was aching and my head was fucking painfuL! indescribable feeling. We met this china couple at the hospital. They couldn't speak english~ And the nurse was worried for them cos she didn't Know how they were going home. So Kong and I fetched them to the Train Station. hehe. good deed. =) Then we went to the chemist, then bought bubble tea and hungry Jacks. Kong came over to my place to make sure i was fine and sleeping before he left. so sweet eh. Thanks alot. I appreciate it alot.
This morning, a few of us went to the sale in City. I bought 3 tops and one bag, total for $90! think it's still quite expensive~ then went to have Macs brekkie. Just got back not long ago... Still feeling a lil' horrible.. gonna take a nap..

Love me ... * 10:27 AM

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

It was a sunny and warm Afternoon! Went to the City with my Mum and Brother! Wanted to get some stuffs but i couldn't find any~ But i bought a Top from Dotti and a French Kitty Skirt! hehe. I wanted to get a Roxy Jeans but they didnt have size 8. =( Sigh.. GOing out for dinner with my Mum soon.. Sigh. Been eating out so much till i'm kinda sick of it.
Yesterdat night went out with Adam, CHInaman and Adrian! went to Tea Cafe to have tea and Custard buns and Adam's fave, Chicken Wings. hehe. Came back and stoned thruout.. Borin..

Love me ... * 6:30 PM

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Hehe! went shopping alot these few days! heh. but i didnt buy much! hehe. Bought 3 skirts!! 4-5 tops~ heh.. And ate alot these few days too~! Just got back from dinner with my Family, went Fremantle this morning.. Damn tired. Came back to tommy more this afternoon to take a shower and a short nap~ I feel dman bloated now.
Gotta wake up early to go see the admin with Chris and Chinaman. sigh sigh. School starts again. How boring!
Sigh, when my parents are here, i'm deprived of smoke! Can only stare and smell the smoke from my brother. =( but good lah, quit smoking. hehe. oh and Ben Lee's song, Catch my disease is sooo nice!

Love me ... * 10:41 PM

Friday, July 22, 2005

My mum and brothers are in Perth! man, i didn't even noe. I was so shocked. =/ They should be here any minute. Sigh.. Wanted to go play Golf w Chris but they had to come! maybe can play w my Brother? Oh well.. I Didn't eat lunch.. getting sick of the food in college. So i had some Chips in my room. Shi Wei and I were readin something funny. rockson.blogspot.com --> go take a look. we laughed till Tummy ache! heh.
Friday is late night shopping! heh. The weather is perfect! rained and SunnY! thnking of going Jogging again. But my calf still hurts. =( Boring boring.
I'm glad people read my blog to find out what's going on in my life. I'm happie sharing the samll lil' things in my bloggie for you guys out there. However, i Didn't know that certain things i mentioned happening in my life here has made some people unhappy. I'm having great fun here! You guys back in SG don't get jealous! Bet some of you are reallie having great fun back in SG too! you noe.. the cheap food, clubbing and working! it sucks being stucked here having to know the main objective is to study. sigh.
My life is complicated now. heh. But i wouldn't say its my fault for being in this state. I'm trying to make things easy for everyone around me. Just don't understand why some girls just can't be like Adam's's gf, Eileen.. They still have a strong relationship and the girl is confident and trusts him all the way. I wished i could have such a relationship. I reallie envy those couples out there. Like nette and Chang-z, Ling and Jack, Debbie and partner. Even Junting and Shermin and liz have great relationships! envious. hehe. But love is somethng that can change your whole life.
ANywya, i realised my Hp resolution is horrid! the photos are horrid!!! uploaded some.. have a look.. heh.

Love me ... * 4:15 PM

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Hmm.. woke up about 12PM.. Then went to take a shower cos was gonna meet Chris and Chinaman in school for lunch and had to go down to the agent. So we went down to the agent's office first then went to Broadway to meet the other engineers for lunch. Saw a couple of friends there as well..
Then went back to college, chit chat play around.. then i went jogging with Adam, isaac and Nic! hehe. It was pretty cold today.. *shrugs. Chris was too tired to run w us! tht lazy piggy! hehe.
After jogging.. did cool down exercise.. then went to disturb Chris! haha. Then he went for lessons.. Then i went to play basketball w Aeris and the rest.. what a healthy day! haha..
thought i lost my phone today! cos i have this porky pig hanging on my phone.. and the phone wasnt there but the pig was in my bag. I asked Chris if he took it.. he gave me a suspicious looj so i searched hiM!! bt i found nothing.. then finally he said Chinaman~! was the culprit. arghhh.....
Sigh.. going to print some notes now.. study study!

Love me ... * 8:13 PM

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Long day todaY! went to School in the morning at 9am. Then met up with CHinaman and Chris at the guild to go look for houses together. AFter that, we went to the Uni cafe called "Acorn" to have coffee till about 1130am. THen i went to crash their Lecture. Helped Chinaman write notes! lazy pig. then went back to COllege for Lunch. AFter that watched FRIENDS then went over to Chris's room to chit chat~ and help him with his COmputer. Then we went over to Chinaman's room sleep.. heh. Then we headed off to view houses. Came back lazed around then went to have DInner. Then Chris and i went to the airport to fetch Darryl's friend. went for almost 2 hours! =( came back drenched! so wanted to take a shower.. but Chris was in my room, purposely didn't want to leave! haha. but finally i managed to chase him out by saying i'll get sick if u dun let me change. Now in Chinaman's room.. Watching Justin and him play PS2. =/ sian...
guys are nothing but trouble..

Love me ... * 11:19 PM

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Yesterday went to the airport with Chris to pick huifen and BoYuan up. Then celebrated Huifen's birthday! the cake was yummY! hehe. =p Life's never easy. sigh. woke up late today.. wanted to go jogging before eating but decided not to. it was pretty Sunny and warm in the afternoon. Few people were sun bathing too! oh man. i miss Singapore for the sun.
Winter is dull as usual. But here's the chance to dress up like lil' dolls with pretty pretty scarfs and boots. Shopping time! Anyway its dinner time but i ate noodles at 3 plus.Aint hungry! Going out w Kong now.. heh. For bubble tea!

Love me ... * 6:48 PM

Monday, July 18, 2005

First day of school. how boring ya. anyway.. going to school soon! sigh. Last night met up w Gan and Jason~ suppose to go to the Casino but they didnt let me in cos they think im underage! so in the end went to chill out at King's Park. In the afternoon for lunch a group of us went to have lunch at Freo. took Some pics too! =) I cooked noodles for the guys last night. Watched a movie in Chinaman's room too. As usual he fell asleep. On Saturday, "Sharon Stone" came by tommy more! Talked and smoked. then we went Chris's room to watch movies.. After that some of them went to the airport to pick the rest of the engineers up~ When they came back, i cooked noodles for them as usual. Played some PS2. till about almost 3am, Chris and I sent "Sharon Stone" home..
Now that everyone's back, it feels like its still a holiday. and its freaking cold. i hate winter. makes me lazy to get up in the morning.. kekez.. Everything starts again. My freedom! and my friends! and all the fun! Watching movies together. Going out in the cute yellow van. Cooking noodles. heh. love it!

Chris, Adam, Me and Chinaman

Chinaman and I

Chris and I

Chinaman, Chris and I

Ruth, Me, Cindy and Meirong

Jean, Cindy, Aeris, Ruth, Me, and Meirong

Cindy and I

Ruth, Aeris, Me, Cindy and Meirong

Jean, Me, Cindy, Aeris and Meirong

Nic, jean, Me and chris

Nic, jean, Me and Jake

Jean and I

Group: Adrian, Chris, CHinaman, Me, Adam, Isaac, Nic and Jean

Love me ... * 9:41 AM

Saturday, July 16, 2005

back in Aussie! hehe. Nice cooling weather~! love it! Just got back from Dewsons with CHinaman and Jake. bought some tibits! had yucky lunch as usual in college.
CHinaman and I were the earliest to reach the airport! Chris was so late!! Anyway, Valuair's aeroplane was quite nice! the seats were big! haha. We had to pay for food and drinks! argh. Slept quite a while on the plane! haha. Both Chris and Chinaman were like my pillows! hehe. Tony came to pick us up from the airport~ then 3 of us went to Tony 's new place. We stayed there and chatted for a while then we went back. Was so tired.. The next day, we went city to have lunch~ then went shopping. BUt i didnt buy anything!! =( came back and slept past dinner!! The rest ate except Chris and I. SO we went Macs as usual. After a while, we went to the airport to pick up Adrain and the rest. Halfway down the highway, The car ran out of petrol!!! we were by the road side waiting for help. ITs damn hilarious. but yeah.. came back surf some net and went to sleep..
Now i miss singapore. sigh..

Love me ... * 4:00 PM

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

last few days did a number of things: lets see:
Sunday: Had Branch with my aussie friends at Chinese Swimming Club. Then went home and left to Meet Chris At town. We went to buy our new phone! =) Samsung D500C! well, we went to his M1 shop first.. then i went to Hello singtel` the queue was terrible. they said i had to wait an hour. So i went back to look for him. HE couldn't get the phone there cos its sold out!! had to go down Bugis. =( so we had coffee at Paragon and it started to rain so heavily that there's no way i could make my way back to Singtel. so in the end we went down to bugis. Then he got his phonE! =)) then he went off so i went back to town to get mine. Then met Adam, Aaren and Eileen for dinner at thai Express. AFter that we headed down to Cozy bAy for wine! chat a while, left the place about 1230. =) bleah.
Monday: Met up with Eileen, Adam,Chris, Louis for dinner at Newton~ Jade's in the hospital. =( Went to visit her w my Parents then suppose to meet Chris at 6 plus, but delayed. My Dad was suppose to Drive me down to townw, but half way down the journey, he let me off at bugis and i had a hard time catching a cab! argh. ANyway went to Hilton to pick Chris then went off to Newton~ Louis was there already and as usual, the couple was damn late! anyway, talked alot of cock with them~! then we went to Party world to sing 4 hours of KTV! so fun!! then played stupid games! got kinda high lah.. hehe. fun fun. Then at about 3 plus, Chris and Louis came to my house. Suppose to watch DVD but all of us fell asleep till 10 plus in the morning.. heh. then they left.
Tuesday: Then i headed down to TOwn to meet Shermin, Eliz and Teeyu for dinner at Coffeeclub. Yummy garlic prawns. hehe. Then chatted till about 11 plus, we headed home. then Aaren came.. we went to East coast to chill. He helped me alot lah. Great friend! =) left tht place about 2am. bored bored.
Tomorrow meeting Kong for brekkie i think. Then meeting Jacky for lunch. After that i hope i still have time to tan for an hour or 2 before heading down town to meet the girls for Shopping. I havent bought anything yet! shit. boring sg. leaving soon, hope to meet up last min w a few more friends.. hehe.
Anyway, a lil' update on my life right now. My life's messed up right now. but i dun wanna think about it. Aaren has taught me lotsa stuffs. Im glad he's my friend. though i noe him for barely a month, he's reallie nice. I have to heed his Advice. i feel like shit. People always take me for granted and i'm always taken advantage. i hate it. sigh.. i miss perth so much. cant wait to go back. its bloody winter!! and i heard its pretty cold! hehe. =) yummy.

Love me ... * 3:12 AM

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Hehe. another late night. Suppose to meet Friends at bugis like early afternoon, but all dua me. So lucky my baby girl , Teeyu came down to meet me. I bought 7 pairs of Earrings for $60! =)) Kinda waste of money.. cos they're all about the same pattern but of different colours. Then Few of us went to Chris house for dinner.. Then Adam, Eileen, Chris and I went town to watch a Movie. We waited for the movie till we almost died man! Our movie, Fantastic 4 was at 1.30AM. we were there at 9 plus. =/ Met up w Chao, jo and Ling for a while. Then saw Shawn and my Poly mates there as well.. After the movie, we had supper at Coffee club. finally came home after 6. hehe. Last night went Cozy BAy with Chris, Chinaman and Isaac. A while later, Aaren came down. we went to buy Harddisc then went marina to play Billard. finally decided to have dinner at 11pm. We headed down to newton.. ordered quite a number of dishes as usual. sigh.. Going back in 4 days time!!!
Having Branch with my Dad's friend's kids tomorrow. They're from sydney! miss them so muchh. hehe. After that should be heading down to seletar country club for swim with Chris. That's if he isn't gonna fall asleep now. oh well, gonna slp a while.. tataz.

Love me ... * 6:48 AM

Thursday, July 07, 2005

i didn't sleep the whole night! i just got home! Was home sleeping the past few days, only came out at night to meet friends for short coffee talks~ Last night went to watch a movie, Six with 2 couples and isaac and me. Isaac and I felt damn left out lah. but lucky Eileen, adam's Gf was a super nice bitchy companion i like! haha. Before that, CHinaman, Eileen, Adam and I went to newton to eat~! the 2 guys ordered so much food! but we actually manage to finish most of it! they ordered like sotong, TIger PRawns, Vege, Chicken Wings, Stingray, 2 big plates of hokkien mee and 2 bowls of plain rice. that cost like $70 !! crazy ppl eat so much.
Then went town to meet Chris and his partner. After the movie, CHris, Isaac and I went to Selegie to look for Chinaman but we got "dua". He went home without us. Anywya, we chatted till about 5 plus then Isaac went home. So the 2 of us just chatted till 745AM. Chatted about lots of stuffs, but mainly his stuffs lah. He's feeling very down, so I as a good friend, Happened to be a good listener, talked and adviced him. But oh well.. hehe.. im still happie lah. its the happiest day of my life.
Few days back, met up w Justin and Boyuan and Kong as well. oh well, i can't wait to go back to aussie. man...
Not intending to sleep! have to accompany my mum to the Temple then i've got a Hair appointment then gonna meet Poly friends for dinner and a lil' chit CHAT! =)) then maybe meet up with my Aussie Friends in the night. Oh saw Shermin today! hehe. so happie. and i did manicure and Pedicure few days back too! cant wait to go shopping soon. i havent bought anything yet. argh..

Love me ... * 8:19 AM

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Woohoo. Im tired. Woke up at 11.. slacked around, then went to Bugis to meet Chris to see handphone. Thinking of buying the Samsung one. but i saw a small samsung which is cheaper! so might get that next week. Chris and I went to have a look at California Fitness. hehe. Filled in a survey form, then did a Inbody Test. Fuck im fat man. And Chris is super fit! it says he's Muscular! and when he saw my test results, he keep suaning me! argh. Then we went to see the phone and walked around. Then Adam and his GF joined us. Then Chris Ang and Cindy came to Pick us up! Saw SHandy, Ai Hui and Liting too! too bad couldn't talk much cos i was in a rush.
Then we went to East coast food centre to buy some food. We bought Fried Oyster, Fried Kuay Tiow, Fried Carrot Cake and Satay. Then went back to my place to meet CHinaman. Started eating dinner once we reached home. so damn full.. then went to pick Jean, Nic and Isaac up from the MRt. watch a stupid movie by William Hung, but we watched barely 20 mins then we switched to Herbie. After the movies, 4 guys went to play Mahjong and the rest watched. Adam and i were busy drinking in my room. Finally both of us finished 1/2 a bottle of chivas! Then i went to take a shower. so bloody sticky man. Then watched Splanglishwith Chris. didn't manage to finish the movie cos ADam wanted to go out eat. He was high lah. talk alot of cock.Then Aaren came down. Chatted, smoked etc.. then 5 of us went to eat. then after they finished mahjong the rest came to the nearby cafe we were at. chatted for 2 hours plus. and the topic were all about this guy in our hostel. haha. damn funny lah. those guys are damn "chek ark". drank tea and ate a little. Saw Cai Cheng there too. He became so ah beng!! but he still look the same lah. hehe. HIs bike couldnt start. damn funny. think he was embarrassed. oh well.. tired tired.
I think i'm going swimming and gym tomorrow man. im fat. gotta slp now! nights..

Love me ... * 4:57 AM

Friday, July 01, 2005

Just finished watching 2 movies, The amityville horror and House of wax with Chris, Chinaman, Chris Ang and Adam. they came to my place to watch! Well, Supposed to play bowling at 1pm today. I reached there at 2PM and none of them were there yet! i waited for 30 mins!! then I called Chris and he was in TOwn, so iw ent down to meet him instead. Sat at coffeebean wheelock for quite a while. Then his friend joined us~ then i called Chinaman to come join us in town. heh. then he came down! chatted a while till about 530. Then we went to pick Adam up from his place and went to Safra Mount Faber to join Chris Ang and Aaren. played 3 games! hehe. my max was 102 only! been so long since i last touched the bowling ball!! =)
After bowling we went to forum to have our dinner at Genki. 5 of us ate $150! we big fat eaters. hehe. then they came to my place..
I just realised that i have organised a gathering at my place tomorrow and i havent planned for anything!! I didn't call much people. so i guess its the same old people.. haha what a failure. i didnt plan it too well.. sigh.. hopefully got enough food. Aint sure what we gonna do too.. Besides they just came my place! sure to get bored real quick. Mahjong! hehe. ok im bored. not sure what to do tomorrow.. feel like buying the Samsung mobile i eyed in Aussie. Aint sure how much and aint sure whats the model as well!! Argh. Chris wanna buy tht phone too.. I must get it first! hehe. im still burnt. i wanan get tanned quick! argh. Sun tan Sun tan.

Love me ... * 4:02 AM

Friday, July 01, 2005

I got Sun Burnt!! oh man, it's damn red and painful. my chest, my thighs and my tummy area. pain! ANyway, went Swimming in the afternoon at Seletar COuntry Club with Chris and Chinaman. I went over to Chris place first and had brekkie over there while waiting for CHinaman to arrive which was like an hour and a half~! then they went to the gym forst then join me in the pool! had early dinner at the club then went off to pick Nick and Jean and off we went to Malaysia~
I bought 11 DVDs! and the reast bought games and games. heh. Had a filling dinner! we ordered StingRay, Begger chicken, Kangkong, Fried you tiao, Sizzling beancurd, Sizzling deer meat, crayfish! Yes 5 of us and 2 girls only, we ordered 7 dishes! chepa and nice. after that Chris, Nick and I went to eat roadside Durians! heh. SMelly but nice. Chinaman and Jean couldn't stand the smell. hehe. Then we reached Singapore around 11pm. Went Geylang to eat Beancurd. so full!! Then Aaren came to meet us.. chatted a whiile till 12 we left. Aaren send me home and we went to a cafe nearby and chatted till 2am.
Mambo was great! i got super high thanks to Chao! FInally got to see ma babes! =)) Adam, Jean and Nick went w me! saw Clarence and Delfina and Aaren there as well~! but it was too crowded. argh, hate it. Before Mambo, i went to pick Chris from his place and we headed down town to meet the rest. Wanted to watch a movie but it was all selling fast!! In the end we went Paradiz centre to play billard and pool~ then Cindy camE! hehe. finally get to see her. Then we booked tickets for Initial D at 930. Went to the food court to get some food while waiting for Chris to finish his 7 plus movie w his friend. Went to pick him up and rushed to Suntec to catch the movie! was a damn hilarious movie. not bad lah. Jay was cool. Heard War of the world wasnt a greta movie. hehe. so dont catch it. =)
Tomorrow going Bowling at Mount Faber! got to sleep soon. bathe first. I'm all sticly with Mosquito bites all over. Argh. I hate Singapore.! anyway, im flying off on the 14th July. so soon huh. but actually i cant wait man!! I miss Aussie! Taking the same flight as CHinaman and Chris. we decided to go eat Garlic Prawns on the 15th!! =)) hehe. expensive but niceee. But that place brings back memories. somehow i still miss Konggie but i know it's better for us this way? but i do miss him lots. sigh.
I need a manicure and haircut soon. i cant stand my brittle nails and the sweat stinking up my Hair. and i need to lose weight. =)

Love me ... * 2:48 AM

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