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Z Lequidre and the Amazing Grendel Conspiracy, page 20, by Allain Atienza

Z Lequidre and the Amazing Grendel Conspiracy

by Allain Atienza

Chapter 20

The smallest of the distant figures noticed them through the thinning mist, then turned to alert the others. A tall lean man looked up and started towards them with slow, deliberate steps, leaving the others to continue with their work. The small one who had first seen them trotted alongside. Theodora motioned for Zorikh to stop. "How would you like to meet the locals?" she said. Zorikh muttered a yes, marveling as the farmers reached the road. The tall one, a young fair haired man, wore a rough brown wool tunic and thick trousers, also brown but lighter in shade. His face was covered with a full beard. The other was a boy of seven, or close to it. His clothes were similar, except that his tunic was a darker brown. From the boy's angular features and his way of standing, Zorikh guessed that he was the man's son. Both had the same pale blue eyes, but the boy's hair was fairer.

Zorikh caught the amazed expression on the child's face. "At least I'm not the only one who thinks this is a big deal," he said in a low voice. Theodora patted his shoulder comfortingly then nodded to the tall farmer.

"Osa," she inclined her head and flashed a warm smile. "I'm joyful to see you! How long has it been since we've seen each other? You look well as does your farm." She turned wide-eyed attention to the boy. "This cannot be the baby? Frithel?"

The man Osa returned her smile and put an arm on the boy's shoulder. "Ha! So Sigilind has returned! Almost six years since you last took leave of Guthild and me, with Frithel just barely on his feet." There was a slight twang to his speech, which Zorikh found pleasing.

Theodora came forward and hugged Osa, then knelt to kiss the boy. "Frithel! Why, you're nearly a man aren't you? So tall, just like your father! They'll have to use a whole ash to make a spear just for you!" Frithel beamed.

Osa clapped his son's shoulder. "He's already a promising archer, and fast as a hare." He ruffled the boy's pale locks.

Theodora held Frithel at arm's length and exclaimed how wonderful it was that he was such a fine young man. Zorikh stood patiently by smiling all the while, yet bothered by something that he couldn't put his finger on. Theodora urged him forward. Osa planted himself firmly, but not menacingly, to meet him. Zorikh could only explain it afterwards as 'comfortably badass.' Little Frithel copied his father's stance. Zorikh, left with no options, did the same. The tall farmer came almost eye-to-eye with him, but not quite. "Osa, this is my companion, Zorikh. He's come from far away to travel with me. Zorikh, this is my old friend Osa. I've known him and his wife since I was a child." Osa clasped Zorikh's arm in his.

"Welcome Zorikh. Being Sigilind's friend, you are welcome into my house and hearth." He said. Then, less formally, he added, "When I saw you two from afar, I was curious about your strange clothes. Then when I saw that one of you was Sigilind, I understood why." He offered a grin.

Zorikh grinned back. "Thank you, Osa. As a guest in your house, I an honored." He had been rehearsing in his mind what to say ever since the farmer began walking towards them, but he decided at the last minute to keep it simple.

"Where did you get your strange clothes?" Frithel asked with a bold voice.

Theodora took her turn to stroke the boy's hair. "We've been to Gaul and lands beyond. Almost to the home of the Huns." She lied. "We've visited lands where people dress like this."

"Where they give you Pina Colada drink that makes you ill." Zorikh offered. Theodora nodded gravely. This seemd to satisfy Osa and his son. The tall farmer clapped Zorikh on the shoulder, steering him gently towards his hut.

"Excellent! Guthild loves your stories! Wait till she finds out that Sigilind of the Mist has returned!"

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